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All You Ever Wanted To Know About Corrugated Boxes

There are many different uses for boxes and the variety of styles and sizes available to accommodate a variety of needs. With such a wide variety of packaging supplies available today, not knowing what is needed before arriving at the packaging store can leave anyone confused. Today, the corrugated box has been upgraded to accommodate a wide range of needs. Instead of having a choice of only a few sizes, there are literally hundreds of different sizes and configurations that are available to meet the changing needs of postal customers. While most boxes are purchased according to their size and shape to hold specific items, there are also those which are designed to ship items that fall under special categories. Hazardous materials, insulation for items that need to be kept within a specific temperature range and those for specific applications such as file storage are just a few examples of box construction specialties. When something needs to be shipped or placed in storage that is too heavy for a regular strength box, a heavy duty corrugated box has the extra strength to hold items securely. They are available with a single or double wall construction so that the right strength is available for a variety of needs. This reduces the risk of the item being damaged or lost during shipment and also will help to keep the package intact so that shipping information is not lost.

For items that have an odd shape, there are many choices available that offer flexibility in getting the best fit. Tall, long and telescoping boxes are all good choices for long, narrow items that don’t fit securely in typically shaped containers. The biggest difference between a long and a tall box is the way that they open. While the tall box opens on the end, the long box opens along the length so that there is more room for placing the item inside. The long box is the most

appropriate choice for irregularly shaped items that would be difficult to place into the end of the tall box.

Tall Box A telescoping box may be in any width or length and is made of two pieces with one fitting over the other. The ability to adjust the outer piece at different lengths allows it to be custom fitted to long and odd shaped items. A cube shaped corrugated box is one of the more traditional style boxes that is often used for moving and storage of items in addition to shipping. They disburse weight evenly so that multiple containers can be easily stacked. In addition, they are roomy enough to pack items of all shapes. Many retailers and wholesalers also use this style of box because it works for a wide range of items without the need to have a custom box for each one. A Haz Mat Bulk shipping box is used whenever hazardous materials are being shipped. They are printed with mandatory warning information with “This Side Up� arrows to ensure they are always kept in the upright direction throughout the shipping process. Packaging supplies for hazardous waste materials must be chosen according to strict regulations. Foam shipper kits also include shaped foam inserts to keep containers secure.

Many businesses today prefer the professional, quality look that white corrugated boxes give their shipments. To preserve the appearance of the shipment, clear carton sealing tape or white paper tape can be used to seal the carton. Additionally, applied labels and special shipping instructions stand out against the crisp white background.

Considering the delicate nature of computers and how commonplace they are today, it is no surprise that there are packaging supplies that are made especially for shipping them and their accessories. For computer sales, repairs and supply stores, computer packing boxes are essential for the safe shipment of valuable products. They should also be used in combination with appropriate fillers and tape to ensure package integrity and prevent damage from movement. The business of shipping has become a high-tech one that includes these and many other types and sizes of corrugated boxes, fillers, seals and various other packaging supplies to meet the increasing and versatile demand from manufacturers, retailers and individuals.

All you ever wanted to know about corrugated boxe  

There are many different uses for boxes and the variety of styles and sizes available to accommodate a variety of needs. With such a wide va...