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ARTICLE MARKETING SERVICE REDEFINES EXPOSURE One of the most powerful tools in a modern-day marketer’s tool kit is a successful article marketing campaign. By engaging in article marketing, you can potentially drive massive amounts of traffic to your content, not to mention the SEO benefits. The problem is, earning a profit from article marketing is no easy task. It can seem to take an interminably long amount of time to start seeing any return on your investment. That can lead to frustration and the temptation to give up. But hang on a second! There’s a company who has come to your rescue. They’ve removed the stress of article marketing, paving the way for your success. Social marketing company has taken away the frustrating elements of article marketing and replaced it with a high possibility of success. They’ve achieved this through their new unlimited article marketing distribution service. This new service will allow clients to start seeing results in merely days rather than weeks or months that it may have otherwise taken without the service’s help. “With our service, clients can submit an unlimited number of articles for distribution to over 500 of the world’s largest article directories,”says AlphaHype spokesperson Danielle Evans. “But what really sets it apart is that we do all of the work for the client – the service is literally handsoff.” Article marketing services may be nothing new, but AlphaHype’s service is unique in that it requires nothing of the customer other than the submission of their articles (which, incidentally, you don’t even have to write on your own. There are plenty of services available to write articles for you). “We’ve had some clients in certain industries submit as little as two or three articles per day and in less than a week or so, seen increases as much as one thousand visitors per day to their websites. And no matter which way you look at it, those visitor numbers mean money,” explains Evans. To take advantage of this new article marketing service, you’ll have to pay just $67 per month, and you’ll be able to submit as many articles as you want to over 500 sites. To learn more about this new service, check out their website at or you can contact the company via their website.

Article Marketing Service Redefines Exposure