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NEW VIDEO MARKETING SERVICE HELPS BUSINESES GET EXPOSED There's no doubt about it: Promoting a business through video marketing, you know it's by no means easy. On the contrary, it can seem almost impossible to make your mark in the video marketing world. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore, thanks to social media marketing company They've figured out a way to make video marketing fast, effortless, affordable and effective. has developed a new video marketing service that is aimed at helping businesses get the viewers they need for their content, just by buying them. Customers can purchase views in packages of up to 100,000 views for a small cash investment. The company's CEO, Leon Hill, says that: “After we launched our other social marketing services, we saw video as the next obvious means for expansion. Once we found a way to quickly generate loads of quality views to videos, we knew we were onto something that people would go crazy for.” The company can deliver both general and targeted views by generating traffic from video sites or via outside sources like social sites or blogs. “What differs what we do from other services is that we can guarantee fast, targeted traffic to videos, instead of relying on traditional means like hoping for viral use, or pay-per-click advertising,” explains Hill. Learn everything you need to know about this new service at: or simply contact uSocial about their video marketing services via the form on their website.

New Video Marketing Service Helps Businesses Get Exposed