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UNLIMITED PRESS RELEASE DISTRIBUTION: SPREAD THE WORD FASTER AND BETTER Some companies don't need to work as hard as others to make sure hteir names stay at the forefront of their customers' minds. As proof, consider this: Not many people have to ask what companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola and Disney are famous for. But for those of us who aren't multi-bazillion-dollar global conglomerates, promotion is critical. And in the face of those giants we mentioned it can be a real challenge to make a mark. One very effective, time-tested method is the press release and one company has renovated the process to make it even easier, faster and more effective than ever before. Here's the trouble, though: It costs big bucks to go the traditional press release distribution route. To send out just one release can cost you upwards of $400! That can be a little too rich for many companies' blood. Social media marketing company doesn't want that to happen and they've created an unlimited press release distribution service that opens up the possibility to just about any business. Their method is effortless, affordable and effective. There is just no better way to distribute a release. The company's CEO, Leon Hill, explains: "There are other services which claim to do what we do, however all of those only distribute releases to online sources. Not only do we do the same, we also send all our releases to our massive media list of over 560,000 contacts. There is simply nothing else like what we offer in the world." If you're still not convinced, here's a little more fuel for the fire. Many of the company's clients have already gotten several MILLION additional site visitors in just a month, thanks to the massive increase in exposure they've received. The company offers two packages: online-only distribution, which will cost just $97, and online distribution plus media exposure, which will cost just $267. In both cases, you'll get 30 days to distribute as many releases as possible. To get more information on this service, log on to or you can contact the company through the contact form on your website.

Unlimited Press Release Distribution - Spread The Word Faster And Better