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JUST ATTACH VIDEO: MARKETING HAS A WHOLE NEW GUIDELINES Have you ever given the world of video marketing a try? If you have, you've almost certainly discovered that it's not without its challenges to get some video views for your content. Video sharing sites like YouTube are so saturated with content on such an endless array of topics that it can seem impossible to find a way to direct views to your content. Fortunately for your company, though, web promotions experts have the tools you need to do just that. They've made video marketing a whole lot easier. The company has developed a new service that is designed to help you navigate the world of video marketing. Specifically, they've figured out how to eliminate the stress of having to get views for your content. With this new service, all you have to do is buy the video views you want! Yes, that's right. You can just purchase views in packages of up to 100,000 views, all for just a small cash investment. “After we launched our other social marketing services, we saw video as the next obvious means for expansion. Once we found a way to quickly generate loads of quality views to videos, we knew we were onto something that people would go crazy for,” says Leon Hill, the company's CEO. The service allows to deliver not only general viewers, but also targeted ones from within video sharing sites and also from sites like blogs and social sites. “What differs what we do from other services is that we can guarantee fast, targeted traffic to videos, instead of relying on traditional means like hoping for viral use, or pay-per-click advertising,” explains Hill. Get all the scoop about this new service at or simply contact uSocial about their video marketing services via the form on their website.