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AD COMPANY MAKES FACEBOOK MARKETING A WALK IN THE PARK Have you ever considered adding Facebook marketing into your promotions repertoire? No? Why not? Was it because you just hadn't considered it, or because you heard horror stories from people who have gone before you and discovered how challenging it can be? Don't worry. Those people obviously didn't know the secret you are about to learn. Thanks to web promotions, Facebook marketing has flipped the process on its ear. has created a new Facebook marketing service that makes it easy for their customers to simply buy Facebook fans for their business. They say it's not only the easiest way, but it's also faster and more effective than any other method out Facebook marketing method out there. Here's what the company's CEO, Leon Hill, says about this new service: “We can deliver up to 10,000 highly-targeted fans or friends quickly and without trouble, to almost any page on the site. There is simply no other service like it on the web.” Your business can become an online celebrity in virtually no time at all, thanks to this Facebook marketing service. All you have to do is tell them what kind of Facebook fans you want to target and they will take over from there. They'll deliver the fans right to your Facebook page, so stand back because there will be a stampede! “We can deliver relevant people in almost any industry or interest group, from pets and animals, to business, marketing and so much more.” Said Hill. “Not only that but we can also target geo-locations as specific as country for our clients meaning their final marketing efforts will be that much more powerful,” explains Hill.'s Facebook marketing service is no doubt blazing a trial for online marketers. Although it may not have been the first service to help customers profit through social media, but it remains the only one to allow customers to buy packages of fans and friends. Get allt he details about this service by logging on to: http:/ / /facebook_marketing or you can contact the company via the form on their website.