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New Kid on the Facebook Marketing Block - Get on Board To give your company a real boost above the competition for a very reasonable price, you're about to get the best news you could ever receive. Web promoters USocial have created a new Facebook marketing service that will eliminate the wasted time and frustration that you used to have to deal with as part of the experience of marketing a business on Facebook. All marketers like you have to do is buy the Facebook fans you need. That's where your part in the process comes to delightfully screeching halt. You won't have to waste your resources in an attempt to navigate Facebook marketing. There's a much easier way to go about it, and is it.'s CEO, Leon Hill, explains: "We can deliver up to 10,000 highly-targeted fans or friends quickly and without trouble, to almost any page on the site. There is simply no other service like it on the web." Simply notify about the kind of fans you want to attract (based on criteria such age and geo-location) and the company will handle the rest. They'll drive the fans you want straight to your Facebook page. There's simply no better way to acquire the Facebook fans your campaign needs. "We can deliver relevant people in almost any industry or interest group, from pets and animals, to business, marketing and so much more," says Hill. "Not only that but we can also target geolocations as specific as country for our clients meaning their final marketing efforts will be that much more powerful," he adds.'s service isn't the first one to help companies profit online, but theirs is the first and only service to make it possible for customers to actually buy the fans they need. Check out company's website for all the information about this new service here: or you can contact the company via the form on their website.

New Kid on the Facebook Marketing Block - Get on Board