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Meet the Admissions Team 4 Career Opportunities 6 Becoming a Roadrunner – Why Choose Roseman? 8 Inside the Hexagon 10 Curriculum Breakdown 12 CVS Health Spanish Pathway Program 14 Fast Track BS/PharmD 16 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences – Student Activity Statistics 18 Roadrunner Faculty Spotlights 20 Explore Nevada 22 Discover Utah 24 Life as a Roadrunner 26 After Graduation – Postgraduate Residency & Fellowship Opportunities 28 Alumni Spotlight – A Roadrunner Making Her Mark 30 Funding My Future 32 Steps to Admission & Important Dates 34 TABLE of Contents

the Admissions Team

Assistant Dean of Admissions Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice Vegan baking, Twitch streaming, tennis playing husband and father of two cats and a dog. And yes, he has a cat stroller. North Carolina native, Dr. Christensen-Grant spent part of pharmacy school in the United Kingdom and completed two pharmacy residencies in Indiana and Texas. He chose phar macy because he wanted a career that both challenged him and gave him the ability to work with people directly. During pharmacy school, he knew that he wanted to become a clinical faculty member because he had a passion for men toring others to discover and pursue their goals. He now teaches students in their first and second year of pharmacy school. He advises student organizations and works with Utah’s state pharmacy organizations to advance the profession of pharmacy. This has been his path in pharmacy, and he cannot wait to help prospective students discover their paths.



Why “RosemanRoseman?means FAMILY!”

The people. The students. The faculty. The staff. We are all a part of this community that supports, mentors, and celebrates one another. As a faculty member, this culture lets me really connect with students and help guide them on their journey toward becoming an excellent pharmacist.


Why “RosemanRoseman?means COLLABORATION!”

LISA NGO STONE, BS Assistant Director of Admissions & Student Affairs Halloween baby and devoted to family, fur babies, friends and faith


Join us and find your place with the Roseman University Pharmily!

The people. The family of friends I have made. Whether you are faculty, staff, or a student here … the Roseman family is a great one to be a part of.

First-generation graduate from UNLV, Ms. Lisa Ngo Stone earned her Bachelor’s in Biology and a minor in Psychology. Growing up she did not know much about pharmacy, but she obtained a job as a pharmacy technician. Fast forward 13 years – this profession made her realize pharmacy is exactly where she wanted to be and the impact that she wanted to make. She likes to say she did not initially choose pharmacy, but pharmacy chose her. She loves to help students, all ages, traditional and non-traditional, explore their career options in the profession of Pharmacy. She enjoys knowing that through her role at Roseman she’s helping to shape the future generations of the pharmacy profession.

I am a … Problem Solver. Team Caretaker.PatientMember.Advocate. Academia • Clinical Practice • Economic, Social, and Administrative Sciences (ESAS) • Pharmaceutical Sciences Ambulatory Care Association Management Chain Community Pharmacy • Management Clinical CommunitySpecialistsHealth Center (CHC) Compounding Pharmacy Contract Research Organization Corporate HealthHomeGovernment/FederalManagementPharmacyHealthCareSystemPharmacy • Inpatient • Outpatient Independent Community Pharmacy Long Term Care Mail Medical/DrugManagedServiceCare Information Office-based Medication Management Pharmaceutical Industry • Medical Liaison • Research and Development (R&D) • Sales and Marketing Pharmacy Benefit Management Pharmacy(PBM) RegulatoryLaw/Affairs/Public Policy Specialty Pharmacy • Nuclear • Oncology • Pediatrics • Infectious Diseases CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Salary Range $88k to $162k* I am a Pharmacist.Future *Salary range data pulled from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 6

7 Ignite your career. Follow your heart.

BECOMING a Roadrunner WHY PHARMDROSEMANCHOOSEUNIVERSITY’SPROGRAM? • Fully accredited, accelerated 3-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program • Private, not-for-profit institution • Two campus locations – Henderson, NV and South Jordan, UT • Unique & innovative teaching and learning model focuses on mastering one block at a time • Early experiential and interprofessional learning starting at the beginning of your first year • Students must demonstrate competency at 90% or higher on all assessments to pass • Competitive NAPLEX board exam scores & residency match rates • Variety of research opportunities starting in your first year • No in-state or out-of-state tuition difference • CVS Health Spanish Pathway Program designed to increase the number of Spanish-speaking pharmacists • 20+ student organizations providing a place for everyone • National and international rotation experiences available


MEHREEN HASAN PharmD Class of 2024 “The unique layout of the classroom has made approaching the professors easier. This has helped me build strong relation ships with each of my professors and has positively affected the way I learn and the way I perform academically.

BRITTANY HARNICHER PharmD Class of 2021 “This continuous cycle of learning and addressing areas of weakness has cultivated skills that I have found useful for succeeding in both the classroom and in practice as a student pharmacist.”

INSIDE THE Student Perspectives of the Roseman Six-Point 10

NATHAN HEGER PharmD Class of 2022 “I enjoy the fact that we start our rotations early on in our education. We become more confident in our ability to counsel patients as we learn about the medications.”

“There were times when some materials were difficult to grasp, and the collaborative learning sessions were a good opportunity for me to ask colleagues what they think of the subject matter, reinforcing my under standing. Learning does not just come from listening, and the active engagement helped me learn more efficiently.”

“Competency-based Education has helped me become better. The pressure to meet these standards is uncomfortable, but there is no growth in the comfort zone and I am happy to have a program push me and form me into a competent practitioner.”

“The ability to focus on one subject and delve deep into the mechanisms and med ications, or the laws and regulations, has really changed my opinion on education. It has been really beneficial to me to not have to focus on several subjects at a time.”

JUN-HONG (DANIEL) YANG PharmD Class of 2024

CADE THOMAS PharmD Class of 2024

CAMERON IMAHARA PharmD Class of 2021

Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® 11




BENEFITS • Connect and network with mentors through CVS Health • Complete introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs) at CVS Health pharmacies with a predominate Spanish-speaking patient population • Eligible to receive scholarship funds • Eligible for a part-time, paid intern job with CVS Health • Receive medical Spanish certification course • Receive student affairs advising support 14

Roseman’s College of Pharmacy and CVS Health have joined to raise awareness of pharmacy careers and increase the number of Hispanic/Spanish-speaking applicants to the college’s Doctor of Pharmacy program. The CVS Health Spanish Pathway program provides a unique opportunity for Hispanic/Spanish-speaking undergraduate students to learn about pharmacy education and careers, and establish a pipeline of Spanish speaking students to enter the field of pharmacy with a desire to serve the Hispanic community.

I chose to be part of the CVS Health Spanish Pathway Program to make a difference in the Spanish speaking community. It is no secret that Spanish speakers are well underrepresented in the health community and I want to make a difference. Since starting the pathway program, I feel like I am making a difference. Throughout my rotations, I have witnessed the impact that I have towards the Spanish speaking community. I have had numerous experiences in which I have been able to help Spanish speaking patients. I am not just making a difference as a future pharmacist, but also helping inspire future generations.

Jose Garcia CVS Health Spanish Pathway Student PharmD Class of 2022

My favorite experience while being a part for the CVS Health Spanish Pathway Program is being on rotations at CVS pharmacies with primarily Spanish speaking patients. It is always amazing to help Spanish speaking patients understand their medications and provide the best healthcare services not only to Spanish speaking patients but all patients. There have been many experiences when I have seen the joy in Spanish speaking patients’ faces. It really is amazing to see their faces light up when they see that there is someone speaking Spanish in the pharmacy. WHY APPLY?

I feel like it is important to be a part of the CVS Health Spanish Pathway Program because there is a large population of Spanish speaking patients. Most of these patients experience a language barrier with their health providers including their pharmacist. Due to this, most of these patients are taking their medications incorrectly or some of them don’t take them at all. This is because they don’t fully understand their medications because of that language barrier. For this reason, it is important to raise awareness and get more Spanish speaking students into the pharmacy field.


It is a wonderful experience and opportunity to be part of the CVS Health Spanish Pathway Program. The program offers more than just rotations in predominantly Spanish speaking CVS pharmacies. It offers opportunities to network and establish a well-rounded base for when you graduate. In addition, I know sometimes it is scary because of all the things going on with pharmacy school but it is 100% doable. So, if you are interested in applying, just go for it! To learn more about eligibility and applying visit




Save Money. By taking courses that count towards both your BS and PharmD, you will be saving a year of undergraduate tuition. Additionally, our three-year program saves one year of graduate tuition.

Skip the Test. If accepted to the Roseman University Doctor of Pharmacy Program through the Fast Track BS/PharmD Program, PCAT scores will not need to be submitted. Know that you’re in. Applicants who complete the pre-pro fessional phase of the Fast Track BS/PharmD program (NSC curriculum), meet the program conditions, and have a passing interview will be offered admission.

• Be a competent, caring, and ethical pharmacist that interacts as a valuable member of an interprofessional health care team.


• Gain a solid, well-rounded foundation from a Biology BS degree with coursework in chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, and biology.

Roseman University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy and Nevada State College (NSC) have joined forces to offer NSC students the opportunity to accelerate their Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree through the Fast Track BS/PharmD Program. This program is available to NSC students pursuing a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology degree and effectively eliminates one year of study as students pursue both their BS and PharmD degrees. Students who complete as few as three (3) years of study at NSC will have the opportunity to combine the fourth year of their BS and first year of Roseman’s Accelerated Three-year PharmD through the Fast Track BS/PharmD Program. After successful completion of their first year of study at Roseman University, which is also their fourth year of study at NSC, students will be granted their BS in Biology and continue their PharmD education with the College of Pharmacy at Roseman University for completion in two additional years.

• Understand the healthcare needs of the community to make a positive impact through the practice of patient-centered care.


The Fast Track BS/PharmD Degree Program at Roseman University prepares you to:

Save Time. Earn a BS and PharmD in six (6) years. By having one year of overlap that counts towards both the final year of BS and the first year of the PharmD and by taking part in our Accelerated Three-year PharmD program, you will finish in six (6) years compared to the eight (8) years it typically takes to complete a Bachelor of Science and a Doctor of Pharmacy.

• Work in a variety of practices including community pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions, laboratories, clinical, and long-term care facilities.



Opportunities for Growth. The College of Pharmacy provides numerous opportunities for growth starting the first day you step on campus. Roseman University provides early experi ential and interprofessional learning, research, national and international rotation experience, and post-graduate residen cy and fellowship opportunities that build your resume and provide a solid foundation for your career as a pharmacist.

CURRICULUM Years 1-3 (or semesters 1-6): Complete your BS in Biology requirements, including the prerequisite courses for the PharmD. Apply to Roseman University College of Pharmacy program through PharmCAS and complete the admissions process.

Innovative and Teaching-Focused Undergraduate Program. You will benefit from our small class sizes and have the opportunity to work closely with our innovative faculty as you develop knowledge and skills and receive training in modern laboratory and field techniques utilizing our state-of-the-art scientific technology. Take advantage of NSC’s numerous undergraduate research opportunities, summer programs, and independent study projects!

Years 5-6: Complete remaining PharmD courses with Rose man University College of Pharmacy.

Year 4 (or semesters 7-8): Attend Roseman University College of Pharmacy and take 40 credits of PharmD courses that count towards your NSC BS in Biology degree and required courses towards the PharmD. At the end of year four (4) after successful completion of your pharmacy school courses, you will graduate from NSC with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

• The satisfactory completion of the entire pre-professional curriculum with an overall GPA of 3.0 or greater on a scale of 0 to 4.

• A letter of recommendation from an NSC School of Liberal Arts & Sciences faculty member.

Early Hands-On Experience. Starting in the beginning of your first year in the PharmD program, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your learning from the classroom to real-world scenarios through early IPPE experiences –developing your professional knowledge and skills in a variety of clinical practice settings. An Innovative and Collaborative Learning Model. Roseman University uses unique teaching methods to produce graduates that are competent and to provide an educational environment that not only produces and ensures high levels of achievement from all students but also fosters cooperation and collaboration in the learning process. This is the concept of mastery learning. The Roseman University Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® consists of Block Curriculum, Active and Collaborative Learning, Competency-based Education, Assessment Learning, Early Experiential Learning, and a Classroom Design that facilitates learning. All of these components reinforce one another and contribute to an unparalleled educational environment. Part of the PHARMily. Roseman University’s diverse student population—with their different backgrounds and experiences—creates an exciting and enriching learning en vironment. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with peers who share similar educational goals and participate in meaningful student organizations and volunteer activities.

• The completion of the Roseman University College of Pharmacy program application and admission process, including qualification for an interview during the final year of study at NSC. HOW TO APPLY If you’re a currently enrolled Nevada State College student, please use the Fast Track BS/PharmD Application to notify us of your interest in the program.


CONNECT WITH US Visit for more information.

Roseman University will grant you conditional acceptance into its PharmD program if you have successfully completed the pre-professional phase of the Fast Track BS/PharmD program (NSC curriculum) provided the following conditions have been met:

Student Activity Statistics 12,177 10,44022,851 18,951 Doctor office calls to change or optimize a medication Patients counseled on an over-the-counter Immunizationsproduct administered Patients counseled on a prescription medicationScreenings(i.e.glucose PRACTICEINTRODUCTORYEXPERIENCES

18,951285 8721,103 7,838 506 medicationScreenings performed (i.e. blood pressure, glucose testing, etc.) Recommendations for a more cost-effective medication Recommendations for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (dietary changes, exercise, tobacco cessation,Medicationsetc.) optimized Interventions on a prescription medication Statistics from Class of 2021 (P2) and Class of 2022 (P1) students during 2019-2020 longitudinal rotation INTRODUCTORYEXPERIENCESPHARMACY 19

The Future of Pharmacy I envision pharmacists being able to prescribe and practice independently in the primary care setting in the next ten years. I also envision pharmacists expanding their roles in ambulatory care and using telemedicine to conduct patient visits.

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice Classes: Critical Care, Interprofessional Education and Men’s & Women’s Health

Student Memories

There have been many students in my career that made a lasting impression on me. These are the students who give my annual flu shot (I taught them immunization), who became my faculty colleague, and the pharmacists at local pharmacies. When I interact with them, I feel proud and accomplished.

Why I Love Teaching My favorite aspect of being in the classroom is engaging students in learning, and discussing new research leading to drug development and therapeutics. When I see the excitement of learning and application of knowledge in our students that makes my day.


Photographer, Gardener & Hiker

Hiker, Camper, Paddle Boarder & Snowboarder Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Classes: Immunology and Current Topics in Infection and Immunity


I chose Roseman because of the emphasis we place on active learning in the classroom. There are so many things in place that support this, such as the hexagonal classroom design to put students close to their faculty, attached breakout rooms with monitors to see and hear what’s going on in the main classroom, and student teams purposefully created based on each person’s strengths.

Why I Chose Roseman


Why I Love Teaching I love being in the classroom, whether it is in-person or virtual. I love taking the content I am teaching and making it relatable and fun to learn. I enjoy having engaged students and seeing the proverbial lightbulb click when students understand a concept.

The Future of Pharmacy It is an exciting time for pharmacy as pharmacist roles begin to transition from dispensing and counseling to greater patient care, such as medication management, immunizations, and even prescribing.


Roseman’s Six-Point Mastery Learning Model®

Baker & Escape Room Enthusiast Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences Classes: Medical Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Calculations Family Man, Movie Night Planner, Hiker & Kayaker

ROADRUNNER Faculty Spotlights

Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice Classes: Gastrointestinal and Pulmonary Therapeutics, Pharmacy Practice Skills, Interprofessional Education, and Pharmacy Leadership

What is not to like? Roseman’s innovative model helps faculty incorporate instructional elements that might otherwise be ignored, but have long been known to enhance student learning, such as formative assessment and peer-to-peer teaching.

Why I Chose Roseman Working at Roseman has provided me with an opportunity to study and teach science in a highly practical, health-centered environment, which is intellectually stimulating and enjoyable.

NEVADAExplore 22

NEVADA 10 18 19 17 20 06 215 215 95 95 21 02 03 04 05 07 08 09 1 11 1213 14 15 16 1. Roseman University 2. Motor Speedway 3. Red Rock Canyon 4. The Mob Museum 5. Cashman Field 6. The Smith Center 7. Las Vegas Ballpark 8. Stratosphere 9. High Roller 10. Eiffel Tower 11. Topgolf 12. Fountains at Bellagio 13. T-Mobile Arena 14. Wet’n’Wild 15. Allegiant Stadium 16. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign 17. InternationalMcCarran Airport 18. Town Square 19. Ethel M 21.20.CactusFactory/BotanicalChocolateGardenCowabungaBayWetlands Lake JUSTHollywood/LAValleyLakeDeathLeeSevenLakePrimmHooverMountMeadCharlestonDamLasVegasMagicMountainsCanyonValleyTahoeofFireADRIVEAWAY LOCAL ATTRACTIONS 23

215 215 04 03 02 2221 19 18 13 09 11 12 16 17 15 1 05 0607 0810 14 20 24 Bryce Canyon Zion National Park St. ArchesAntelopeSundanceBrianMoabGeorgeHeadIslandNational Park ParkCapitolBrightonDeerCanyonlandsValleyResortReefCityJUSTADRIVEAWAY LOCAL ATTRACTIONS 1. Roseman University 2. SLC Int’ Airport 3. AmusementLagoon Park 4. Utah State Fairpark 5. City Creek Center 6. State Capitol 7. Salt Lake City 8. Natural MuseumHistoryofUtah 9. This is the Place Heritage Park 10. Utah’s Hogle Zoo 11. USANAAmphitheatre 12. HistoricWheelerFarm 13. Topgolf 14. Real Salt Lake –Rio Tinto Stadium 15. Big CanyonCottonwood 16. Little CanyonCottonwood 17. Hale TheaterCentre 18. Oquirrh Lake 19. Jordan River Trail 20. Loveland Living Planet Aquarium 21. Cowabunga Bay Water Park 22. Thanksgiving Point

Discover UTAH 25

Movimiento Estudiantil (M.E.R.)

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)

Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA)



National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)

National Home Infusion Association Student Organization Phi Delta Chi Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS)

RUHS Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Ally Student Association (LGBTQA)

Utah Society of Health-System Pharmacists (USHP)

RU Jewish Club Student Alliance Student Government Association (SGA) Utah Pharmacy Association (UPhA)

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, INC

Roseman’s student body is active and philanthropic. Our students support multiple local non-profits and causes throughout each year with over 20 different student groups on each campus.

American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)

Pilipinos Advancing Towards Health (PATH)


American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) American Pharmacists Association (APhA)

American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Black Student Union (BSU) College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists Drug Abuse Awareness Team (DAAT)

Industry Pharmacists Association

The qualities of the Roadrunner match well with Roseman students and alumni, because roadrunners are known for their:

“I’ve developed a large network with pharmacists and students due to my involvement in different clubs. My experience at Roseman has been greatly improved by the extracurricular events I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of.”



“I have found the best study group who have become some of my closest friends. I wouldn’t have made it through my first year of pharmacy school without them and their support. I can’t imagine myself anywhere but Roseman. I feel really lucky to be a part of the class I am in and to have the professors I do.”


SAMAYA CRISTINA, Class of 2022MICKEY ROSQVIST, Class of 2022 27

Roadrunners are also considered Medicine Birds by many Native American tribes in the southwest. The Hopi and other Pueblo tribes believed that the Roadrunner was a medicine bird that could ward off negative energy, and Roadrunner feathers were even used to decorate the cradles of their children to protect them.

To Native American tribes in Mexico, it was considered good luck to see a Roadrunner. That tradition holds true today, for every healthcare organization considers it good luck to hire a Roseman roadrunner! as a Roadrunner

Rosey the Roadrunner embodies the visual representation of Roseman, reflecting its history, culture and character – especially what is believed to be the defining characteristics of our students and alumni. Roadrunners are indigenous to Nevada and parts of Utah, in fact, they’re frequently seen running through the parking lot of the Henderson campus!

A Look at Postgraduate Residency Opportunities After Graduation AFTER graduation A Look at Postgraduate Residency and Fellowship 28

States where Roseman pharmacy students have done post-graduate residencies and fellowships 181 Residency Locations Residency placements in 41 states + District of Columbia 309 Postgraduate residents to date Average of 17 students accepted into residencies each year Fellowship Opportunities 29

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT 30 RACHAEL McCANN Class of 2020 Pharmacist Wal-Mart Pharmacy in and Jane, Missouri Hiker, dancer & Making Her A ROADRUNNER


CANN in Bentonville, Arkansas lover of sushi


What I liked the most about attending pharmacy school at Roseman was the ability to participate in the extracurricu lar organizations and groups that are available. I became a member of a professional pharmacy fraternity called Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity Inc. I was able to have so many wonderful experiences and gain important skills in leadership, planning, and organization. Not only that, but I met wonderful people and built lifelong friendships. I will cherish my time there forever!


Roseman prepared me for success through their required learn ing experiences in the field, which really helped acclimate me to life in the pharmacy. Also, Roseman provided amazing profes sors that encouraged me and gave me important tips, such as treating every day in rotation like a job interview. That is how I landed the job I have today! In addition, Roseman provided career and networking opportunities through career fairs. I was able to get tons of great practice interviewing and connecting with others. Most importantly, Roseman really teaches with an emphasis on patient-centered care, which has absolutely helped me in my career to be the best pharmacist I can.


My two favorite professors are Dr. Rose and Dr. Adamson. They are both very organized and clear with their material and what they expect, and they both make learning enjoyable through their jokes, positive attitudes, and enthusiasm. They also really advocate for the students – especially those who go above and beyond in their desire to learn and grow.


I chose to pursue my education at Roseman because I wanted to attend school in Utah. I loved that it was only a 3-year program and I was thrilled that I could get started with my career faster. I was also really intrigued by the block scheduling of classes and the learning format.

“There is so much opportunity for learning in this field and I am excited to make a difference in it. I know that my progression in this field of study would not be possible without inspiring teachers, researchers, and supportive community members like you.”



Kasey Heusdens, Class of 2021 Stapley IPC Scholarship Recipient “Roseman University’s great integration of longitudinal rotations and summer rotations also helped to solidify what we learned in class. It was rewarding to be out on rotations and realize that I had learned something that was beneficial to my patients; I had gained the power to help better someone’s life with the knowledge I got from pharmacy school. I am very excited to take this new-found knowledge and power with me into the field of pharmacy.”


The College of Pharmacy awards a variety of scholarships to qualified students based on merit and financial need. There are also many outside scholarships available which the Financial Aid Office has listed under the Financial Aid section of

Now is the time to invest in your education and pursue your dreams of becoming a pharmacist. There are a variety of financial aid options available for qualified students.

Joshua Christensen, Class of 2021 Renee Holder Scholarship Recipient

my Future

Bertha Castrellon, Class of 2021 Walgreens Diversity & Inclusion Excellence & Multilingual Scholarship Recipient

“I am of Mexican heritage (and) have always found it fulfilling to be able to assist the Latino community by teaching them about their health and what ways they can make healthy lifestyle changes.”

33 ADDITIONAL FINANCIAL AID OPTIONS • Roseman Success Fund Income Share Agreement (ISA) – Roseman believes in our Six-Point Mastery Learning Model® and the future of our graduates. We are committed to your future, and with an ISA, you’ll only pay when you succeed. To learn more about the Roseman Success Fund ISA visit • Federal Work-Study • Federal Student Loans • Private Student Loans WHERE CAN I GET MORE INFORMATION? For more information about funding your education, contact Roseman University’s Financial Aid Office. Gisela Bruehl, Financial Aid Specialist 801-878-1071 | Federal Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. To begin this process, students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Roseman University’s federal school code is 040653.

STEPS to Admission & Important Dates ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS • Achieve a preferred cumulative grade point average of 2.8 or higher out of 4.0 • Complete a minimum of 60 semester/90 quarter credit hours • Prerequisite Courses Math and Science Prerequisites (Grade of “C” or better is required) - General Chemistry I with Lab - General Chemistry II with Lab - Organic Chemistry I with Lab - Organic Chemistry II with Lab - Calculus - General Microbiology - Human Anatomy or A&P I - Human Physiology or A&P II Humanities Prerequisites (Grade of “B” or better is required) - English Composition (minimum 3 credits) - Speech/Communications (minimum 3 credits) NOTES Introductory courses are not accepted for Math and Science prerequisites. If an applicant is completing the Chemistry series via Quarter system then General Chemistry III with Lab and Organic Chemistry II with Lab are required. Biochemistry and/or Molecular Biology courses are strongly recommended, but not a requirement to apply. Bachelor’s Degree or PCAT is strongly preferred, but not required to apply. 34

ACCREDITATION Roseman University of Health Sciences’ College of Pharmacy is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). Roseman University of Health Sciences is licensed to operate in the State of Nevada by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education and is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). APPLICATION TIMELINE July PharmCAS Application Opens October Priority Application Deadline Apply early to be considered for an early interview. February Application Deadline August Begin school with your new class! Join Us! Lisa Stone, BS | Assistant Director of Admissions & Student Affairs Office: 702-968-2007 | Fax: 702-968-1644 | READY TO APPLY REQUIREMENTS • Five out of eight Math and Science Prerequisites completed with a “C” or better • Submit a PharmCAS Application • Submit a Roseman University Supplemental Application 35 | @rosemanpharmacy Ignite your career. Follow your heart.