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Lizz Fields


Johnny R. Johnson


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Teresa Jenee

Raynetta Smith


On The Radar William Soul songwriter, guitarist & arranger

Raynetta Smith

Photos by Marshall Latimore

Artwork by ill@DELphsouL

Artwork by Alex Kok

Artwork by Ryan Leary

Artwork by Philece. R

Lizz Fields

This soulful songstress has been declared "one of the brightest stars on the horizon" by DJ Jazzy Jeff after independently launching her career in 2003, selling over 15k units of her debut album. Ironically, Lizz's career was haphazardly started. "I wanted to try to create something that I wanted to hear," says Fields. "It was an experiment. After recording my songs, I compiled and packaged them into my debut album. Selling over the internet was still very new at that time, but proved to be the perfect route. My career began then."

Wayne Robert Photography

Usoul: Where does Pleasureville's unique sound come from?

Usoul: What has been some of the up and downs of being a full-time musician?

LF: Live performances inspired my album "Pleasureville." "ByDayByNight" gave me the opportunity to perform with a band in front of a crowd. The crowd and the band each are integral in the development of an artist. The band lays the foundation. The crowd shapes the artist. You learn about yourself. I wanted Pleasureville to integrate those elements that fueled me on stage, guitar, live drums, interesting harmonies, passion.

LF: I have to be honest, although, this may not be popular... I can't claim that I'm a full-time musician. My passion for life is expressed in my music as well as in every aspect of my life, as I am a teacher, a sister, auntie, neighbor and more. In layman's terms, I have to live and experience something in order to write or sing. If it's all music, all the time, I'm uninspired. So, with that said, wanting to write with nothing to write can be a frustrating fete.

Usoul: I love the original album as well as the remixes you have posted on myspace. What prompted the creation of the remix cd?

Usoul: Are there any major label artists that you would be interested in collaborating with?

LF: rePRODUCED began as a side project. I wanted to release something between PleasureVille and the next album (the one I'm working on NOW!). I dug into my vault to find vocals from ByDayByNight. Tristan mapped things out. As we got into the thick of it, we found ourselves completely enveloped in the development of the music. It transformed from just a mixtape to a musically-designed epic journey. God-willing, the next album will be released Summer 2010.

LF: Kanye maybe. I'm a gemini too! I think, we could create something terribly interesting! Usoul: What can we expect from Lizz Fields in the next 5 years? LF: It's too soon to say. Like, I said, I'm a gemini! Ya just never know. LOL!! I will continue to share information and ideas for as long as I live, however I can. That's what this is about. I'm speaking to whoever is listening.

Sherry Amour

Sherry Amour's journey with music began at the age of seven when she sang her first solo at a Christmas play. Encouraged by her parents to take vocal lessons to broaden her skills, Sherry was challenged to learn how to sing classical music and Broadway show tunes. These experiences all helped to develop this sultry and soulful singer.


SA: Since Chicago has bred a lot of our blues and soul artists, I can now see why I have been drawn to R&B soul music. For instance, Ms. Chaka Khan, is from Chicago, and the imprint she has made on the industry has been one of the instrumental reasons why I enjoy listening and studying music.


SA: As a child, I enjoyed the art of story telling, so in essence, with my sound I have incorporated this art form, which sometimes is lost in R&B music. Because I come from a spiritual background, I have been grounded to walk in love and to never pass judgment on others. Since this is a part of who I am as a person, it shines through my music as well. To say the least, with my music and my sound I strive to relate all that I am through my overall artistic expression.


SA: I honestly would hope to influence my listeners to reflect on the concept and lyrics of the song. A great story, whether it be a sad traumatic song or a happy love song, is always therapeutic to listen and relate to. We all desire to be connected with one another and music is the vehicle to do so.


SA: If I had to pick a genre for my music it would be R&B or Neo-Soul Music. This genre of music is what flows naturally from my heart.


SA: The next step, besides releasing my upcoming full length album,would be more opportunities to travel and share my gift of music. I also desire to continuously understand and grow with my instrument.


SA: I would love to work with Mr. Quincy Jones! He is an awesome producer! I also would love to work with Ne-yo, who is an awesome writer. Ms. Jill Scott is someone I would definitely like to work with.


SA: The advice I often share with aspiring artists is: "Not to buy into the hype of this industry. Challenge your own reality.� I say that because many times we as artists fail to realize that there is more to being an artist than just getting up on a stage looking fly and singing a song. With an artist challenging their own reality, they are forced to look at themselves in the mirror to see who they really are!

"Goals...I want a Grammy this year or next." -TJ photo by phil tography

the eklectic

Teresa JeNee

When you think of music that comes from STL, be prepared to "think again" thanks to Teresa Jenee.

Interview by Johnny Johnson

Her new album "The Eklectic" is raising eyebrows around the music industry and although we can't quite categorize her sound, we can assure you that Teresa Jenee refreshingly soulful and innovative!

Usoul: Can you talk a little bit about how you got into music? TJ: Music got into me actually! I had no choice. Both of my parents were singers; mother was a lead for a 70s soul band and studied music education in school and my father was a soloist and guitarist at his church. Usoul: Your sound is very fresh and unique. Do you do your own production? TJ:Yes, I do produce my own records. However, I don't own any fancy equipment so I'll compose a song on my piano at home, then bring it to a studio and create there. For "The Eklectic," I went another route. I enlisted contributions from outside producers. I don't believe in having one continuous sound for a whole album. I'm kind of particular in that way. Usoul: I love your EP. My favorite songs are The light, Break My Ht, and Sunday. What inspires your sound? TJ:Gospel and Soft Rock! Seriously, I was raised in a strict Christian home. The only thing I could listen to

was the Gospel and Soft Rock stations. Momma would turn it on in our room when it was time for me and my sister to go to bed. The soft rock station was especially calming. Usoul: Are you originally from STL? How has STL impacted you as an artist? TJ: Yes! I am a native of Saint Louis, Missouri. However, I can't say that my city inspired my sound as much. Again, I was musically sheltered to a degree. I didn't hear a lot of what was going on in the streets until I got to high school. So over the years, I spent a lot of time studying worldly music and genres that aren't given much attention in STL. I ended up being molded moreso by sounds from across the pond rather than in my own backyard. Usoul: What are some of your immediate music goals? TJ: Goals...I want a Grammy this year or next. To be an established pen in the industry would be nice as well. But mostly, I want to reap from what I've sown...I want my music to sustain me and my family.

jDavey jack davey / brook d'leau interview by Johnny Johnson

Usoul: Do you'll feel like JDavey is the next big act to come out of LA, or a part of a LA music movement that will hit soon? Brook: I think it's definitely a little bit of both. As much as we feel that we are a large part of what coming out of LA, we are still connected to so many people doing such great music out here. So to answer your question, yes we are apart of a big movement and we are a reason why LA would be important. Usoul: Brook, I noticed that you play keys during the performances, what other types of technology do you work with when producing. Brook: I use Ableton alot, some native instruments, synth and drum programs, live instruments on occasion. I don't really do alot of sampling. Sometimes I sample, but I usually end up creating the type of sound that I want to hear with the resources that I have. It's a very simple setup to be honest, I just take those programs as far as I can. Usoul: What has been JDavey's biggest obstacle? Jack: Just being apart of the major label system. When you see a girl/guy duo and the girl is the lead singer, the first thing a record company tries to do is divide and conquer. As a female they tell you "you don't need this guy, we can put you with this producer" or "don't you want to be like..." and they will start naming all the major female

Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk, R&B?? These are just a few of the genres that come to mind while listening to a JDavey record. This dynamic duo has managed to fuse together a variety of genres while creating a sound yet to be categorized. Nonetheless anyone with an ear for good music will agree that regardless of the category, JDAVEY's music is undoubtedly DOPE! artists. They say things like, "you don't need your partner anymore, you guys don't know what your sound is yet and why do you come off with us and leave this guy behind and create a sound with us." Although it isn't difficult for us, our biggest obstacle has been sticking together in a major label system. Usoul: Has technology hurt or helped JDavey? Jack: It's definitely helped us. The only reason we have a major label deal is because we had a great internet presence. The only reason we have fans is because of our myspace page. That is where it all started for us. Even though we are signed to a major, the internet gives us freedom to live in the underground world. Usoul: Do you'll have a release date for the new album? Jack: We didn't want to be locked down to a release date because the industry doesn't work like that anymore. Nowdays, people are releasing content daily and building a buzz, or releasing based off a buzz they've created. We have worked on an amazing project for Warner Brothers that will see the light of day come spring or the summer of this year. So don't worry about the release date, just know that it's coming and that it's going to be great.

listen to more of this interview at

photo by phil tography

Usoul Mag i7  

Usoul mag i7 J Davey, Teresa Jenee, Lizz Fields, Sherry Amour. Music Artwork by ill@DELphsouL, Alex Kok Ryan Leary, Philece. R

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