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Marketing In The 21st Century SaysHello YouTube And Goodbye Boob Tube Here it is, the cold, hard truth: Companies may spend tens of millions of dollars for a 30-second television spot during the Super Bowl, but the next day, where do those ads end up? That’s right: Those ultra-pricey ads will almost inevitably end up on YouTube, where they will be seen by millions upon millions of other viewers. And YouTube is free. What does that tell you? It should be telling you that YouTube is a very valuable asset in your company’s marketing arsenal, and it should be used to its full potential. The trouble is, YouTube marketing is far from easy. It’s not just a matter of uploading a video and waiting for someone to see it – or at least it shouldn’t be about that, if you want to be successful. To really make your YouTube campaign sing, you’ll have to go out there and drive traffic to your content. That’s the tricky bit, but there’s a new way to help you do just that. Thanks to, a web promotions company who just added a new YouTube marketing service to their hugely successful line up of services created with an eye toward helping companies make money online. Leon Hill, the company’s CEO,says the service is unlike anything else out there: “We can deliver clients up to one million targeted views to their videos, in as little as a few weeks,” explains Hill. “Whereas some people are fighting to get a few hundred paltry views a day, we can guarantee immediate and hardcore viewership to their content.” can drive traffic to your content either from within YouTube itself, but also from other sources like blogs. “What separates our YouTube marketing services from anything else out there is that clients can start bringing in profits from their content immediately,” said Hill. Learn everything you need to know about this service by logging on to: or you can email uSocial via the contact form on their website.

Marketing In The 21st Century Says Hello YouTube And Goodbye Boob Tube