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US OPHTHALMIC Creating new persperctives that enhance sight to improve life!


Our objective is to research and provide high quality optical equipment and make it accessible to all eye care professionals globally.

US Ophthalmic is constantly searching for emerging technologies and optical equipment manufacturers so that eye care professionals can accurately diagnose their patients using advanced technologies. Our goal from the pre-sale to the post-sale is to treat everyone equally regardless of the size of the client and accommodating ourselves to their needs.


US Ophthalmic is globally dedicated to providing high-tech medical equipment

to all eye care professionals, helping maximize the efficiency and ensuring the precision and reliability of the diagnostic process while contributing to improve the visual health of the entire population.




For over twenty years, US Ophthalmic has grown to be the #1 independent

wholesale distributor of high-quality, cutting edge vision diagnostic equipment for eye care professionals throughout Latin America gaining market share through its exclusives brands and distribution Channels. US Ophthalmic’s success has come from providing eye care practitioners universal access to the latest Vision Diagnostic Technology at an affordable price, enabling them to provide patients with comprehensive treatment options.




• By offering high quality products at a an affordable price, USOPHTHALMIC was able to become than number 1 distributor in Latin America. • USOPHTHALMIC is gaining new global market share by enhancing and improving people’s vision through the latest diagnostic technologies at affordable prices. • Using the same affordable pricing up to 50% savings and advanced technology strategies, USOPHTHALMIC is making a strong entrance into the US market. • Through our own brands, Ezer, Luxvision, Gilras, and GIL OHR, we offer the customer the possibility to buy everything they need from just one company.


Inventory Improving sight through affordability • Full inventory of ophthalmic products. • One stop shop. • Orders processed daily and shipped within 48 hours.

Our Products and Technologies include


• Autorefractors/ Keratometers • Digital and Manual Refractors • Chart Projectors • Digital Screen Projectors • Slit Lamps • Imaging Systems • Tonometers • Lensmeters • ENT Products • Pupilometers • Ultrasonic Cleaners

• • • • • • • • • •

UV Meters Manual Edgers Auto Polishers Frame Heaters Drillers Auto Groovers Ishihara Tests Ultrasounds Examination Furniture Magnification/ Yag Lenses • Post Mydriatic Eyewear • Pliers

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Screwdrives Tool Kits Tweezers Filers Screw and Pad kits Wrenches Lab Organizers Ophthalmic Lenses Frame Cases Contact Lens Cases Microfiber Cloth Sport Frames



Technical Support Area

Customer Service and Support • Our presence in the United States is facilitated with top-notch customer service and product support while still offering the most affordable prices to the US market. • Our knowledgeable team of customer representatives and their expertise will customize the proposal to meet your budget and product needs. • In this competitive market place, we pride ourselves on offering the latest technologies with best value pricing. Technical Support • Our experienced technicians are all factory trained and have full product knowledge. • Full inventory of spare parts.



US Ophthalmic Company Brochure  
US Ophthalmic Company Brochure  

US Ophthalmic is globally dedicated to providing high-tech medical equipment to all eye care professionals, helping maximize the efficiency...