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ARTICLE MARKETING SERVICE MAKES TIDAL WAVE IN BUSINESS WORLD Article marketing is a powerful way to promote a business. When done effectively, it can boost a business in terms of SEO and traffic generation. The problem is that this kind of promotion can be a challenge because it can take a long time to see results. Or at least that was the case until social media marketing company came along. AlphaHype understand that article marketing is challenging, and they have devised a way to eliminate the tedium of the process. They’ve found a way to make it easier, quicker and stress free. Basically, they’ve removed the stumbling blocks that most marketers encounter along the way. How is that possible? They’ve created an unlimited article marketing service. “With our service, clients can submit an unlimited number of articles for distribution to over 500 of the world’s largest article directories,”says AlphaHype spokesperson Danielle Evans. “But what really sets it apart is that we do all of the work for the client – the service is literally handsoff.” True, article marketing services have become de rigueur. But what sets this service apart from all the others is that nothing is required of the client. Says Evans: “We’ve had some clients in certain industries submit as little as two or three articles per day and in less than a week or so, seen increases as much as one thousand visitors per day to their websites. And no matter which way you look at it, those visitor numbers mean money.” The price for this service is just $67 monthly, which allows you to submit as many articles as you want to over 500 sites. To find out all of the details about this new software, check out their website at or you can contact the company via their website.

Article Marketing Service Makes Tidal Wave In Business World