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NEW UNLIMITED PRESS RELEASE SERVICE FLIPS MARKETING ON ITS EAR There are some businesses that don't have to worry as much about how to stay at the forefront of their target audience's minds. Those companies are the super powers of the business world and they already make billions of dollars a year. What if you're business doesn't occupy the upper echelon of the corporate world? In case you don't fall into the category of super power, there's a solution that will help your business be as successful as it possibly can. One of the best ways to spread the word about your company is to send out a press release Press releases have a long-standing reputation as being effective. They help spread the word fast and to a large number of people. Unfortunately, that doesn't come cheap. Many distribution services charge upwards of $400 and that's just for distributing one release. That price is a little too steep for many businesses. Fortunately, there's help available. Social media marketing company has developed a new unlimited press release distribution service that makes the process affordable and accessible than ever before. The company's CEO, Leon Hill, explains: "There are other services which claim to do what we do, however all of those only distribute releases to online sources. Not only do we do the same, we also send all our releases to our massive media list of over 560,000 contacts. There is simply nothing else like what we offer in the world." Several of the company's clients have received several million extra visitors to their sites since its launch in just one month since launch. That's pretty impressive and there's unlimited press release distribuiton services to thank. For online-only distribution, the cost is just $9. For online distribution plus media exposure, which will cost just $267. Included in both packages are 30 days to distribute as many releases as possible. Check out the company's website for more information: or you can contact the company through the contact form on your website.

New Unlimited Press Release Service Flips Marketing On Its Ear