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REVOLUTIONARY NEW SERVICE MAKES VIDEO MARKETING A CINCH Yep, there's no denying it: Video marketing is hard. In fact, it can be such a challenge that many marketers give up on the process before they see any results. The main stumbling block comes in when it's time to get views for your content. You'll have to get lots of them and you'll have to do it fast. This is the most important step in the process because without a significant number of viewers for your content it doesn't matter how great your content it is – it won't be effective. Take heart, though. YouTube content receives more than a billion views every single day and that creates a golden opportunity for your company. Make sure you are taking full advantage of that! Fortunately, there is some excellent help available, in the form of web promotions company They've got the tools you need to be a video marketing success. They've recently added a new video marketing service to their hugely popular collection of social media marketing products. Their latest addition is aimed at helping companies like yours turn a profit online. They've figured out how to making getting viewers for your videos easier and faster than ever before. How, you ask? By allowing you to buy them. “After we launched our other social marketing services, we saw video as the next obvious means for expansion,” says CEO Leon Hill. “Once we found a way to quickly generate loads of quality views to videos, we knew we were onto something that people would go crazy for.” can drive traffic to your content both form within YouTube itself and from outside sources like blogs and other social sites. According to Hill, what sets the company apart is that they “can guarantee fast, targeted traffic to videos, instead of relying on traditional means like hoping for viral use, or pay-per-click advertising.” To get more information about this new service, head over to: or simply contact uSocial about their video marketing services via the form on their website.

Revolutionary New Service Makes Video Marketing A Cinch