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University School of Milwaukee On l i n e A n n u a l Ad va n c e m e n t Re p o r t 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 1 Moving Forward Through Philanthropy


04 Welcome to New Head of School 05 Financial Report 06 Annual Giving Cabinet and Thank You to Volunteers

board of trustees 2010-2011 PRESIDENT

07 Annual Giving Program and Donor Honor Rolls


22 Professional Development

David J. Lubar

24 Endowment Fund Report and Donor Honor Rolls


26 Honorariums and Memorials


Gillian Sullivan Stewart ’80

Ann Reinke

29 Message From the Director of Advancement


Stephen F. Geimer ’78

30 School Year Highlights TRUSTEES

34 Athletics and Boosters Report

Carla Campbell Bartlett ’78 Deanna Doerr

Thomas W. Florsheim, Jr. ’76 R. David Fritz, Jr. ’81 C. Frederick Geilfuss II ’71 Lance F. Johnson ’79 Patricia Juranitch Sangeeta Khanna Laura E. Leverett Andrew A. Petzold Michael Roos Marina Rosenberg William G. Schuett, Jr. Mark Schug Richard J. Seesel Cheryl D. Seter Thomas H. Tanner, Jr. ’77 Robert Venable Adam J. Wiensch

P R E S I D E N T, PA R E N T S ’ A S S O C I AT I O N

Lee Wiensch P R E S I D E N T, A L U M N I A S S O C I AT I O N

Scott Schroeder ’83 HEAD OF SCHOOL T H R O U G H J U N E 2 011

Ward J. Ghory

37 Parents’ Association Report 38 Alumni Report

H E A D O F S C H O O L F R O M J U LY 2 011

Laura J. Fuller

39 Farewell to Ward Ghory

ON THE COVER: The beginning of the 2010-2011 school year marked the opening of the Next Generation Campaign Phase II facilities improvements. Pictured here, students have room to move through the Middle School third floor corridor. The width at each end of the corridor increased from six feet to twelve feet with lockers replacing coat hooks.

University School of Milwaukee is an independent, coeducational, college-preparatory day school for students from prekindergarten through grade 12.

Message from the President of the Board of Trustees Nothing endures but change. – Heraclitus

“The times they are a-changin’.” So declared Bob Dylan in his musical ode to the social and political upheavals of the early 1960s. Today, against the backdrop of our current economic and technological upheavals, the lyric is as timely as a tweet. However, good old Heraclitus reminds us that Dylan was a little late to the permutation party. The ancient Greeks realized over 2,500 years ago that change is both a constant and a necessity (as I write this in July, a lesson the neo-Greeks are painfully learning anew).

President, Board of Trustees Michael A. Roth

Change and continuity are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, USM is in an enviable position in many respects, so there is much to preserve going forward. Nonetheless, USM’s strength stems in no small part from the refusal of its leaders and the community to rest on their laurels in our fast-changing environment. Accordingly, the Search Committee was looking for a Head of School who would be a fit for the unique personality and culture of USM in particular, a candidate who would steward continuity and possess the vision to manage change.

This past year, “change” was also on the lesson plan at 2100 West Fairy Chasm. The syllabus included the opening of a gleaming new facility, the start of a fresh strategic planning cycle, and the beginning of a transition in the leadership of the School.

Several well-qualified candidates were vetted by the Search Committee. One candidate, however, quickly took the lead. Laura Fuller was unanimously recommended to the Board and, after representatives of the various USM constituencies met with Laura, the feedback corroborated that endorsement.

Over a year ago, the painstaking process for finding a suitable new Head of School for USM was initiated; a process that would involve representatives from every corner of the USM community. The task was made all the more difficult given Ward Ghory’s accomplishments during his eleven-year tenure. Under his skillful leadership, USM had scaled new heights in academic “measurables,” including SAT/ACT scores, preferred college admissions, and National Merit Scholarships.

As we welcome Laura Fuller as the new Head of School, one of the first items on her and the Board’s to-do list will be to flesh out the new Strategic Plan, setting out the priorities of the School for the next few years. You will hear much more about this in the months to come. Areas of focus of the plan include technology, financial planning, facilities (e.g. for athletics and the arts), human resources, and USM’s interaction with the community. Stay tuned.

Without doubt, another high point during Ward’s USM career was the Next Generation Campaign. Through the outstanding generosity and diligent work of the USM community, our Endowment was strengthened and dramatic new additions to the USM campus were realized. The beginning of the 20102011 school year marked the opening of our Phase II facilities, providing enhanced opportunities for our students to benefit from 21st-century educational methods.

Yes, the times are changing. Nothing new there. And USM will adapt as needed. Nothing new there either. For as Benjamin Franklin observed, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”


Welcome, New Head of School University School is proud and delighted to welcome Laura Fuller as the new Head of School for the 2011-2012 school year. Since 2007, Fuller has served as Head of St. Catherine’s School, an all-girls independent, Episcopal, JK-12 college preparatory day school in Richmond, Virginia. Fuller earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Wisconsin. Prior to St. Catherine’s School, she served as Head of the Upper School at Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa and as Head of the Science department at the Taft School in Connecticut. Following the Board’s announcement in the fall of 2010, Fuller wrote to the School community. “My husband Tom and I are equally thrilled about living and working with all of you as we plan together and create the vision that will take USM well into the 21st century. As my dreams grow for the school, I want to pause to pay homage to the outstanding legacy of Ward Ghory. One only needs to walk around the beautiful USM campus to realize the dedication and expertise he obviously brought to his tenure as the Head of School. I am truly blessed to be provided the opportunity to stand on his shoulders as we move forward into the next era of educational excellence at USM.” Laura’s youngest son, Zach Erickson, will join the freshman class at USM for the 2011-2012 school year. Her oldest son, Jake Erickson, is a 2010 graduate of Florida State University in Tallahassee. Luke Erickson is a senior at Virginia Polytechnic University (Virginia Tech), majoring in Architecture. Fuller credits her many years as a parent for helping her develop “some of my most profound thoughts as an educator through my many years as a parent. The children have taught me patience (and sometimes impatience), humility and compassion, perseverance, and that being a parent is the biggest gift any of us could ever experience.” In addition to looking forward to her new role, Fuller is delighted to return to her home state. “I love the fact that my roots are in Wisconsin,” she says. “I was born in La Crosse and grew up in Oshkosh. After Oshkosh West High School, I went on to school in Madison and lived in Milwaukee, Appleton, and Madison after college and before leaving the state in 1991. My family is originally from the Appleton and Milwaukee areas. My brother and extended family all still live in Milwaukee. My husband and three stepchildren live in Oshkosh, and Tom will share his time between there and USM. I have always considered myself a Midwesterner even while living in the Northeast, South, and Southeast. It is wonderful to be coming home!” 4

Financial Report JULY 1, 2010 – JUNE 30, 2011

REVENUE TOTAL REVENUE: $24,953,651 $19,117,993

Tuition & Fees $2,682,702

Endowment Fund Distribution Auxiliary Enterprises Annual Giving Program (unrestricted) Restricted Gifts/Investment Income

$1,865,115 $1,067,962 $219,879

EXPENSES TOTAL EXPENSES: $25,041,443 $13,684,057

Instruction $4,675,183

Fringe Benefits $2,085,668

General/Academic Administration


Financial Aid


Depreciation Auxiliary Enterprises Facilities

$1,041,818 $407,728

FUNDS RAISED TOTAL FUNDRAISING: $1,410,578 Annual Giving (unrestricted)

$1,067,962 $289,108

Endowment Giving Annual Giving (restricted)



Annual Giving Cabinet 2010-2011

Jon Hopkins Co-Chair

Sangeeta Khanna Co-Chair

Annual Giving Co-Chairs Jon Hopkins Sangeeta Khanna Trustee Division Trish Juranitch Mike Roth Major Donors Division Sylvia Prising Parents Division Cheri Seter Senior Class Gift Carol Gehl Marina Rosenberg Willard Walker Alumni Division Joe Peltz ’99 Scott Schroeder ’83 Parents of Alumni Division Diann and Tom Baumann ’72 Grandparents Division Anne and Fred Stratton MCD’57 Faculty and Staff Division Lower School JoAnn Pollard Williamson ’79 Middle School Laurie Barth Upper School Nancy Jaeger Administrative Staff Claudia Fritz


Thank you to the following volunteer s who

contacted their peer s to inform them of the impor tance of suppor ting USM through the Annual Giving Program: Barbara Aik ’81 Danielle A. Anderson ’06 William Ardern II Geoffrey L. Aster ’95 Susan Auchter ’86 Laurie Barth Carla C. Bartlett ’78 Diann M. Baumann Thomas H. Baumann ’72 Christina C. Berger ’96 John M. Borges ’85 John Boughton MUS’47 Alexandra Bowers ’65 Charles W. Brennan ’86 Susan M. Brennan Stacy A. Brett ’98 Catherine H. Brown ’02 Julie M. Buchanan Megan L. Buckley ’07 Catherine J. Burke ’06 Edward P. Burke ’09 Andrea C. Burlew ’93 Steven G. Carlson ’97 Christopher Chan ’00 Elizabeth H. Clark ’79 Brigid M. Costello ’07 Samantha B. Crownover ’87 L. Wells Culver III ’75 Alexandra DeToro Deanna Doerr Lane E. Florsheim ’09 Thomas W. Florsheim, Jr. ’76 Claudia Fritz R. David Fritz, Jr. ’81 Carol A. Gehl C. Frederick Geilfuss II ’71 Stephen F. Geimer ’78 Jeannie Gentile Evan M. Graboyes ’03 Lindsey C. Grady ’91 Trent Graham Ody Granados Kavita Gupta Stephen B. Guy Amy Hammond ’75 Lisa Harper Grace K. Hauske ’08 David P. Havens ’08

Elizabeth A. Heckenbach ’01 Judith Holmes Jon Hopkins Joseph P. Horowitz ’10 Kenneth W. Jacobs III ’74 Kyle W. Jacobs ’08 Victoria Jacobus Nancy Jaeger Lance F. Johnson ’79 Brian T. Jones ’07 Patricia Juranitch Saira Khanna ’10 Sangeeta Khanna Sarah Kies Niven Kingwill Bennett A. Krejci ’07 Susan S. Krejci ’09 Autumn Kwasny Raymond Ladd Daphne P. Lerner ’88 Laura E. Leverett Patti Levy Nancy Link Roos Elizabeth S. Long Stewart L. Long ’08 David J. Lubar Michael L. Luckey ’09 Debbie Mackman Andrea Mandel Elizabeth Maniaci ’73 Samantha Mason Sarah McCabe ’86 Betsy McElroy Sky R. McGilligan ’10 Deborah McNear Joseph D. Messinger ’66 Alexander E. Miller ’79 Suzanne Mock Linda Mutschler Courtney Olson Thomas W. Parker ’79 Joseph M. Peltz ’99 Andrew Petzold Robert J. Pickart ’09 Sandra Pickart William D. Piper ’96 Sylvia Prising Srutha Rajkumar

Alice Read ’72 Thomas M. Read ’75 Meghan M. Refinski ’02 Ann Reinke Michael Roos Marina Rosenberg Michael A. Roth Jessica Roulette ’88 Whitney C. Rush ’04 Jennifer Schoon Jane Schroeder Louis H. Schroeder III ’83 Emily F. Schuett ’10 William G. Schuett, Jr. Evann D. Schwerm ’05 Richard J. Seesel Andrew R. Segerdahl ’01 Cheryl D. Seter Kristin B. Sheehan Dorothy Short ’79 Jeffrey B. Shovers ’76 Marian J. Singer Sarah A. Slaughter ’92 Calla G. Stanford Gillian S. Stewart ’80 Kimberly L. Storer Kryder ’98 Anne Stratton Frederick P. Stratton, Jr. MCD’57 Frederick P. Stratton III ’92 Tim Strauss Carl T. Syburg MUS’46 Thomas H. Tanner, Jr. ’77 Katharine L. Thomas ’90 Erskine R. Tucker, Jr. ’79 Taylor C. Tyson Haywood ’02 Robert Venable Willard T. Walker, Jr. Megan M. Wallskog Adam J. Wiensch James B. Wigdale III ’08 Lindsey W. Wigdale ’06 Linda Wilhelms Michael C. Williams ’70 JoAnne M. Williamson ’79 Morgan S. Woods ’08 Cynthia Zautcke Sarah O. Zimmerman ’92

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the USM Annual Giving Program during the 2010-2011

school year. The following donor Honor Rolls recognize by category those who supported University

School during the 2010-2011 school year : PARENT HONOR ROLL (BY GRADE LEVEL) CLASS OF 2025 (35%)

M/M Todd Schoon

M/M Stephen Bloch

CLASS OF 2021 (52%)

Rebecca and Jonathan Steinbach

Heidi and Gregory Borca


M/M Marc Van Bell

David Castaneda

Kamal Amin and Ariba Khan

M/M Teddy Werner

M/M Cristian Coroian

M/M M’Johno Foster Sr.

Jyothi Veeramachaneni

M/M Martin Jochmann

CLASS OF 2023 (51%)

M/M Scott Davis

M/M Christopher Kauffman

M/M Michael Bay

Molly and David Fritz

Abbey and Luke LaManna

M/M Charles E. Bechthold

M/M Brett Gardner

Rosalind and Stephen Mackey

Xiuhua and Ron Bozarth

Ody Granados and Suzanne Brixey

M/M Justin Mortara

M/M Adam J. Ciralsky

M/M Timothy Gullickson

M/M Thomas M. Mussoline

M/M John DeToro

D/M Anjan Gupta

Gregory A. Norman and

Todd J. Endres and Kara E. Nelson

Margaret Stratton-Norman M/M Christopher Painter Richard Paulsen and Theresa Quinn M/M Anthony Polston M/M Thomas K. Ptak M/M Bret Reese

Venkata V. Anne and

M/M Thomas Damon

Martin D. Foster and Katherine Foster-Vogelsang D/M Anjan Gupta M/M Stephen B. Guy

Kirsten S. Beaudoin Lori and Kurt Bechthold

Michael Cohen and Jane Schramka-Cohen

M/M John C. Hausmann

M/M Stephane Dermond

M/M Jason C. Head

M/M John DeToro

Anne Z. and Stephen D. Hoch

M/M R. David Ells

M/M Martin Jochmann

Brian-Fred Fitzsimmons and

M/M Robert Juranitch

M/M Thomas Horton M/M Peter C. Kingwill M/M Christopher Kauffman Praveen Krishnamurti and Abbey and Luke LaManna

Katie and Alex Sammarco

M/M James R. Bolton

Christine Hogan Kate and Bruce Gay Larry Glusman and Caroline Hogan

Romila Singh Thomas Harkless and Lesley Noer

Richard Paulsen and Theresa Quinn M/M Aaron Slator

M/M Justin Mortara K. Michael Peters and

Frederick P. Stratton and

Nancy Kellner M/M Steve Moyer

Nadia Wasiullah-Peters Keri Sarajian

M/M Michel F. Pokel M/M Ryan Petersen

M/M Rick Wintersberger

M/M Thomas K. Ptak

M/M Jay Lerner

M/M Bret Reese

Laura and Allen Leverett

Enrico Siewert and Suzanne E. Riley

Gregory A. Norman and

M/M Anthony Polston M/M Steven D. Zimmerman

D/M James Klas

M/M Charles Probst M/M Lawrence Schneiberg

CLASS OF 2024 (41%) M/M Markus Schyboll Anonymous

Richard Paulsen and Theresa Quinn

Cari Saloch

M/M Khurram Qureshi

Katie and Alex Sammarco

James Rankin and Jennifer Dable

M/M Johnny L. Thomas

M/M Tim Schmidt Sr.

Enrico Siewert and Suzanne E. Riley

Filip Vesely and Vivian Lei

M/M Todd Schoon

D/M Joel A. Wallskog

Kirsten J. and John P. Simanonok

D/M Greg Watchmaker

M/M Greg Smith

Maria and Andrew Stone M/M Scott D. Fultz Cathy and Chuck Taft M/M Michael M. Grebe M/M John C. Hausmann Nancy Kellner

Margaret Stratton-Norman

M/M Vadim Ruzell

M/M Aaron Slator M/M Michael W. Darrow

Ody Granados and Suzanne Brixey

M/M Chad Roulette

D/M Quintin Lai

Jose Rodriguez and Mercy Mahaga D/M Craig A. Schulz M/M Michael C. Smith

M/M Michael C. Smith Maria and Andrew Stone

M/M Kyle Lauder

CLASS OF 2022 (56%)

Cynthia and Daniel Steffes

Sarah and Brian Markwald

The Barth Family

Ann and Steven Villeneuve

Leslie M. Tector

M/M John S. McGregor, Jr.

M/M Michael Bay

D/M Joel A. Wallskog

M/M Marc Van Bell

M/M Andrew Mullen

Eric Blashka and

Mark C. Witt and Kelly B. Reilly

Loreen and Tom Wooden

M/M Steven D. Zimmerman

M/M Emmett M. Wright

Katie and Alex Sammarco

Sara M. LeBrun-Blashka


CLASS OF 2020 (49%)

Rosalind and Stephen Mackey

James Rankin and Jennifer Dable

Diane Schlesinger


M/M Mark J. Mingo

Erika Reyes

M/M Tim Schmidt Sr.

Aboud Affi and Camellia Eshoa

Suzanne and Dave Mock

D/M Ali Sadeghi

Linda and Timothy Schuh

Heidi and Gregory Borca

M/M Jock B. Mutschler

Cynthia and Daniel Steffes

Jill and Mike Schwieters

Xiuhua and Ron Bozarth

Gregory A. Norman and

Danielle and Tim Strauss

Kristin and John Sheehan

Brenda and Estil Strawn

Kirsten J. and John P. Simanonok

M/M Thomas M. Davis

D/M Farrokh Nourzad

M/M Johnny L. Thomas

Jean and Rex Simonsen

John A. DePoy and Marian J. Singer

M/M Andrew Petzold

D/M Joel A. Wallskog

Susan and Mike Smith

D/M Anwer Dhala

M/M Brian Polster

M/M Terrence Wilkinson

Francisco Soto and Diana Quintero

M/M Benjamin J. Gold

Stacey and Steven Radke

Kristina Wurlitzer

Danielle and Tim Strauss

M/M Peter J. Grimes

M/M Tim Schmidt Sr.

Eduard Zaydman and

Scott and Laura Van Why

M/M Stephen B. Guy

D/M Craig A. Schulz

Yelena Veisman

M/M Lance F. Johnson

John P. and Kirsten J. Simanonok

James Dallman and Grace La

Margaret Stratton-Norman

Ellen and Bob Venable M/M Michael Watton

Glenn F. Jonas and Mary Tiller

M/M David B. Smith

CLASS OF 2017 (58%)

Jennifer and George Keppler

M/M Greg Smith


Lee-Ann and Adam Wiensch

M/M Peter C. Kingwill

Steven and Gillian Stewart

Sandy M. Albornoz

Loreen and Tom Wooden

Tamora and Bruce Martin

Leslie M. Tector

Arendt Family

D/M Dermot More O'Ferrall

Stephanie and Alan Wagner

Minnie and Shiv K. Bhupathi

CLASS OF 2016 (54%)

M/M David Olson

Ann and Robert Wells

Monica and Don Bobbs

Arvind and Namrata Ahuja

M/M Lane Brostrom

Molly Allen

M/M Ryan Petersen

M/M Michael Weiss

M/M Michel F. Pokel

CLASS OF 2018 (52%)

Alex and Jenny Chou

Gwen and Dan Armbrust

Melinda and Thomas Puetz

Aboud Affi and Camellia Eshoa

D/M Christopher De Sousa

Susie and Gregg Bach

Robert Rosean and Nancy Reinhold

M/M James Aryeetey

John A. DePoy and Marian J. Singer

Dana S. Banghart

Kristin and John Sheehan

Cheryl A. Bair

Carol Feuerstein and Anne Mattson

Lori and Kurt Bechthold

Rebecca and Jonathan Steinbach

M/M James R. Bolton

Molly and David Fritz

M/M Balvir Bhela

Maria and Andrew Stone

Melanie and Steven Booth

Kate and Bruce Gay

Monica and Don Bobbs

D/M Robert Whitney

Susan and Charles Brennan

Amy and Jon Hopkins

Susan and Charles Brennan

M/M Jose G. Zarate

Karen T. Costomiris

Glenn F. Jonas and Mary Tiller

Bruce Camilleri and

Alison and Wells Culver

Christina and David Keuler

CLASS OF 2019 (51%)

Andrea and David Dorgan

M/M Peter Kies

Karen and Mark Christiansen

Molly Allen

M/M R. David Ells

Joan P. Lubar

Kathleen and Robert Feinman

M/M James Aryeetey

M/M Eric Erickson

M/M John Mahoney

Paul W. Florsheim

M/M James R. Bolton

M/M Wesley C. Fleming

M/M Peter Mason

M/M Ronald Gibb

Jenny and Alex Chou

Julie and Jonathan Hershey

D/M Jaweed Mohiuddin

Julie and Jonathan Hershey

Metcalfe H. Chua and Lilian K. Ng

M/M Justin B. Holmes

M/M Jock B. Mutschler

M/M Justin B. Holmes

M/M Stephane Dermond

Karen and Joel Huffman

D/M Ahmed Numaan

Lorre Inda

M/M John DeToro

M/M Scott C. Idleman

Michael J. Ostermeyer and

M/M Lance F. Johnson

Todd J. Endres and Kara E. Nelson

M/M Peter C. Kingwill

M/M Wesley C. Fleming

M/M Jay Lerner

M/M Bruce Pate

Anne and Joseph Kearney

Molly and David Fritz

Daniel J. Levandoski and

Melinda and Thomas Puetz

M/M Daniel Koniar

M/M Mark Rausch

Tiffini Lawrence

Larry Glusman and Caroline Hogan

Noelle Hano-Levandoski

Cynthia Zautcke

Jennifer H. Johnson

Debbie and Mike Judge

M/M Michael M. Grebe

Ijaz A. Malik and Aasma Aziz

Diana Rivera

M/M Jay Lerner

D/M James Klas

Patty H. McNichols

M/M Richard L. Rostad

M/M Randall B. Marking

Laura and Allen Leverett

D/M William Pennington

M/M Scott A. Sampson

Alexander E. Miller


D/M Jaweed Mohiuddin M/M David Nelsen

Sean Killian and Eileen Scharenbroch

M/M Stephane Dermond

Steven and Denise Trinkl

Tiffany Y. Eng

D/M Mark Waples

Liza and Randy Perry

Lisa and Ray Ladd

Sherry Ewaskowitz

Ann and Robert Wells

M/M Andrew Petzold

M/M Peter Mason

Melvin Timothy Flagstad and

M/M Terrence Wilkinson

M/M William G. Pickart

M/M Charles R. Melvin

Neal H. Pollack and Marina Melberg

M/M Scott Meyers

M/M Michael Harper

Stacey and Steven Radke

Pamela and Kevin Nosbusch

Kathy and Tom Hauske

Candis G. Rand-Flagstad

M/M Ronald A. Williamson Eduard Zaydman and Yelena Veisman

M/M Randal Ralph

D/M Ahmed Numaan

M/M Robert Heun

M/M Paul Schmitt

D/M William Pennington

M/M Steven Hilgendorf

M/M Lawrence Schneiberg

Liza and Randy Perry

Amy and Jon Hopkins

CLASS OF 2013(66%)

Susan and Mike Smith

M/M Jonas Prising

Sarah and Jeff Joerres


M/M Nick Takton

Lisa and Thomas Read

M/M Rick Johns

Aboud Affi and Camellia Eshoa

M/M Scott Taylor

Anne and Thomas Reed

M/M Lance F. Johnson

Neeraj Agrawal and

Jack Tong and Julie Peng

Ann Reinke

M/M Peter Kies

Timothy Truel and

M/M Scott Revolinski

M/M Jay Lerner

Susie and Gregg Bach

M/M Paul Zwief

Priyamvada Agrawal

Robert Rosean and Nancy Reinhold

Patti and Douglas Levy

M/M Sean Bosack

D/M Joel A. Wallskog

Diane Schlesinger

M/M N. Thompson Long

Carrie and Mike Burton

Ann and Robert Wells

Kristin and John Sheehan

D/M Jay Mackman

Cheri and Steve Cary

M/M Terrence Wilkinson

Erskine R. Tucker and

D/M David W. Mai

M/M Roger Clark

M/M Randall B. Marking

M/M Norrie Daroga

Scott and Laura Van Why

William Matthaeus and Grace Janik

D/M Christopher De Sousa

CLASS OF 2015 (54%)

D/M Klaus Veitinger

M/M Charles Matthews

M/M Scott Ecker


Ellen and Bob Venable

James Meegan and

Paul W. Florsheim

Ashley and John Borges

M/M Michael Weiss

M/M Lane Brostrom

Lee-Ann and Adam Wiensch

Rebecca Schwartz

M/M Richard Wine

Marie E. Michel-Tucker

Jeff and Mary Brown

Rhonda Balyozian Meegan

M/M Robert Gebhardt

Syed H. Mehdi and Farrukh Ghazala

Carol A. and William D. Gehl

Christopher J. and

Fred Geilfuss and Anne Hamilton

Julie and Bruce Buchanan

CLASS OF 2014 (66%)

Carrie and Mike Burton

M/M Raed Abu-Hakmeh

M/M Mark J. Mingo

M/M Howard Haas

Michael Cohen and

Molly Allen

M/M David Olson

Kerry Henrickson and Lori Liebman

D/M Balbir R. Bagga

M/M Trinadha Pattem

Jo and Kirn Hermberg

Karen T. Costomiris

Sue and Mark Baker

Arnaldo Ricca and Cristina Costa

Lorre Inda

M/M Rene A. Cranston

M/M Jeffrey Ballentine

Nancy and Mike Roos

Sue and Bob Jeffers

Alison and Wells Culver

Dana S. Banghart

Donald D. and Wanda J. Routier

Debbie and Mike Judge

M/M Stephane Dermond

Brian Black and Valerie Lapins

M/M Scott A. Sampson

D/M Raman Khanna

Christopher Doerr

Melanie and Steven Booth

M/M Guy D. Schaefer

Srutha and Rajesh Kumar

Deanna Doerr

Ashley and John Borges

Todd Schlenker and

Mark Leitschuh

M/M John Dohmen

M/M Scott Botcher

M/M David S. Epstein

Dave Brethauer and Elizabeth Clark

M/M Justin N. Segel

Pam and Jeff Lueken

Donald Fischer and

Jeff and Mary Brown

Cheri and Andrew Seter

M/M Mark M. Lukas

Rhonda Boldt Fischer

M/M Greg Bultman

M/M Vladinir Shayevich

M/M John Mahoney

Jennifer and Tom Florsheim

Bruce Camilleri and

M/M Sudhanshu Singh

Charles Markman and Janet Rader

Richard Taylor and

Alexander E. Miller

Jane Schramka-Cohen

Peter S. Foote and Robin S. Wilson

Jennifer H. Johnson

Daniel and Joyce Gitter

Marina and Kent Carlson

M/M Robert Juranitch

Alison and Wells Culver

Margita U. Meyers

Sue Bolly-Schlenker

Kim Temkin-Taylor Wieslawa Tlomak

Daniel and Joyce Gitter

Angela Lucas

Marcy Neuburg Janet and Nick Padway


M/M Sushil Pillai M/M Jonas Prising Ann Reinke M/M Scott Revolinski M/M John Roethle Raynaldo Roman and Shelly Cornelius-Roman Nancy and Mike Roos Jaime Ruvalcaba and Kathleen Ostrenga

Todd Schlenker and Sue Bolly-Schlenker Diane Schlesinger Lisa and David Schultz Jill and Mike Schwieters Kristin and Chuck Severson Dirk Steinert and Patricia Steinert Deb and Bill Walker D/M Ronggang Wang M/M Michael Watton Kristina Wurlitzer

CLASS OF 2012 (59%)

M/M Brian J. Casey

Sue and Mark Baker

M/M Rene A. Cranston

M/M Daniel C. Bell

Randall D. Crocker and

Melanie and Steven Booth

Kathleen Allen Crocker

James C. Bowen, Jr.

Linda and Frank Downey

Lori A. Bowen

Jennifer and Tom Florsheim

Dave Brethauer and Elizabeth Clark

Molly and David Fritz

Julie and Bruce Buchanan

M/M Stephen F. Geimer

Amy and Richard Butler

M/M John Gillespie

Marina and Kent Carlson

Kathy and Tom Hauske

Senior parents donate over $80,000 in support of 2011 Senior Annual Gift Campaign Thanks to the leadership of Carol Gehl, Marina Rosenberg, and Bill Walker, 75% of the parents of seniors contributed a total of $80,898 to the Class of 2011 Senior Annual Gift Campaign. This generous support of the School resulted from the efforts of 13 committed volunteers contacting their peer parents to encourage support of the School through this special program, which is now in its sixth year.

These contributions represent a 39% increase in total contributions from gifts made by senior class families last year. Over 50% of the donors made leadership gifts of $1,000 or more. Thank you to all contributing parents for your generous support of this effort to celebrate the Class of 2011 and its many accomplishments.


Carol A. and William D. Gehl

M/M Robert Mandel

M/M Mark Short ’79

Vicki and Bill Ardern

M/M James Gelly

M/M Charles F. Marks

D/M Jeffrey B. Shovers ’76

D/M Alan M. Ball

M/M Lee Geronime

D/M Francisco J. Martinez

M/M Willie M. Sinclair, Jr.

Carla and Burt Bartlett ’78 & ’74

M/M Ronald Gibb

M/M Charles R. Melvin

Jennifer and Charles Stearns

Lori and Kurt Bechthold

Chris Grant and Deborah Hogate

William S. Minahan ’70

Steven and Gillian Stewart ’80

M/M Randy Beck

M/M Rahul Gupta

D/M Jaweed Mohiuddin

Minnie and Shiv K. Bhupathi

M/M Michael J. Hafeman

Richard Taylor and

Anne and Christopher Noyes

Michael and Sara Bowen ’70

M/M Gavin Hattersley

M/M Paul A. Bower

Jo and Kirn Hermberg

Charles G. Carter and

Stephen M. Humphrey and

Kim Temkin-Taylor

Catherine and Emmanuel Obiora D/M Jerome M. Teclaw Michael J. Ostermeyer and Cary Van Aacken and Cynthia Zautcke

Patricia J. Hoben

Kimberly Knight

Linda Ivarson M/M William G. Pickart

Cheri and Steve Cary

D/M Syed N. Hussaini

Gary Close and Linda Berry Close

Maggie and Steve Hutson

Brian C. Cooley and

M/M Glenn Ivarson

Drew Palin and Alice Read ’72

Carol A. Hasenyager


M/M Rick Johns

Lisa and Thomas Read ’75 Marina and John Rosenberg ’79

Deb and Bill Walker Michael Wheeler and Deborah McNear

Lisa and Ray Ladd

M/M Guy D. Schaefer

Linda and Dan Wilhelms

Deborah and Jeffrey Costakos M/M Robert J. Edmonds

Ging and Mark Langer

Steven Schnoll

M/M Ronald A. Williamson ’79

M/M Jack F. Fabick

Karen Leahy

Jill and Mike Schwieters

Kristina Wurlitzer

M/M Barry Finegold

M/M John Luckey

M/M Justin N. Segel ’67 & ’73

Kim Wynn

Jan and Scott Hendrickson


John Hoagland and Betsy McElroy M/M Justin B. Holmes John Holt and Edit Olasz

CLASS OF 1928 Downer Seminary Dorothy Kopmeier Vallier

Linda and Robert Isnard M/M Glenn Ivarson M/M Lance F. Johnson M/M Michael Kelly

CLASS OF 1934 Country Day Theodore Friedlander, Jr.

M/M Peter Kies M/M David Kwasny

Milwaukee University School Joan Roberts Robertson

Vada Lindsey Madeleine and David Lubar Ijaz A. Malik and Aasma Aziz M/M Marvin L. McGhee

CLASS OF 1935 Country Day V. Frederick Nast, Jr. John Ogden

Thomas McKee Kris McKinney Vicki R. McKinney Christopher J. and

CLASS OF 1936 Country Day Robert C. Brumder

Margita U. Meyers D/M Jaweed Mohiuddin Gary F. Neitzel D/M William Pennington

CLASS OF 1937 Downer Seminary Sally Schley Manegold Marion Chester Read

M/M Bruce Peterson Robert Rothacker and Connie Gavin Marianne and Basil Salaymeh

CLASS OF 1938 Country Day James E. Asmuth Walter B. Clarkson

M/M Louis H. Schroeder III M/M William G. Schuett, Jr. M/M Samuel K. Scovil III Cheri and Andrew Seter Calla and Brant Stanford Heidi Steinbrenner Steven and Denise Trinkl

Milwaukee University School Thomas B. Wilson

Downer Seminary Jane Zwicky Lillie Diane Goes Vogel CLASS OF 1941 Downer Seminary Catherine Murphy Folsom Claire Phillips Greene Meredith Davis Hart Jean Schmidt Lindemann Judith Lindsay Dorothy Dickens Mestier Elizabeth M. Warner Milwaukee University School Robert R. Elsner, Jr. Robert C. Eschweiler David E. Grant Margaret J. Bloomfield Grant Audrey Nunnemacher Pertl Chester F. Rohn, Jr. CLASS OF 1942 Country Day William M. Chester, Jr. William F. Pabst, Jr. Downer Seminary Annie Haydon Agard Patricia Smith Davies Margaret Gregory Reiter Milwaukee University School Mary Ann Neacy Barrows Barbara Nunnemacher McCallum

Ellen and Bob Venable

M/M Blair Wangman

Catherine M. and Michael C. Williams

Milwaukee University School Elizabeth Carman Lanzer George B. Rathmann CLASS OF 1946 Country Day Monte F. Huebsch, Jr. John S. Ramaker Fredric G. Schneider

Milwaukee University School Mary Louise Wiener Marsh

Downer Seminary Barbara Blakney Brumder Olive Van Dyke Bryson Louise Forrer Kennedy Edith von Schleinitz Maclay Elizabeth Shea Slugg

Milwaukee University School Frances Anderson Rathmann Carl T. Syburg Carl R. Triebs

CLASS OF 1940 Country Day H. Clinton Davis Alexander L. Paternotte

CLASS OF 1944 Country Day Erwin S. Huston William M. Thompson

CLASS OF 1947 Country Day James C. Boyd Charles A. Cahill III John M. Wood

CLASS OF 1939 Country Day William R. Hoff Douglas Seaman Downer Seminary Virginia Evert Kyle Elisabeth Pfau Wright

Michael Wheeler and Deborah McNear

Downer Seminary Alice Newberry Hall Frances Jones Highsmith Mary Lee Cottrell Jacobs Nina M. Allen Johnson Alice Lloyd Phillips Lewis Juliette Abbott Perry Ellen Haebler Skove

Downer Seminary Nancy Marshall Bauer Susan Doyle Evenson Marguerite Stark Fowle Barbara Robinson Hickey Gloria Tiernan Stanford Joanne Creager Waterman

Jeremy and Phillip Wackym Patricia Walsh

CLASS OF 1945 Country Day Gordon C. Davidson John R. Furrer Leland C. Johnson Arthur J. Laskin Donald E. Read Philip L. Stone Thomas N. Tuttle

CLASS OF 1943 Country Day Richard D. Cudahy David J. Cunningham Richard Seaman

Timothy Truel and Rebecca Schwartz

Downer Seminary Alice Gilbert Davis Barbara Meyer Elsner June Goes Seaman


Downer Seminary Cynthia Bartlett Barnett Mary Norem Bindner Patricia Slensby Jones Milwaukee University School Anonymous Joan Trimborn Bluhm Ralph H. Bluhm John Boughton William L. Guerin John H. Huth Jean Greenthal Krakower Herbert C. Wuesthoff, Jr. CLASS OF 1948 Country Day Jerold J. Bischoff Herman E. Frentzel Robert Kloppenburg Arthur M. Toepfer Downer Seminary Ann Madden Gales Joan Stryker Grubaugh Pauline Jones Hoff Jayne Jaffe Jordan Patricia Williams Lane Milwaukee University School Betty Andrae Barnum Dorothy Coe Boyd Carolyn Slawson DeCoster Karyl Wiemann Huth Joyce Wuesthoff Povolny William L. Randall Nancy Hauske Seaton L. Everett Thomson CLASS OF 1949 Country Day John H. Gesser Paul W. Meyer Merrill E. Taft, Jr. William D. Van Dyke III David H. Wenzel Downer Seminary Katherine Uihlein Hubbard Elise Tiernan Meyer Susan Stoller Nichols Edith Hartwig Snead Mary Read Stanley


Barbara Haggerty Sullivan Mary Margaret Grignon Tormey Milwaukee University School James G. Cron Jean Allen Neal S. Alan Williams CLASS OF 1950 Country Day Frederic J. Bury III Edward M. Hipke Alon P. Winnie Downer Seminary Patricia Bilty Huebsch Trudie Viall Kloppenburg Joan Gutenkunst Koenig Joan W. Nason Wendy Shea Randall Milwaukee University School Peter Q. Eschweiler CLASS OF 1951 Country Day Robert D. Fitzgerald Charles A. Krause III Frederic S. La Croix Phillip B. Mayer Edward A. Purtell, Jr. Nelson H. Wild Downer Seminary Elizabeth Guerin Blank Ann Doepke Miller Karen R. Rosen Polly Haebler Van Dyke Milwaukee University School Elizabeth Schneider Keay Polly Hauske Rosenheimer Judith Randall Thompson

Carolyn A. Evans Audrey Heinemann Fitzgerald Roslyn Stearns Krause Naomi Bernhard Levinson Ann Ross MacIver Joan Gorder Nelson Kathleen Sherry Strang Milwaukee University School Barbara Boyce Buch Robert L. Burch III Gail Brisco Schaefer Robert Teweles Ralph B. Vogel William E. Wuesthoff CLASS OF 1953 Country Day John W. Brennan William S. Carpenter Harry S. Drake Harry M. Flagg Paul M. Haberland C. Richard Kramlich Carl W. Schwarz Downer Seminary Margaret E. Clemons Judith Cron Friedman Nancy Hirschboeck Jaekels Eleanor Babb Pollock Barbara Fisher Sheyer Marcia Van Allen Milwaukee University School Anonymous William H. Dantzler Frank R. Dengel II Alfred Jefferson Eleanor Dieterle Lee CLASS OF 1954 Country Day Harold F. Dvorak

CLASS OF 1952 Country Day Dan H. Schipper Henry F. Sokol

Downer Seminary Ellen Lawrie Huebsch Kraynik Mary Maier Walker

Downer Seminary Mary Warner Blanchard Patricia Gran Cameron Ann Montgomery Entwistle

Milwaukee University School Thor G. Christensen Dorothy Broan Cowley Anita Smith Hauske Thomas J. Hauske, Sr.

William M. Hewitt David B. Hunn Walter Kasten II Jacqueline Howard Knable Jill M. Kohler James R. Kolster CLASS OF 1955 Country Day John L. Beck Douglas C. Kramlich James B. Wigdale Downer Seminary Carolyn Dineen King Nancy Schroeder Snyder Elizabeth Teipel Wigdale Milwaukee University School David F. Toser Thomas Toser CLASS OF 1956 Country Day John E. Carpenter J. Thomas Hammermeister John W. Mason Gilbert C. Thelen, Jr. Downer Seminary Marie-Anne Schuller Feypel Schuller Louise A. Trostel Hoffman Pamela Haberland Jardine Sheila Hannan Kirscher Patricia Padway Ritz Martha H. Howell Sanger Mary L. Scudder Susan Momsen Sokol Kathryn Dineen Wriston Milwaukee University School Anonymous Barbara Polacheck Blutstein Roger C. Chase Joseph E. Hoffman II John A. Mellowes William C. Meyer Stephen A. Myrah Neal H. Petersen Julie Berry Schneeberger Jane Willson Stroebel Suzy Falk Thompson Karla Struck Tobar Kenneth F. Van Till

CLASS OF 1957 Country Day John A. Stocking Frederick P. Stratton, Jr. Downer Seminary Julie Teipel Carpenter Catherine Maurits Mayer Hudig Cornelia Evans Kolster Mary Anna Hanson MacLean Victoria Krause Mayer Frances O'Neill Mosle Barbara Wigdale Nelson Susan Garlick Paslov Susan Madden Samson Katherine Luedke Yost Milwaukee University School Jill Grootemaat Pelisek

Milwaukee University School James D. Bell Benjamin S. Cannon, Jr. Sally DeGuenther Dodge Prudence Adams Fields David H. Zarwell CLASS OF 1959 Country Day Christopher T. Barrow Robinson Bosworth III Douglas M. Davidson Ralph E. Ells Bruce S. Foerster Richard M. Fried Timothy L. Rose Daniel E. Stocking Neil P. Thelen John C. Van Dyke II

CLASS OF 1958 Country Day Matson B. Holbrook William G. Kummer Willard L. Momsen, Jr.

Downer Seminary Julie Nelson Firestone Susan Wallin Leslie Janet Mitchell Loos Nina Roberts Rose Patricia Stratton Schroeder Nan Horton Strickland Mary Fox Wheeler

Downer Seminary Barbara Brown Lee Barbara Johnson Middendorf Judy Bosworth Roesset Barbara Abert Tooman Gail Watson VanderLaan

Milwaukee University School Carrie Johnson C. Frederick Tyner Brooke Berger Walker Robert O. Walker Julia Harding Weidman Richard L. Weidman

Thank You 50th Reunion Alumni! In June, members of the Milwaukee Downer Seminary, Milwaukee Country Day, and Milwaukee University School Class of 1961 gathered to celebrate their 50th Reunion. One way they commemorated this milestone event was to support USM in honor of their Reunion. The 50th Reunion celebrants contributed more than $22,000 to the Annual Giving Program as well as various funds within the Endowment. Thank you to the following members of the Class of 1961 who supported USM this past year:

CLASS OF 1960 Country Day Michael J. Monsler W. Alex Teipel III Richard V. Teschner

Susan Bitker Straub Francis M. Wilson

Downer Seminary Sandra Slocum Buchman Sue Ramaker Hitler Juliet Schiltz Teipel Milwaukee University School Carol Heinze Hansen Charles D. Nicolaus T. Michael Parker Robert O. Wienke CLASS OF 1962 Country Day Douglas K. Bischoff George L. Mayer Michael L. Smith Robert B. Trainer, Jr. George H. Woodland, Jr.

Downer Seminary Lisa Lillydahl Conley Joyce Greenwald Catherine A. Mayer Wendy L. Pribbanow Milwaukee University School Gail Frank Kursel Pauline Mayer Nathanson Richard J. Nelson Julie Hume Ross Lynde B. Uihlein

Downer Seminary Jody A. Jahn Milwaukee University School Carole George Arnold Steven R. Duback Marcia Spooner French John M. Prinz

Class of 1961 Franz F. Backus MCD Ronald W. Baer MUS Edward P. Boice MCD Frederick W. Brumder MCD William U. Burke MCD William A. Darling MCD William R. Debelak, Jr. MUS Edward B. Eisendrath MUS John D. Fuller MCD Mimi Muth Hellman MUS Morris B. Holbrook MCD David S. Joys MCD Barbara Wagner Karol MUS William C. Kotas MUS

CLASS OF 1963 Country Day Marc J. Ackerman James D. Bell Gordon M. Black Robert Q. Conley William F. Messinger Arnold Milstein Benjamin A. Mixter

CLASS OF 1964 Country Day Stephen S. Becker Donald K. Bischoff John M. Graham William C. Hansen Donald B. Nadler Andrew M. Young

Linda Allis Marasco MDS Howard B. Natenshon MCD Busso F. Peus MCD Andrew T. Sawyer, Jr. MUS Karen Kutchera Sawyer MUS Paul W. Schnetzky MCD William C. Stevens MCD Peter F. Straub MCD Howard A. Tyner II MUS Elizabeth R. Boak Villeneuve MUS Susan Rostad Weil MUS D. M. Willson, Jr. MUS C. Parker Wilson, Jr. MUS Nicholas C. Wilson MUS Stoney Wilson Wilson MUS


Downer Seminary Barbara Usinger Becker Manya Kamlukin Drobnack Margaret Fried Hillman Missie Rennie Taylor Carol Colman Timmis Hetty Reisner Tollefsen Milwaukee University School Richard E. Heinze Robert S. Schley, Jr. UNIVERSI T Y SCHO O L OF MILWAUKEE CLASS OF 1965 Alexandra Bowers James B. Brennan Carl Eschweiler, Jr. Stewart G. Friend J. Carroll Kieckhefer Geoffrey G. Maclay, Jr. Constance L. Meek Linda Nemeyer Norris Michael G. Pfeifer Lee A. Rochwerger Linda J. Secord W. Gary Sykes Sally Momsen Tedrow John A. Tuteur CLASS OF 1966 Clifford M. Asmuth Max W. Babb III Bruce H. Buening Alfred P. Buettner, Jr. Ann Quarles Crane Tara Trostel Eaton Ann Larson Gallagher Judy Mestier Gibson Thomas D. Herman William C. Lillydahl III Linda C. Loving Mary-Claire Sullivan Lucas Deborah Gaines Monroe Haskell Noyes III Jennifer Quale Stoneburner John W. Taylor Laura Van Brunt Torhorst Fern Zelonky Wender CLASS OF 1967 Carol L. Berne Richard R. Ertel


Anne Hayssen Ferrell Charles S. Ferrell Barbara Nast Hughes Robert A. Kieckhefer Kathryn R. Lunney Roxburgh Rennie Justin N. Segel Peggy C. Wittenberg Thompson David V. Uihlein, Jr. Robert R. Watson CLASS OF 1968 Jane Woodland Asmuth Mark M. Connolly Marlene Karides Ego Judith A. Eschweiler Lynn Huiras Ferguson Lizbeth Nortman Hansen Kathy Jacobs Housiaux Marcie Gunnell Hunsaker Porter Parker Parker Hutto Steven E. Kane Marina Spheeris Krejci Heidi Usinger Maetzold Scott F. Miller Clyde W. Morter Paul H. Pierson Philip J. Quarles Richard L. Rostad Cynthia Schroeder Schaffner Richard Seaman, Jr. Jane Wieland Senft Robert B. Silberman Jack D. Swetland Dianne Norris Thomas Julia A. Aring Uihlein Kim S. Utz CLASS OF 1969 Susan Rife Ahlquist Gardiner F. Bridge Thomas W. Bugbee Alexander M. Cutler Melody Brooks Dill George W. Fifield Gardner L. R. Friedlander Artyn Haig Gardner Charles N. Hayssen Tracy Schley Mayfield Margaret Lindsay Mayhew V. Ross Read III David A. Recht Kipp K. Stevens

CLASS OF 1970 Sara Armbruster Bowen Teri Ertel Ertel Curran Dean R. Dietrich Peter S. Gardner Stephen E. Heinecke Geoffrey M. Herbon Heidi Huebsch Anderson Susan L. Inbusch Lawrence A. Kubal Henry S. Lovejoy III William S. Minahan Paul J. Reilly, Jr. Annette Roberts Stephen F. Seaman Julia C. Teweles Renee Johnson Tyson George H. Uihlein Jonathan Weinberg Michael C. Williams Charlene Heiser Wolff CLASS OF 1971 Linda Bunkfeldt-Popp Sarah Stark Cutler C. Frederick Geilfuss II Tracey Baumann Moore Christopher R. Nelson Jerrold G. Yashiro CLASS OF 1972 Thomas H. Baumann James R. Clark Susan Van Deuren Donovan Virginia L. Fifield Victoria Servis Lawrence William P. LeFeber Jeffrey S. McCallum Alice Read David M. Tacke CLASS OF 1973 Mark Christiansen Wendy Burns Crawford Gretchen Heller Farmer Monte F. Huebsch III Rand J. Krikorian Elizabeth Hoffer Maniaci Alexander R. Read Richard F. Smith Georgeanne Henshaw Youmans

CLASS OF 1974 Burton W. Bartlett II Leona L. Chen David W. Chester John A. Dadmun Mark C. Hansen Kenneth W. Jacobs III John D. Kiefer Jeffry J. Patzke David Q. Pierson Linda P. Seaman Julie E. Evrard Silcock Bradlee Van Brunt III CLASS OF 1975 L. Wells Culver III Arthur D. Elkon Amy Lewis Hammond Thomas F. Hayssen Scott R. Matsumoto Sarah Chester McKusick Sandra Constantine Peinado Thomas M. Read Carole J. Dyer Reece Julie Freund Roth Steven J. Sampson Claire Seng-Niemoeller Teri Schaefer Shaughnessy Karen L. Stefancic Kelley A. Tucker Kathryn A. Van Dyke Barbara Jacobus Wells Lynn E. Wuesthoff CLASS OF 1976 Jeffrey A. Bartlett Thomas W. Florsheim, Jr. Jeanne Lipscomb Grist John J. Hinnendael, Jr. Michael P. McQueeney David J. Meister Elizabeth Falk Sather Jeffrey B. Shovers Susan Lubar Solvang Steven D. Sorden Frederick D. Usinger IV CLASS OF 1977 Joel R. Brazy Ellen Purtell Daroga Joan P. Lubar Tod J. Maclay Christopher W. Meyer

Scott A. Sampson Kristin Weigell Severson John H. Thomson CLASS OF 1978 Carla Campbell Bartlett Thomas H. Braun Jonathan E. Bridge Toni Balistreri Farnsworth Paul W. Florsheim Pamela Koss Geimer Stephen F. Geimer Margaret R.Papen Hollister Eric A. Jordahl Barbara Dreazy Ramp Michael J. Young CLASS OF 1979 Ellen B. Hansher Bronska Elizabeth H. Kem Clark Hackett K. Emory Sarah G. Hewitt Hull Lance F. Johnson Heidi Heller Kiesler Stacy J. Krikorian-Daniel Deborah MacHutta Mars Alexander E. Miller Thomas W. Parker John S. Rosenberg Dorothy Mestier Short Erskine R. Tucker, Jr. Catherine Meyer Williams JoAnne M. Pollard Williamson Christine L. Wilmanns CLASS OF 1980 Dana Smith Banghart Paula John Bartel Peter E. Coburn Bradley J. Cole Molly Kubly Fritz Adam P. Godfrey Charles L. Litow Camela M. Meyer Gillian Sullivan Stewart CLASS OF 1981 Barbara Borges Aik Mary Campbell Brown Elizabeth Papen Casey Richard Feitler John W. Florsheim

R. David Fritz, Jr. Catherine Caan Mayher Patrick A. Pattillo Randle B. Pollard III Scott C. Shovers Douglas G. Sullivan Ellen W. Weigell Thompson Allyson Tucker-Mitchell CLASS OF 1982 Daniel C. Bell Lisa M. Buestrin Wayne K. Carlisle-Stadelmann Catherine Anne Broom Duncan John E. McGrath Janet G. Blutstein Murphy Sheila M. Ninneman Reckmeyer Alicia Strohl Resnicoff Stephen F. Sokol William F. Zito, Jr. CLASS OF 1983 Elizabeth J. Bernhard Frances Syvertsen Caan Glenn W. Caan, Jr. Constance B. Coburn Frank R. Dengel III Susanna Jacobus Greenup William H. Habeck Matthew M. Lang Jennifer A. Lazewski Ann Kuesel Morrell Louis H. Schroeder III John W. Stephens CLASS OF 1984 Sharon Austin Jennifer M. Ells Chou Lane Coburn-Alonzo Mary Katharine B. Lane MacDonald Philip A. Plautz, Jr. Pamela G. Holz Rupright Tyler S. Stevens Margaret Stratton-Norman Albert Van Alyea Michael A. Zubrensky CLASS OF 1985 John M. Borges Robert H. Dengel Michael M. Grebe Kathleen M. Dahlman Hegg

Daniel M. Hess Matthew K. Junker John S. Lambie Eleanor Seaman CLASS OF 1986 Charles W. Brennan Michael W. Darrow R. David Ells Elizabeth Kohl Feinerman Molly M. Foley Melissa Marasco Gebhardt Karen E. Hartwig Grace Roddis Hoffmann Victoria Griffith Murphy Alexander A. Palermo Kristin K. Schmidt CLASS OF 1987 Elisa M. Tharps Basnight Geoffrey J. Caan Samantha Becker Crownover Natalia Fudim Elizabeth Emory Gabrys Richard L. Krupp Dae A. Mellencamp Jennifer Kasten Perkin Diane E. Stratton Stephanie C. Stephens Sutton Leslie M. Tector Angela R. Townsend John C. Van Dyke III Benjamin B. Zarwell Susan Bell Zarwell CLASS OF 1988 Anonymous Karen Leslie Brown Daphne P. Seaman Lerner John S. McGregor, Jr. Jessica Roulette Rubina Y. Shafi CLASS OF 1989 Adam J. Ciralsky Lindsay Stevens Gardner David S. Jennings Todd J. Johnson Suzanne E. Riley CLASS OF 1990 Henry T. Fisher William J. Tuebo

CLASS OF 1991 Dana C. Hoelter Acker Scott Ackerman Julie Kasten Art Barbara Jo Brennan Nelson Lafayette L. Crump Rachel Barret Fleet Michael H. Gale Lindsey Canonie Grady Paul Guten Christopher L. Hitler Paige Hopkins Reilly Christopher J. Stoeckl Elizabeth Cyganiak Stuckslager John Zabors CLASS OF 1992 Anonymous Nicholas G. Aster Marc N. Balcer Derk W. Cullinan Kevin J. Dahlman Gerald D. King Virginia Post Messinger Demetrius J. Patterson Sarah A. Holbrook Slaughter Craig L. Smith Frederick P. Stratton III Tobin Tornehl Sarah Olson Zimmerman CLASS OF 1993 Anonymous Rebecca Briber Andrea C. Stoeckl Burlew Margaret Sokol Caswell Amy Ross Damon Tiffini Lawrence CLASS OF 1994 Sarah J. Cyganiak Ryan J. Friedman Jonathan V. Manke Patrick W. Philipp Ann E. Senechal Danielle Wagner Strauss CLASS OF 1995 Anonymous Geoffrey L. Aster Stacy E. Buening Heiny Kaben M. Nimtz John U. Olson Nathaniel B. White


CLASS OF 1996 Aaron M. Gardner Stephanie W. Asmuth Gardner Michael F. Lindemann William D. Piper CLASS OF 1997 Steven G. Carlson David P. Coles Marie C. Kohler-Cabot Fox Stephen C. Fox Sierra A. Smith Nimtz Marie Christiansen Suesse CLASS OF 1998 Stacy A. Brett Elizabeth C. Foster Charles A. Gordon Daniel D. Kinnamon Robert W. Klavins Francisco J. Martinez II Daniel P. Philipp Kimberly L. Storer Kryder Graham G. Taylor

CLASS OF 1999 Rafael D. Connemara Lauren Michelle Golden Robert C. Jacobs Nicholas A. Nielsen Joseph M. Peltz K. Michael Peters Elizabeth Gallagher Petree Rorie J. Petri Rickard Caroline I. Trainer P. Timothy Uihlein CLASS OF 2000 Vincent R. Angermeier Christopher Chan Bradley H. Komisar Caroline LeFeber Schneider CLASS OF 2001 Sara B. Dubin Block David G. Friedlander William D. Gordon Stephen J. MacDonough Elizabeth A. Nielsen Drew A. Palin Jennifer G. Wertheimer

CLASS OF 2002 Alexander S. Bal Catherine H. Gallagher Meghan M. Refinski Taylor C. Tyson Haywood Rachel A. Gimbel Wagner CLASS OF 2003 Claire E. Dermond Laura Gordon Evan M. Graboyes James E. Machulak Lisa B. Melick Joseph B. Tyson III CLASS OF 2004 Heather Neuwirth Sarah G. Nowakowski Whitney C. Rush Erich A. Schnell Claire G. Wernecke CLASS OF 2005 Christopher T. Brophy Rachel A. Leonard Scott R. Nielsen Kathryn A. Sarnoski

Evann D. Schwerm Amanda M. Thickens CLASS OF 2006 B. William Bartlett III Joseph A. Crivello Jonathan B. Dill Linnea Laura Esberg Thomas P. Keily Zachary P. Michel Martha H. Sprague William H. VandenBerg CLASS OF 2007 Nicholas L. Leonard Lauren E. Rosenberg CLASS OF 2009 Kelly G. Cannon Samuel S. Chase Lane E. Florsheim Susan S. Krejci Beau G. Palin David M. Short Ian Tonner CLASS OF 2010 Saira Khanna

FACULTY AND STAFF HONOR ROLL This list includes current, former, and retired faculty and staff. Anonymous (2) Heidi Abraham D/M Marc J. Ackerman MCD’63 Tim and Barb Aik ’81 Miriam Altman Audrey H. Arndt Susie and Gregg Bach Cheryl A. Bair Sue and Mark Baker M/M Jeffrey Ballentine Neelie Barthenheier and Rishi Raghunathan The Barth Family Brenda and Tim Bartz Jean and Dennis Bauman Thomas B. Bergen Elizabeth Blank MDS’51 Judy and Eric Bloch M/M Stephen Bloch Gina Bongiorno and Travis Freitag Richard A. Borth Karen Bremer M/M Peter M. Browne Stephen J. Bruemmer Andrea C. Burlew ’93 Patricia Camp M/M John E. Carpenter MCD’56 & MDS’57


Fengchi and Shao Lin Chen Kathryn Choren M/M Alex Chou ’84 D/M Robert Ciralsky Judy Clegg Douglas R. Coleman III Marlene Connor Julie Coons M/M Rene A. Cranston Chris Cruz Kristen Csiacsek Kevin J. Dahlman ’92 Eva Donohoo Deborah Duecker Alison Dupee Charles and Marlene Ego ’68 M/M Ralph E. Ells MCD’59 Michael C. Engroff M/M David Eppelsheimer, Sr. M/M K. Cameron Feist Bruce Fetter Jean and Donald Forti M/M Gardner L. R. Friedlander ’69 Kathleen Friedman Claudia Fritz and Alisha Campbell M/M Scott D. Fultz Eric Gallagher M/M Aaron M. Gardner ’96 & ’96

Kate and Bruce Gay M/M Robert M. Geniusz Linda and Joseph Georgeson Ward J. Ghory and Anne Ghory-Goodman Elaine Griffin and Mike Fischer Bonnie and Michael Halcomb Jeff Harrison M/M John C. Hausmann M/M Robert Heun Geoffrey M. Herbon and Lori VanderVelde ’70 M/M Peter Hitler MDS’60 John and Kathy Housiaux ’68 Emily Ihrke Jennifer L. Iorio M/M Kenneth W. Jacobs III ’74 Laura Jacobs M/M Dennis G. Jaeger Hilary James & Matt Wolfert Sue and Bob Jeffers M/M Rick Johns Ann L. Johnson Robert D. Johnston M/M Michael Judge M/M Robert Juranitch Barbara Karol MUS’61 M/M Patrick M. Keily

Thomas P. Keily ’06 M/M Charles B. Kendall Jennifer and George Keppler JoAnn Keulks M/M Robert Kloppenburg MCD’48 & MDS’50 Diana Knodl Barbara Koerner Marja Konkol Frank and Marina Spheeris Krejci ’68 M/M James M. Laing Linda Lak M/M Robert B. Landry, Jr. Megan Lantz Patricia Larson D/M Robert G. Lengh Kristen and Kevin Linzmeier Brett Lipshutz Edie Lounsberry Haiyun Lu M/M John Luckey M/M Kelly G. Lucyk Cathy and Don Lura M/M Kevin J. Lyons M/M Lowell W. MacDonald Sarah and Brian Markwald Michael Matera Deidre McCain

M/M Russell P. McMinn, Sr. Constance L. Meek ’65 Kevin Linzmeier and Kristen Mehring Susan and Barry Mendelson Jennifer and Nathan Mielke M/M Andrew Mullen Thomas J. Mulligan Ryan Murray M/M Thomas M. Mussoline Sue and Bruce Nash M/M Thomas Neuwirth Sierra and Kaben Nimtz ’97 & ’95 Joan and Matt Nink M/M James H. Norris Pamela and Kevin Nosbusch Jill and Michael Oemichen

M/M Jose Olivieri M/M Brian M. Pack Tony Pergande M/M Roger Petersen Elizabeth Gallagher Petree ’99 M/M Neil Pierson Beverly Pilarzyk M/M William D. Piper ’96 Julie Piwowarczyk Julie Potratz Penny Potter M/M Thomas K. Ptak Hannah and Mathew Reimer Kathleen Roebber Laurie and Paul Salerno Todd Schlenker and Sue Bolly-Schlenker

Janell Schmidt M/M Louis H. Schroeder III ’83 Linda and Timothy Schuh Evann D. Schwerm ’05 Jill and Mike Schwieters Bonnie Seidel Nina Shully Beth and Richard Sieckman Jennifer Smerz M/M Harvey B. Sperling Rebecca and Jonathan Steinbach Carolyn and John Stephens John W. Stephens ’83 M/M Andrew Stone Susan and Peter Straub MUS’62 & MCD’61

Elaine C. Sweet Cathy and Chuck Taft M/M David R. Taylor Jodie and John Tonner Timothy Truel and Rebecca Schwartz M/M George H. Uihlein ’70 Ann and Steven Villeneuve Nat White ’95 M/M Ronald A. Williamson ’79 Jeffrey Wilson Jennifer Wisniewski Midge Woodward Edward Wucker Benjamin Bell Zarwell ’87 Susan Bell Zarwell ’87 Patricia Ziegelbauer


Priscilla and Wm. Chester MCD’42 Kathryn Choren M/M Thor G. Christensen MUS’54 Nancy and Jon Christiansen Sheila and Keith Christiansen D/M Robert Ciralsky Barbara Collings M/M Gerald E. Connolly D/M Michael Costello David J. Cunningham MCD’43 D/M William A. Darling MCD’61 M/M Gordon C. Davidson MCD’45 M/M Don H. Davis, Jr. M/M Richard H. Dean M/M Frank R. Dengel II MUS’53 Jon and Melody Dill ’69 D/M Emmett J. Doerr, Jr. William and Susan Donovan ’72 M/M Harry L. Drake Steven R. Duback MUS’62 Charles and Marlene Ego ’68 M/M Ralph E. Ells MCD’59 M/M Robert R. Elsner, Jr. MUS’41 & MDS’44 M/M Ernst W. Endres M/M David Eppelsheimer, Sr. Robert C. Eschweiler MUS’41 Suzy B. Ettinger Joan and Robert Feitler Bruce Fetter D/M Brenton H. Field, Jr. Claudette and Bill Finke M/M Thomas W. Florsheim Jean and Donald Forti M/M Byron T. Foster Marguerite Fowle MDS’46 Jackie and Arlyn Fredrick M/M Gardner L. R. Friedlander ’69 M/M Theodore Friedlander, Jr.

MCD’34 Kathleen Friedman M/M Stewart G. Friend ’65 Barbara and Henry Gale Richard and Ann Gallagher ’66 M/M Frederick M. Geimer M/M Robert M. Geniusz Ward J. Ghory and Anne Ghory-Goodman M/M Paul E. Gordon Gwenn and Joseph Graboyes Rene and Marshall Gratz Michael W. Grebe and Patty Perry Grebe M/M James R. Greenway M/M John Grisson Donald E. Gross, Jr. Libby and Bill Hansen ’68 & MCD’64 Mrs. James Hickey MDS’46 M/M Peter Hitler MDS’60 Pauline and Bill Hoff MDS’48 & MCD’39 M/M Joseph E. Hoffman II MUS’56 & MDS’56 Deborah and Matson Holbrook MCD’58 D/M Winston N. Hollister ’78 Mary and Mark Horowitz John and Kathy Housiaux ’68 Penny Howland Monte F. Huebsch, Jr. MCD’46 Patricia B. Huebsch MDS’50 M/M Kenneth W. Jacobs III ’74 Mary Lee Jacobs MDS’45 Glorie and Leland C. Johnson MCD’45 Robert D. Johnston Jayne J. Jordan MDS’48 D/M Michael M. Kaplan Jane and Pat Keily

Lawrence R. Kem Dolores and Chuck Kendall M/M Leon Kendall JoAnn Keulks Maryglen and Rob Kieckhefer ’67 Arlene L. Klavins Trudie and Bob Kloppenburg MDS’50 & MCD’48 D/M Steven B. Koenig Barbara Koerner M/M Terry J. Kohler M/M Charles A. Krause III MCD’51 & MDS’52 Frank and Marina Spheeris Krejci ’68 D/M Michael C. Kubly Gail Kursel MUS’63 Mrs. William R. Kyle MDS’39 Mary Lacy M/M James M. Laing M/M Robert B. Landry, Jr. M/M Arthur J. Laskin MCD’45 Suzanne LeFeber and V. Frederick Nast MCD’35 D/M William P. LeFeber ’72 Carolyn and Robert Lengh Bonnie and Rick Leto Cynthia and John Lhost Mrs. Richard H. Lillie MDS’40 Mrs. Walter R. Lindemann MDS’41 Janet Loos MDS’59 Marianne and Sheldon Lubar Roseann and Kevin Lyons M/M Lowell W. MacDonald M/M John N. MacDonough Ann Ross MacIver MDS’52 M/M Geoffrey G. Maclay, Sr. MDS’43 M/M Geoffrey G. Maclay, Jr. ’65 P/M Markos Mamalakis Marilyn J. Manke

Anonymous (3) D/M Marc J. Ackerman MCD’63 Liz and Lance Ahearn M/M Clifford M. Asmuth ’66 & ’68 D/M Richard H. Aster Mrs. James P. Balding, Jr. M/M Lawrence A. Balistreri Patricia A. Barwig Jean and Dennis Bauman Peggie Baumann Diann and Thomas Baumann ’72 M/M Robert L. Beal M/M John L. Beck MCD’55 M/M Stephen S. Becker MCD’64 & MDS’64 Jane and Jim Bell MUS’58 Thomas B. Bergen Elizabeth Blank MDS’51 Judy and Eric Bloch M/M Morton Blutstein MUS’56 John S. Borges James C. Boyd MCD’47 M/M Robert B. Bradley Deanna Braeger Suzy and John Brennan MCD’53 Margaret and Peter Browne Stephen J. Bruemmer M/M John D. Bryson MDS’43 M/M Peter S. Buening John E. Busby Kay Campbell Geralyn and William Cannon M/M William S. Carpenter MCD’53 M/M Roger C. Chase MUS’56 & MDS’58 Fengchi and Shao Lin Chen Jane and Fred Chester


M/M James A. Marasco, Jr. MDS’61 M/M J. Brinke Marcuccilli Martha and Thomas Marx Phillip B. Mayer MCD’51 Victoria Mayer MDS’57 Richard and Tracy Mayfield ’69 Margaret L. Mayhew ’69 Barbara N. McCallum MUS’42 M/M Russell P. McMinn, Sr. Jean McShane Linda and John Mellowes MUS’56 Susan and Barry Mendelson Mrs. A. Joseph Mestier, Jr. MDS’41 M/M Martin W. Meyer M/M Paul W. Meyer MCD’49 & MDS’49 M/M Marvin E. Miller MDS’51 Judy and Ralph Morello Abigail and David Nash M/M Thomas Neuwirth Cindi and Mark Nielsen M/M William R. Nimtz M/M James H. Norris John Ogden MCD’35 M/M Jose Olivieri William F. Pabst, Jr. MCD’42 M/M Brian M. Pack Deborah and Jamshed Patel M/M John Persch Hildegard Peus and Busso F. Peus MCD’61

M/M Bruce Eben Pindyck Barbara and Donald Piper D/M Randle E. Pollard M/M Edward A. Purtell, Jr. MCD’51 M/M Donald E. Read MCD’45 Verne and Marion Read MDS’37 Mary and Ross Read ’69 M/M Randy Reece ’75 Mrs. Harold W. Reiter MDS’42 Lee A. Riordan Joan Robertson MUS’34 D/M O. J. Roesler Lorraine Rosenberg M/M Michael A. Roth Betty and Brent Rupple M/M Andrew T. Sawyer, Jr. MUS’61 & MUS ’61 Claire and Mike Schadewald Gail Schaefer MUS’52 Mary Wehrle-Schnell and Richard A. Schnell Paul W. Schnetzky MCD’61 Patsy Stratton Schroeder MDS’59 M/M Douglas Seaman MCD’39 M/M Richard Seaman MCD’43 & MDS’44 Richard Seaman, Jr. ’68 Michele and Richard Seesel M/M Arthur R. Shavzin D/M Philip Shovers Beth and Richard Sieckman

Elizabeth S. Slugg MDS’43 D/M C. John Snyder MDS’55 M/M Henry F. Sokol MCD’52 & MDS’56 Oyvind and Susan Lubar Solvang ’76 M/M William A. Stanford MDS’46 M/M Richard W. Stanley MDS’49 Barbara Stansberry Joan Stein Carolyn and John Stephens M/M William C. Stevens MCD’61 Daniel E. Stocking MCD’59 M/M John A. Stocking MCD’57 Anne and Fred Stratton MCD’57 Barbara Sullivan MDS’49 Ireene Sullivan Mrs. Arthur W. Tacke M/M David R. Taylor Joy and Alfred Tector M/M Richard F. Teerlink M/M W. Alex Teipel III MCD’60 & MDS’60 M/M Steven C. Tews Quincy and Morrie Tharps M/M Richard Tollefsen MDS’64 Jodie and John Tonner M/M Luther Townsend M/M Robert B. Trainer, Jr. MCD’62 Thomas N. Tuttle MCD’45 M/M Joseph B. Tyson, Jr. ’70 M/M George H. Uihlein ’70

Julia and David Uihlein ’68 & ’67 Lynde B. Uihlein MUS’63 Margery Uihlein Jacque D.H. Vallier MDS’28 John C. Van Dyke II MCD’59 Polly H. and William D. Van Dyke MDS’51 & MCD’49 Nancy T. VandenBerg Cheryl and Kris Vaughn Mrs. Theodore F. Vogel, Jr. MDS’40 M/M Robert O. Walker MUS’59 & MUS’59 M/M William A. Wernecke, Jr. M/M Robert F. Whealon Jean and Sammis White M/M James B. Wigdale MCD’55 & MDS’55 Francis M. Wilson MUS’62 M/M Nicholas C. Wilson MUS’61 & MUS’61 Thomas Windsor and Ramona Rogers-Windsor Midge Woodward Elisabeth P. Wright MDS’39 Herbert C. Wuesthoff, Jr. MUS’47 William E. Wuesthoff MUS’52 David H. Zarwell MUS’58 Carlene and Andy Ziegler


M/M Lawrence Damon M/M Don H. Davis, Jr. M/M David Dorgan M/M Ralph E. Ells MCD’59 D/M Horacia Espinosa Inge Ferosie M/M Louis Ferraioli Janice Fischer M/M Thomas W. Florsheim Barbara and Henry Gale M/M Frederick M. Geimer D/M Sheldon Glusman Shirley Graham Patty Perry Grebe and Michael W. Grebe D/M Edwin A. Green Robert Hamilton M/M Thomas J. Hauske, Sr. MUS’54 & MUS’54 Kay Himden

D/M Marvin Hinke Penny Howland Sue Idleman M/M Philip Jennings Glorie and Leland C. Johnson MCD’45 M/M Jack Kellner Lawrence R. Kem M/M Leon Kendall M/M John Koniar D/M Michael C. Kubly Mary Lacy M/M Richard Lau Marianne and Sheldon Lubar M/M James A. Marasco, Jr. MDS’61 M/M Robert C. Mason Nancy and Chuck Mead Linda and John Mellowes MUS’56 Mrs. A. Joseph Mestier, Jr. MDS’41 M/M Paul W. Meyer MCD’49 & MDS’49

M/M Marvin E. Miller MDS’51 D/M Lynn Miner D/M Bradford Mundy M/M William R. Nimtz Muriel and Richard Norman M/M Mark Oliver Marie and Robert Pangman D/M Randle E. Pollard M/M Robert Puetz M/M Edward A. Purtell, Jr. MCD’51 M/M Otto Radke M/M Henry Deforest Ralph Jr. Verne and Marion Read MDS’37 M/M Michael Regenfuss D/M Gilbert Reid M/M Jeff Roggensack M/M Howard Rokus Mrs. Lorraine Rosenberg M/M Mason G. Ross M/M Charles Sanzone

Anonymous (2) Sue Baker M/M Richard Ballentine Patricia A. Barwig M/M Peter Bay M/M Joseph M. Bernstein M/M Dick Bolton John S. Borges Suzy and John Brennan MCD’53 Kay Campbell M/M Roger Carlson Beth Casey M/M Gurdial Chadha Clarice Chou M/M Louis Christy Elizabeth Chrobak D/M Robert Ciralsky David J. Cunningham MCD’43


Patsy Stratton Schroeder MDS’59 Mrs. Betty J. Schuett Clarence Schwieters Donna Seals M/M Douglas Seaman MCD’39 M/M Sanford C. Severson M/M Reginald D. Sims Carol Slator M/M Guy Smith

M/M Charles Stanford Anthony Stavish and Ranae Zautcke-Stavish M/M Philip L. Stone MCD’45 & MDS’43 Miriam Storch Anne and Fred Stratton MCD’57 M/M Edward Sweda Alice T. Swiatek

M/M Martin Taft Joy and Alfred Tector M/M Richard F. Teerlink M/M Steven C. Tews Rosalie and Ralph Turner Thomas N. Tuttle MCD’45 Lynde B. Uihlein MUS’63 M/M Richard Van Bell M/M Steve Vermut

M/M Willard T. Walker MDS’54 M/M Larry Walters Diane and Peter Wenzel M/M Jim Wiensch M/M James B. Wigdale MCD’55 & MDS’55 M/M Thomas Winkofske M/M Frank Wintersberger Robert H. Yamachika

MATCHING GIFTS CORPORATE & FOUNDATIONS We gratefully acknowledge the alumni, parents, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends listed below whose contributions were matched by a corporation or foundation.

Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trusts The Mathilde U. and Albert C. Elser Foundation

Richard G. Jacobus Family Foundation Barbara J. Wells ’75

Perkins Charitable Foundation Katherine S. Scovil

SC Johnson Fund, Inc. Keri Sarajian Erskine R. Tucker, Jr. ’79

Rockwell Automation Corporation David Dorgan Scott Meyers

Amerisure Matching Gift Program Martin Taft

General Mills Foundation Patrick W. Philipp ’94

Robert W. Baird & Co. Foundation Inc. Clifford M. Asmuth ’66 Stephen B. Guy

Harley-Davidson Motor Company Aaron M. Gardner ’96 James R. Greenway Charles I. Henderson

Bank of America Foundation Kelley A. Tucker ’75

William Harris Investors, Inc. William J. Tuebo

The Coca-Cola Foundation Demetrius J. Patterson ’92

Illinois Tool Works Foundation John J. Hinnendael, Jr. ’76

Eaton Corporation David Nelsen

Sentry Insurance Foundation, Inc. James B. Wigdale MCD’55

First Horizon National Corporation John Niemoeller

MGIC Charles Stearns

GE Foundation Jason C. Head

Northwestern Mutual Foundation, Inc. Sandy Botcher Gordon C. Davidson MCD’45 David Fritz ’81 Lee Geronime David R. Keuler Charles Mead Randal Ralph Richard A. Schnell Todd Schoon Barbara Stansberry Thomas Windsor Emmett M. Wright

CORPORATIONS & FOUNDATIONS HONOR ROLL Anonymous (8) Arjco Foundation LTD Asia Society Astor Street Foundation, Inc. Atkinson/Ells Charitable Foundation Becker Family Foundation Briggs & Stratton Corp. Foundation Buettner Family Foundation The Burch Family Foundation HH Camp Foundation Cedar Street Foundation Charities Aid Foundation Childrens Dental Clinic Contact Rubber Corporation The Mathilde U. and Albert C. Elser Foundation Feitler Family Fund Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Nancy and Thomas Florsheim Family Foundation Foster Family Foundation

Gilbane Building Company Greater Milwaukee Foundation Greystone Foundation The Mark and Anne Hansen Foundation Robert M. Hoffer Family Foundation Richard G. Jacobus Family Foundation Jewish Community Foundation Kitchen Table Foundation Kopmeier Family Fund Krause Family Foundation The Lubar Family Foundation, Inc. John N. & Kathleen S. Macdonough Foundation Mark Styles Limited Mercan Chinese Language Institute Miner and Associates, Inc. Orth Charitable Remainder Unitrust Peninsula Charities Foundation II Pollybill Foundation, Inc. Quality State Oil Co., Inc. The Rathmann Family Foundation Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. Steven Sampson Charitable Fund Inc.

US Bancorp Foundation Joel R. Huffman Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program Thomas D. Wooden Wisconsin Energy Corp. Foundation Inc. A. William Finke Erwin S. Huston MCD’44 Patrick M. Keily Allen L. Leverett Charles Matthews Kris McKinney Frederick P. Stratton, Jr. MCD’57 Eduard Zaydman

Scott and Peggy Sampson Charitable Fund, Inc. William G. & Betty Schuett Family Foundation, Inc. Schwab Charitable Fund Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Seaman-Goes Family Foundation Shorewood Press Everett Smith Group Foundation, Ltd. St. Paul Academy Joan & Jack Stein Foundation The Stratton Foundation Bessie A. and Harold M. Stratton Fund Target Teerlink Family Foundation Tikkun Olam Foundation Time Investment Company, Inc. Carol Colman Timmis Foundation Trainer Family Foundation Trustmark Foundation David V. Uihlein Foundation Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Werner Family Foundation


Annual Gifts Make a Difference Both In and Out of the Classroom Generous support from parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends enriches each USM student’s journey. The unparalleled educational experiences – both in and out of the classroom – that we offer each student are made possible through USM’s Annual Giving Program. Educational Technology Opens Up the Classroom In the 21st century, the definition of a classroom as “a room where classes are held” can be expanded well beyond four walls. Opening up the classroom is made possible by today’s educational technology and, thanks to our donors, our classrooms are equipped for the latest teaching methods. Our students are at ease in today’s digital environment, and faculty use innovative ways to integrate technology for both group projects and independent learning. Connecting with other cultures and young people in schools across the globe encourages and engages our students to become world citizens. From senior kindergarten on, our students know how to work with information on SMART Boards (interactive white boards), while Upper School Global Scholars use programs like Skype to talk to students halfway around the world in China. 20

Beyond the Academic Classroom – a wide range of opportunity In addition to the broad range of curricular classes such as world languages at age three and regular physical education, contributions help support a wide array of art, music, and drama classes, as well as athletics, community service, Middle and Upper School clubs, and so much more. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we can preserve and enhance these programs while other schools have been forced to make cuts as they are faced with funding challenges. As an example, annual gifts support a visit from an African drumming specialist who brings the sounds of the continent into the classroom. They also allow students to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum, culminating in our fourth-graders’ participation in the Museum’s Docent program, in which students prepare and present talks on their favorite artwork to parents and classmates.

Thank you to all the donors who recognize the importance of making an annual gift and how these funds make a difference in providing students with the forward-looking experiences that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Another area where annual gifts make a difference is the myriad professional development opportunities that we can offer our faculty. (Please see article on the following page.) 21

School was out for the summer… but our teachers were busy learning! Independent schools distinguish themselves by providing consistent, high-quality professional development opportunities for faculty and staff. At University School, such continuing educational experiences not only benefit student achievement, they also are part of the foundation of a community of learners, where knowledge is shared not only with students but also with other faculty members and parents.

with vital resources to attend national conferences, pursue advanced degree credits, develop innovative curriculum, and share ideas and techniques with peers. Thank you to our donors who continue to support the following Endowed Funds that help faculty and staff programs and capital projects. Faculty, Staff, Program, Capital and Unrestricted Funds

Thanks to our donors who support the Annual Giving Program and the Endowment Fund, USM is fortunate to be able to offer a variety of ways that teachers can gain knowledge, stay abreast of change in the classroom by observing best practices at similar schools, and create innovative educational dialogue.

Tom Bergen Fund for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Mary Mackie Borges MUS’56 Fund Chester - Read Faculty Fund William B. Church Science Chair Fund Elisabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trusts Fund Dana Feitler Memorial Fund for Faculty Development Edward E. Ford Foundation for Faculty Development

Gregg Bach, Assistant Head of School and chair of the school-wide Professional Development Committee, believes these types of opportunities for our teachers enhance their skills and expertise and have a direct effect on teaching practices. “Research shows that teachers’ professional development can improve student achievement when it focuses on teachers’ knowledge of the subject matter and how students understand and learn it,” he affirms.

Leland C. Johnson Family Fund for Athletics Ken Laird Athletic Field Fund Mellowes Family Fund Milwaukee Country Day Fund for Faculty and Staff Mary Lou Mock Montgomery Fund for Writing Projects Mary L. Nohl Visual Arts Fund The Orth Family Fund Marion and Verne Read USM Coaches’ Fund Irving Seaman Fund Maude Eustis Seaman Fund Jane Spencer Lower School Book Fund

For example, as the School investigates the most effective approaches to align educational technology with our academic program, professional development is an essential part of the process. Thanks to the Julia and David Uihlein Faculty Enhancement Fund, faculty members have visited exemplary schools and attended national conferences in this field. National consultants have also been brought to campus to present to our teachers. In August, over 90 USM teachers benefited from an on-campus institute that taught faculty how to become more proficient in classroom instruction using individual computing devices.

James A. Steinman Faculty and Staff Fund John Stephens’ Fund for Academic Excellence Julia & David Uihlein Faculty and Staff Enhancement Fund Henry and Polly Uihlein Family Faculty Fund John Frederick Uihlein Chair in Fine Arts USM Fund for Faculty and Staff Development USM Parents’ Association Fund for Faculty Compensation Polly and Bill Van Dyke Endowment Fund Charles P. Vogel Faculty Awards and Scholarship Fund Todd Wehr Foundation Fund Wordingham Family Fund Wright Family Distinguished Faculty Chair

The Dana Feitler Memorial Fund for Faculty Development, which was endowed in 1989 in memory of Dana, a 1983 USM graduate, also provides faculty in all three divisions 22

Charles F. Wright Teaching Award

Wright Family Distinguished Faculty Endowment Fund Gina Bongiorno, fourth-grade teacher and Lower School chair of the Math Department, and Chuck Taft, eighth-grade history teacher and Middle School History Department Chair, have been selected as recipients of the Wright Family Distinguished Faculty Endowment Fund for the 2011-2012 school year. Established in 1992 by Jim Wright MCD’39 and his nephew Charlie Wright ’68, the Wright Fund serves to reward members of the faculty who exemplify the highest standards of independent school teaching. As part of this distinguished award, each will receive a one-time stipend and funding for a research grant of their choosing. Bongiorno and Taft will then share their research with students, faculty, and other members of the School community. Bongiorno is using her grant to research the use of iPads in the classroom. In addition to reviewing how and why other schools are using the device, this summer she attended a session entitled “Power Up – Connecting Technology to Today’s Learners,” which was a pre-conference option at the National Conference on Singapore Math Strategies, where many sessions included a technology focus. Bongiorno appreciates the professional development opportunities afforded to her at USM. “Education is evolving so fast,” she says. “This recent opportunity connected me to the technology world and changes the way I teach.” Taft is researching WWII’s Operation Overlord, retracing the crucial event of the 20th century through reading and travel, following the movement of Overlord from England to the beaches of Normandy and ending in Paris for liberation. Taft says he looks to bring his experience, “Walking in the Footsteps of Heroes and History,” to USM in many ways. “Obviously, my classroom instruction will be enhanced by this knowledge and experience,” he says, adding that he also wants to present to the larger USM community and build on his experience to renew the eighth-grade service project for Honor Flights.

Endowment Funds Support Opportunities for Faculty and Staff While several funds within the Endowment Fund support a variety of professional development opportunities, here is a list of grants awarded through a competitive allocation process in 2010-2011.

Jim Steinman Faculty Fund …Awarded to Advancement Communications Manager, Annie Burkhart, and Assistant to the Head of Middle School, Edie Lounsberry To attend the Whipple Hill User Conference, which provided professional consultation and recommendations for the ongoing development of the web and portal. …Awarded to US English teacher Kate Gay, MS Drama teacher Adam Moreno, LS fourth-grade teacher Renice Konik To attend the 30th Stratford Shakespeare Annual Teachers’ Conference, which offered workshops and seminars for English and drama teachers (both secondary and elementary) and performances of The Grapes of Wrath and Twelfth Night. …Awarded to Food Service Director, Tony Pergande To attend the School Nutrition Association Industry Boot Camp, which emphasized school nutrition, current food service trends, and legislative changes for school. Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Fund …Awarded to US French teacher, Rene Weber To travel to Morocco and participate in the French Encounter in Morocco, where teachers immersed themselves in the Moroccan culture. John Stephens’ Fund for Academic Excellence …Awarded to MS math teacher, Debbie Judge To attend Neuroscience and the Classroom: Strategies for Maximizing Students’ Engagement, Memory and Potential program, which utilized advances in memory research to maximize attention, increase memory retrieval and employ brain friendly instructional strategies to advance student achievement in mathematics. Julia and David Uihlein Faculty Enhancement Fund (also known as the “Think Big” Fund) …Awarded to MS Spanish teachers, Todd Schlenker and Jeff Ballentine To travel to La Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao, Spain, for a three week class in Spanish Culture Language Skills. The class was designed for Spanish teachers from the United States who wanted to improve their teaching skills through practical classroom experiences.

continued on next page… 23

…continued from previous page …Awarded to Dean of Academic Technology, Nikki Lucyk To organize Summer Teaching and Learning Institute, where teachers in PK-12 participated in a Teaching and Learning Institute where they worked in teams to become more proficient in using mobile computing devises with their students; each team created a curriculum artifact using a technology tool to be used with students during the 2011-2012 school year. Tom Bergen Fund for Mathematics, Science, and Technology …Awarded to LS Science Coordinator/Science Department Chair, Pat Ziegelbauer, and MS fifth-grade science teacher, Nicola De Torre To attend The JASON Project/Immersion Educator Conference, a two and one-half day conference that provided a chance to network with colleagues, receive training in the JASON Project, and hear from renowned scientists. …Awarded to Grounds Supervisor, Tim Schuh To travel to San Francisco and Santa Cruz, California to learn about Redwoods and Green Technologies. There he visited cutting-edge college campuses, museums, and state parks that use green technologies.

Endowment Fund Report 2010-2011 The USM Endowment Fund provides a vital source of financial support, crucial to the School’s long-term viability. We are grateful to the many donors who support University School by giving to the Endowment Fund. As of June 30, 2011, the Endowment Fund value exceeded $47 million, representing an increase of over $6 million from the previous fiscal year total of $41 million. The Endowment provided $2.63 million to USM during the 2010-2011 school year to support key priorities including financial aid, faculty and staff compensation, curriculum, programs, and maintaining our 120-acre campus. In light of the market corrections that have impacted the Endowment, the School continues to tread cautiously in its budget planning. The annual distribution from the Endowment is based on a trailing eight-quarter average, which has generally been limited to less than 5% of that average. The purpose of this policy is to moderate the effect of market increases and decreases. As a result, the Trustees anticipate the Endowment distribution will remain depressed in the short term, impacting the School’s annual operating budget. In turn, the Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees and the Administration continue to make the budget adjustments necessary to offset the effects that market values have on the Endowment distribution. USM’s Endowment is invested with Commonfund, a non-profit investment management firm that serves over 2,000 independent schools, universities, and non-profit organizations. The Endowment Board follows a long-term investment strategy calling for a 75/25 equity to fixed income ratio with meaningful international exposure and a careful commitment to alternative investments such as private equity.

2010-2011 Endowment Board

USM is proud of the professional development opportunities that our faculty and staff members participated in this summer. Topics spanned science and technology as well as visits to countries around the globe to study world languages and culture. For a summary, visit


Chairman James D. Bell MUS’58

William Wernecke, Jr. James Wigdale MCD’55

Secretary/Treasurer Renee Tyson ’70

Ex Officio Ward J. Ghory Michael Roth

Trustees C. Frederick Geilfuss II ’71 Linda Mellowes Frederick P. Stratton MCD’57 Julia A. Uihlein ’68

Trustees Emeriti Geoffrey G. Maclay, Sr. Verne R. Read

Named Scholarships in the Endowment

During the 2010-2011 school year, nearly $2 million in financial aid was awarded to over 200 students. Much of our financial aid comes from our endowed scholarship funds. Thank you to our Endowment Fund donors who over the years have nurtured this critical resource for the next generation of USM students. Scholarship Funds

Tim Hennessy Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rathmann Family Scholarship Fund

Apple Family Scholarship Fund

Ruth and Robert Johnston Scholarship Fund

Randall A. Ross Scholarship Fund

F. Gardiner F. Bridge Scholarship Fund

Patricia Slensby Jones MDS’47 Scholarship Fund

Robert R. and John J. Slater Scholarship Fund

William Merrill Chester Memorial Scholarship Fund

Knights’ Club Scholarship Fund

Shawn J. Smith Scholarship Fund

Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund

Henry J. Loos Scholarship Fund

James A. Steinman Scholarship

Class of 1984 Scholarship Fund

MUS Class of 1954 Fund

Bessie & H.M. Stratton Memorial Scholarship Fund

Doolittle Schroeder Scholarship Fund

Geoffrey Maclay Scholarship Fund

USM Scholarship Fund

Elisabeth Falk Eberbach Scholarship Fund

Charles Messinger Memorial Scholarship Fund

Henry & Polly Uihlein Alumni Scholarship Fund

Sanford J. Ettinger Scholarship Fund

William C. Messinger Scholarship Fund

William D. and Polly H. Van Dyke Scholarship Fund

Marilyn Kieckhefer Fifield Scholarship Fund

Minority Scholarship Fund

Charles P. Vogel Faculty Awards and

Edward E. Ford Foundation Fund 1976

Milwaukee Downer Seminary Scholarship Fund

Edward E. Ford Foundation Scholarship Fund

Milwaukee University School Scholarship Fund

William D. Vogel Scholarship Fund

Gallun Family Scholarship Fund

Walter Ott Scholarship Fund

Rene Von Schleinitz Scholarship Fund

William Gold Memorial Fund

Jane Bradley Pettit Scholarship Fund

Robert B. Winkler Family Scholarship Fund

Douglas A.P. Hamilton Scholarship Fund

Harvey J. Ramaker Memorial Fund

Arthur Young Family Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund

Thank You to Our Donors The following individuals and organizations gave to the Endowment Fund during the 2010-2011 fiscal year (July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2011). Tom Bergen Fund for Mathematics, Science, and Technology M/M Samuel K. Scovil III Class of 1959 Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Cottington MDS’59 Bruce S. Foerster MCD’59 M/M John S. McGregor MCD’59 M/M Frederick Vogel III MUS’53 & MDS’59 Downer Scholarship Fund M/M Peter Hitler MDS’60 M/M James A. Marasco, Jr. MDS’61 Dana Feitler Memorial Fund for Faculty Development Anonymous Feitler Family Fund Richard Feitler ’81 Joan and Robert Feitler The Smart Family Foundation, Inc. General Endowment Patricia Camp Kathryn Choren Chris Cruz Kristen Csiacsek Estate of Carol Ann E. Cunningham MUS’57

Stacy J. Krikorian-Daniel ’79 Christopher W. Meyer ’77 M/M Paul W. Meyer MCD’49 & MDS’49 Joan Robertson MUS’34 Todd Schlenker and Sue Bolly-Schlenker M/M Harvey B. Sperling Anne and Fred Stratton MCD’57 The Stratton Foundation Knights’ Club Scholarship Fund Mrs. James P. Balding, Jr. Greater Milwaukee Foundation Cottrell Balding Fund Ken Laird Athletic Field Fund M/M Tom Beyer Jerold J. Bischoff MCD’48 Drew A. Palin ’01 Graham G. Taylor ’98 Nancy Zickus Henry Loos Scholarship Fund Jane and Jim Bell MUS’58 Janet Loos MDS’59 Linda and John Mellowes MUS’56 M/M Charles A. Mellowes ’87 R. Jan Pirozzolo Mellowes and John W. Mellowes ’91


The Orth Family Fund Estate of Philip W. Orth, Jr. MUS’36 and Marietta Orth

MCD Fund for Faculty & Staff Suzy and John Brennan MCD’53 M/M William S. Carpenter MCD’53 Harry S. Drake MCD’53 Paul M. Haberland MCD’53 C. Richard Kramlich MCD’53 Carl W. Schwarz MCD’53 M/M William C. Stevens MCD’61

MUS Scholarship Fund Barbara Karol MUS’61 Elizabeth R. Villeneuve MUS’61 M/M Nicholas C. Wilson MUS’61 & MUS’61 Harvey J. Ramaker Memorial Fund John Ramaker MCD’46

Minority Scholarship Fund Suzy B. Ettinger Anne Booth and Charles I. Trainer MCD’64 Trainer Family Foundation

Jane Spencer Book Fund Caroline L. Schneider ’00

Mary Lou Mock Montgomery Fund Barbara Karol MUS’61 D. Maclean Willson, Jr. MUS’61

Bessie A. and Harold M. Stratton Fund M/M John S. McGregor, Jr. ’88 Gregory Norman and Margaret Stratton-Norman ’84

MUS Class of 1954 Fund – Scholarship M/M Thor G. Christensen MUS’54 Dorothy and Fred Cowley MUS’54 M/M Thomas J. Hauske, Sr. MUS’54 & MUS’54 William M. Hewitt MUS’54 David B. Hunn MUS’54 Walter Kasten II MUS’54 Jacqueline Knable MUS’54 Jill M. Kohler MUS’54 M/M James R. Kolster MUS’54 & MDS’57

USM Scholarship Fund Estate of Daniel B. and Katherine T. Gute MCD’48 & MDS’50 James E. Swearingen, Jr. ’80 Polly and Bill Van Dyke Endowment Fund Pollybill Foundation, Inc. Polly H. and William D. Van Dyke MDS’51 & MCD’49 Arthur Young Family Scholarship Fund Andrew M. Young MCD’64

HONORARIUMS The following gifts were made in honor of members of the USM Community during the 2010-2011 fiscal year. In Honor of Tom Carter John Hoagland and Betsy McElroy

In Honor of James H. Norris Miss Lisa M. Buestrin ’82

In Honor of Michael Schwieters Maria and Andrew Stone

In Honor of M/M Ernst Johannsen Drs. John P. and Kirsten J. Simanonok

In Honor of William D. Piper ’96 M/M Scott C. Idleman

In Honor of Germaine Simanonok John P. and Kirsten J. Simanonok

In Honor of Paul T. and Brenda A. Kiehnau Maria and Andrew Stone

In Honor of Thomas M. Read ’75 Anonymous

In Honor of Maxwell C. Watchmaker ’23 D/M Greg Watchmaker

MEMORIALS The following gifts were given in memory of members of the USM Community during the 2010-2011 fiscal year. In Memory of Mark G. Bach MCD’47 Arvind and Namrata Ahuja Gwen and Dan Armbrust James C. Boyd MCD’47 Casey Cornelius M/M Robert J. Dallman


Libby and Bill Hansen ’68 & MCD’64 Mrs. Michael T. Jaekels MDS’53 Dolores and Chuck Kendall Mark Styles Limited Kathleen M. Rempe Marina and John Rosenberg ’79

Michele and Richard Seesel Ireene Sullivan Elaine C. Sweet Jodie and John Tonner In Memory of John S. Bell MUS’35 Susan Bell Zarwell ’87

In Memory of Robert R. Bell MUS’34 Susan Bell Zarwell ’87 In Memory of Mary Mackie Borges MUS’56 Tim and Barb Aik ’81 D/M Arthur I. Auer John S. Borges HH Camp Foundation Robert D. Johnston M/M Douglas Seaman MCD’39 M/M Nicholas C. Wilson MUS’61 & MUS’61 In Memory of John H. Buening Libby and Bill Hansen ’68 & MCD’64 Maryglen and Rob Kieckhefer ’67 In Memory of Mary Doering Caan MDS’56 M/M Glenn W. Caan, Jr. ’83 In Memory of John C. Chester MCD’47 Verne and Marion Read MDS’37 In Memory of Sanford J. Ettinger ’87 Ettinger Family Foundation Suzy Ettinger Susan Bell Zarwell ’87 In Memory of Richard D. Foerster MCD’45 M/M Paul W. Meyer In Memory of Richard Gebhardt MCD’57 Robert D. Johnston In Memory of Pieter Y. Godfrey ’77 Anonymous In Memory of Daniel B. Gute MCD’48 and Katherine T. Gute MDS’50 M/M Robert B. Bradley Deanna Braeger M/M John D. Bryson MDS’43 Kay Campbell Barbara Collings M/M Russell Eisenberg The Mathilde U. and Albert C. Elser Foundation M/M Ernst W. Endres Mrs. Louis A. Friedman MDS’53 Penny Howland

Mary Lee Jacobs MDS’45 Richard G. Jacobus Family Foundation M/M Philip Jennings Robert D. Johnston Trudie and Bob Kloppenburg MDS’50 & MCD’48 M/M Charles A. Krause III MCD’51 M/M James M. Laing Janet Loos MDS’59 Randy McGrath Hoffmann Linda and John Mellowes MUS’56 M/M Marvin E. Miller MDS’51 Joan W. Nason MDS’50 John Ramaker MCD’46 M/M William L. Randall MUS’48 & MDS’50 Betty and Brent Rupple Patsy Stratton Schroeder MDS’59 M/M Henry F. Sokol MCD’52 & MDS’56 M/M William A. Stanford MDS’46 M/M William C. Stevens MCD’61 Anne and Fred Stratton MCD’57 Arthur M. Toepfer MCD’48 M/M Robert B. Trainer, Jr. MCD’62 M/M James B. Wigdale MCD’55 & MDS’55 In Memory of Phillip H. Gutenkunst MUS’44 M/M Robert V. Banaszak M/M Ralph H. Bluhm MUS’47 James E. Butz M/M John F. Clifford Anne Connell James G. Cron MUS’49 Joyce Danaher M/M J. Robert Doherty Lois M. Duffens Patricia Eubanks M/M Robert Fisher M/M Joseph M. Harrings Mrs. Joseph F. Heil, Jr. M/M Edward Hoffmann Allan C. Kieckhafer Mrs. William C. Koenig MDS’50 M/M Dennis L. Kruse M/M Norman R. Kruse Tracy and Richard Mayfield ’69 M/M Paul W. Meyer MDS’49 & MCD’49 Marcelene M. Pentler

Terry L. Pierce John Ramaker MCD’46 M/M B. Bennett Reak Rosemary Schacht Rosemary E. Strauss M/M Robert G. Susen M/M Henry Thill Joan C. Tuttle Harada M. Ullmann Cheryl and Kris Vaughn Margaret G. Ziegler In Memory of John Horlivy Astor Street Foundation, Inc. Rene and Marshall Gratz John U. Olson ’95 Sarah Olson Zimmerman ’92 In Memory of William C. Howland MCD’48 Anonymous In Memory of Dottie Hughes Michael P. McQueeney ’76 Christine L. Wilmanns ’79 In Memory of Ruth F. Johnston Robert D. Johnston In Memory of Clarence W. Jordahl Eric A. Jordahl ’78 In Memory of Richard G. Krauthoefer MUS’45 Mrs. James Hickey MDS’46 Joanne Waterman MDS’46 In Memory of James A. Leibsohn ’65 Michael G. Pfeifer ’65 In Memory of Henry J. Loos D/M Emmett J. Doerr, Jr. In Memory of Joseph R. Lubar ’08 Peggie Baumann Diann and Thomas Baumann ’72 Judy and Eric Bloch M/M Theodore Friedlander, Jr. MCD’34 D/M Steven B. Koenig Frank and Marina Spheeris Krejci ’68 Nicholas L. Leonard ’07


Mrs. Frank J. Pelisek MUS’57 D/M William Pennington M/M Robert G. Petrie Jr. Elaine C. Sweet In Memory of Suzanne Swallow Mead Dyrud MUS’52 M. John Dyrud

M/M Paul W. Meyer MDS’49 & MCD’49 John Ogden MCD’35 M/M Joseph B. Tyson, Jr. ’70 M/M Robert F. Whealon M/M James B. Wigdale MCD’55 & MDS’55 Thomas B. Wilson MUS’38

In Memory of John R. Meyer MCD’47 M/M Paul W. Meyer MDS’49 & MCD’49

In Memory of Patsy Givan Seaman MDS’46 Robert D. Johnston

In Memory of Laura D. Minahan William S. Minahan

In Memory of Jack Stein Anonymous

In Memory of Marjorie Montgomery Margaret L. Mayhew ’69 St. Paul Academy

In Memory of Frederick P. Stratton MCD’32 Briggs & Stratton Corp. Foundation

In Memory of Tessa L. Nowakowski ’10 Sarah G. Nowakowski ’04

In Memory of Joan Van Deuren William and Susan Donovan ’72

In Memory of Alexandra Stephenson O’Connor MUS’50 M/M Robert F. Whealon

In Memory of Robert E. Wenzel MCD’46 John Ramaker MCD’46

In Memory of K. Dudley Pierson, Jr. MCD’40 David Q. Pierson ’74 Paul H. Pierson ’68 M/M Douglas Seaman MCD’39

In Memory of Virginia Campbell Wilson MDS’44 Anne Connell

In Memory of Paul S. Pierson MCD’37 David Q. Pierson ’74 Paul H. Pierson ’68 In Memory of Harvey J. Ramaker John Ramaker MCD’46 In Memory of Robert S. Schley, Sr. MUS’40 Anonymous Jane and Jim Bell MUS’58 Dick and Sandy Buchman MDS’60 M/M Richard H. Dean M/M Richard C. Hess MUS’60 Mrs. Robert L. Manegold MDS’37


In Memory of Peter M. Zacher MUS’54 Jill M. Kohler MUS’54

SUPPORTING USM THROUGH PHILANTHROPY University School is grateful to the many generous individuals and families whose philanthropic support advances the School’s mission in so many different ways. Contributions to our Annual Giving Program support an outstanding faculty and staff, student financial aid, excellence in academics, and innovative student programs. Gifts to the Endowment Fund provide for the School’s future. Investment income from our Endowment provides resources for financial aid, faculty and staff professional development and compensation, and program support. Charitable gift planning provides donors opportunities to impact USM’s future, while planning for their own financial futures. Whether donors are seeking to satisfy current income and estate tax needs, prepare for retirement, or make low-yield assets more productive, a well-crafted planned gift can be an invaluable part of an individual’s financial and charitable planning. Through careful planning today, donors can leave a legacy far beyond their expectations. Donors and friends will find helpful information about a variety of charitable gift planning options online at

To learn more about the different ways you can impact USM through philanthropy, please contact Jodie Tonner, Director of Advancement, at 414.540.3333 or

Message From Jodie Tonner, Director of Advancement – Moving Forward Through Philanthropy Recently, a school parent stopped by my office to talk about philanthropy at University School. Out of general curiosity and specific interest, he asked insightful questions on governance, finances, and School operations, and where philanthropy fit into the picture. Although it was not our original intent, it turned out that he and I had an important conversation about the many distinctive aspects that define independent education. As an adjective, the word “independent” takes on several meanings for USM, including autonomy, self-governance, and no public-funding support. Yet I particularly like the following definition, especially as it relates to our financial independence: “not depending on something else for strength and effectiveness.” Charitable contributions whether through Annual, Endowment, or Planned gifts provide the necessary, additional financial resources – over and above tuition – that keep USM strong and effective. Whether for faculty and staff professional development, classroom instruction, athletics, extracurricular activities, financial aid, or campus maintenance, charitable contributions provide the additional resources that make it possible for USM to offer our students an outstanding education. We are grateful to our parents, alumni, and other friends who give in support of our independence. Thank you to all our donors who help keep us strong and effective.

Alumna joins the Advancement Team The Advancement Office is pleased to announce that Evann Schwerm, a 2005 USM graduate, has joined the Advancement staff as Alumni Relations Manager. In her role, Evann will work closely with the Alumni Board and other alumni volunteers on Reunion Weekend, regional events, class agent and class reunion programs, and Annual Giving, among other key initiatives. A USM “lifer,” Evann earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in American Studies and Psychology at Wellesley College. Most recently, she worked as the development office assistant at North Shore Country Day in Winnetka, Illinois.


School Year Highlights national merit The Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT), taken by juniors in October, is the first step toward qualifying for scholarships in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Students advance to finalist status based on academic performance in the classroom, an essay written for the scholarship competition, and a letter of recommendation from their school. Class of 2011 finalists were Ethan Ardern, Laura Ball, James Bowen, Ian Cooley, Victoria Edmonds, Alexandra Grant, Kabir Gupta, Syed Hussaini, Gregory Hutson, Meredith Marks, Paul Martinez, Nick Martino, Emily Melvin, Henry Prown, Michael Short, and Michael Wheeler. Class of 2011 finalists offered Nation Merit Scholarships are Laura Ball and Victoria Edmonds. 2011 graduate Shelby Sinclair was named a finalist in the National Achievement Scholarship Competition, which recognizes promising Black American students nationwide. She received a scholarship underwritten by the Mead Witter Foundation, Inc.

advanced placement University School leads Wisconsin in Advanced Placement (AP) success. The AP Program of the College Board is the most widely recognized nationwide program by which students can complete college-level course work while still in high school. Scores of 3, 4, or 5 are generally considered to be passing college criteria. Advanced Placement tests are taken in May, and the results are announced in the fall. The following are the results of the May 2010 exams: AP Scholar with Distinction (scores of 3 or better on five or more AP exams): Laura Ball, James Bowen, Victoria Edmonds, William Gibb, Meredith Marks, and Paul Martinez. AP Scholar with Honors (scores of 3 or better on four or more AP exams): Ethan Ardern, Ian Cooley, Alexandra Grant, Sarah Lawton, Henry Prown, Thomas Fang, and Michael Wheeler. AP Scholars (scores of 3 or better on three or more AP exams): Paige Costakos, Kabir Gupta, Nicholas Hermberg, Syed Hussaini, Andrew Ivarson, Aahad Khan, Mahin Khan, Nicholas Martino, Abrar Mohiuddin, Ryan Murphy, Elena Noyes, Claire Prewitt, David Rosenberg, Michael Short, William Stearns, and Carol Walker.

cum laude The International Cum Laude Society represents the top one percent of all secondary schools in the United States. Qualifying students in the top 10 percent of the USM senior class are inducted into the Society each fall and another 10 percent in the spring. They are recognized for their outstanding academic performance and for demonstrating honorable personal attributes. Class of 2011 October inductees are Laura Ball, James Bowen, Ian Cooley, Victoria Edmonds, Meredith Marks, Paul Martinez, Ryan Murphy, David Rosenberg, and Michael Wheeler. Class of 2011 January inductees are Ethan Ardern, Erica Coleman, Bennett Gelly, Wil Gibb, Alex Grant, Kabir Gupta, Sarah Lawton, Michael Short, and Shelby Sinclair.

chess At the end of April, a team of seven Middle and Upper School students traveled to Nashville to compete at the 2011 National High School Chess Championship Tournament. The players returned with three team trophies and three individual trophies. Across all divisions in which the USM teams competed, they were the top Wisconsin school. The students who represented USM were seniors James Bowen, Drew Ivarson, and Ryan Murphy; junior Ishan Sinha; sophomore Bradley Schlesinger; and eighth-graders Andrew Buchanan and Sam Schlesinger.

community service highlights The importance of contributing to society is introduced to students at an early age. Participation in community service projects begins in prekindergarten and culminates with a 60-hour community service graduation requirement over the course of four years in the Upper School. Students performed countless hours of community service during the 2010-2011 school year. Highlights included: • In Preprimary and Lower School, students completed a service project for the Second Saturday Program. The organization provides single mothers and their children a regular meeting place where they can participate in social and educational activities. Students put together goodie bags for the participants and held bake sales to raise money for additional supplies. • Middle School students wrapped up Coins for Cambodia, a two-year project to raise funds for a school in Cambodia. The

project was initiated after nine Middle School teachers and staff members visited and taught at the school during the summer of 2009. Through various raffles, auctions, and donations, students raised over $5,300. The Cambodian school will be able to purchase at least one computer and a solar panel, allowing Middle School students at USM to communicate and learn with the students there. • In April, the Upper School STAR Service Club held its third annual fashion show to benefit Sojourner Family Peace Center, which provides shelter for men, women, and children who are victims of domestic violence. Parents, students, and faculty served as models showcasing looks from area stores. Students raised over $1,300 for the organization.

fine arts achievements Upper School Fall Play “The Comedy of Errors” In October, the Upper School Drama Department presented Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors.” Middle School Fall Play “The Sword in the Stone” Middle Schoolers brought the grandeur of ancient British legend and lore to life in their fall performance of “The Sword in the Stone.” Upper School Spring Musical “Into the Woods” Upper School students performed Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's fractured fairy tale musical “Into the Woods” in February. Middle School Spring Musical “The Sound of Music” The Middle School was proud to present one of the most popular movie musicals of all time, “The Sound of Music,” as its spring performance. Students Perform at State Music Festival In May, a group of USM musicians participated in the State Music Festival at UW-Milwaukee. Students qualified to participate after receiving top ratings in March at the District Solo/Ensemble Festival. The following students participated in the competition: Middle School students: seventh-graders Noelle Filali (violin) and Ethan Shuler (bassoon); and eighth-graders Sam Meyers (piano), and Philip Shuler (horn; vocal duet). Upper School students: sophomores Kimberly Henrickson (classical soprano; musical theater,), Henry Schlenker (cello),

and Connor Scott (saxophone); juniors Kevlyn Holmes (classical soprano), Alexis Lindsey (violin), and Topher McGhee (vocal trio); and seniors Laura Ball (classical alto), David Rosenberg (piano), Andrew Stewart (vocal trio), and Bennett Williamson (vocal duet; vocal trio). Junior Alexis Lindsay was one of three performers given an “exemplary certificate”. Middle School Chorus Students Give Outstanding Performance at Convention In January, the Middle School choruses performed at the Wisconsin Choral Directors’ Association 2011 State Convention in Green Bay. USM was invited to the Convention for the first time to perform four selections, representing a diverse array of musical styles and genres. Middle School Student's Artwork Selected for National Exhibition Fifth-grader Daniel Zaydman had his artwork titled “The University School Tower” featured in the VSA and CVS Caremark All Kids Can CREATE visual arts exhibition, which debuted in Washington, D.C.’s Union Station and toured across the country. He was one of two artists selected to represent the state of Wisconsin in the exhibition. This annual program showcases how students with and without disabilities learn through the arts in their schools and communities. Scholastic Art Awards Four USM students won state recognition from the Scholastic Art Awards competition, winning a total of seven Gold Keys the highest amount USM has ever won at one time. These students were honored in a ceremony at the Milwaukee Art Museum, had their work displayed at the Museum, and advanced to the national competition in New York City. Congratulations to: Senior Ji Woon Han - Gold Key for her painting, Gold Key for her photo, and Gold Key for her art portfolio Senior Amanda Szymanski - Gold Key for her painting and Gold Key for her drawing Senior Taylor Humphrey - Gold Key for her collage Senior Bennett Gelly - Gold Key for his mixed media.

Our Students Move Forward lower school moving up ceremony

upper school commencement 2011 Former Upper School history teacher (1972-74) Paul Grogan returned to campus to deliver this year’s Commencement address to 92 graduating seniors. He is now the President and CEO of the Boston Foundation, one of the nation’s oldest and largest community foundations. His lively speech, encompassing quotes from George Bernard Shaw and E.B. White, can be found on the school website at

Sixty-six fourth-graders participated in the Lower School Moving Up Ceremony. At this special event, students had the opportunity to share their favorite memories of Lower School.

middle school closing ceremony

Commencement Awards Valedictorian Meredith Marks Salutatorians Laura Ball David Rosenberg The Trustees’ Cup Shelby Sinclair John Ladd Alumni Key Award Carol Walker Nick Martino Peter Engelmann Freshman Academic Award Benjamin Sampson

Chorus members perform “Three Little Birds” at the Middle School Closing Ceremony.

This year, 80 eighth-graders participated in the Middle School Closing Ceremony. Students were welcomed to the Upper School by Roseann Lyons, Head of Upper School. Students who received special recognition at an assembly in May were: • Academic Recognition (determined by eighth-grade accumulative GPA through third quarter): Drew Glaeser, Adam Malkin, and Tyler Smith • Athletic Recognition (determined by coaches): Hanora Lucey and Michael Tucker • Citizen Recognition (determined by student voting): Drew Glaeser and Tyler Smith 32

William B. Church Sophomore Academic Award Kern Khanna Doolitle Schroeder Junior Academic Award Ishan Sinha Harvey J. Ramaker Freshman Citizenship Award Maahum Mehdi Margaret E. Stratton Memorial Sophomore Citizenship Award Sarah Severson Mary P. Hill Junior Citizenship Award Julia Rothacker Mary Basson English Award Ryan Murphy

Fine Arts Department Awards Band: Paul Martinez Civic Music Association: William Stearns Drama: Alexandra Grant Orchestra: James Bowen Vocal Music: Andrew Stewart Visual Arts: JiWoon Han World Language Department Awards Chinese: John Ladd French: William Gibb Latin: Claire Prewitt Spanish: Michael Wheeler Carol Drummond History Award Sarah Lawton

Booster Club JV Sportsmanship Award Annelise Gehl John Hiller Rotary Club Of Milwaukee North Shore Service Award Ivy McKee Ishan Sinha W. H. Brady Academic All-Stars Victoria Edmonds Paul Martinez Presidential Scholar Semi-Finalists Laura Ball Ian Cooley

Mathematics Department Award Paul Martinez Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award Ashton Wackym Marion Chester Read Sportsmanship Trophy Elena Noyes Henry H. Uihlein Sportsmanship Trophy Alexander Read


2010-2011 Wildcat Year in Review Athletic teams at University School maintain the same high standards on the fields, courses, courts, slopes, and the ice as they do in the classroom. As a result of their efforts, two USM teams attained the ultimate success this past season as the USM field hockey team and boy’s tennis team won state championships.

A First-rate Fall USM Volleyball • The volleyball team lost an exciting match against Dominican at the WIAA Division 3 State Tournament Regional play. The team ended its outstanding season with a 20-5 record and was third in the Midwest Classic Conference with a 6-2 record. The team won the Brown Deer Tournament for the first time.

• Senior Billy Ostermeyer was selected to represent USM as a member of the south roster at the Wisconsin Football Coaches Association’s annual All-Star Classic. USM Girls’ Tennis • The girls’ tennis team competed in the WIAA Division 2 Team Tennis Tournament and lost in a semi-final match to Green Bay Notre Dame. The team challenged itself by playing a variety of tough competitors, including some top Division 1 teams, during the regular season. The team swept the Midwest Classic Conference and swept the State Tournament Sectionals. It ended the season with an overall 16-9 record. Sophomore Maddy Ecker, the number 1 singles player on the girls tennis team, won the 2010 Division 2 Individual Singles State Tournament. • Andy Paley was hired as the new head girls’ tennis coach.

USM Girls’ and Boys’ Cross Country • The cross country team ended its season by participating in the Division 2 State Tournament Port Washington Sectional races held in Saukville. The USM boys’ team finished sixth and the girls’ team finished 11th. The team had a mix of veteran leaders and young enthusiastic runners. USM Boys’ Soccer • The soccer team ended its season with a fine 15-6-3 record overall, after a loss to The Prairie School in the WIAA Division 3 State Tournament Sectional Final game. The team won its Regional and was 7-0 in the Midwest Classic Conference, allowing only one goal in conference play this season. It also won the Eastside Cup Tournament at Shorewood High School early in the season. USM/Brown Deer Co-op Girls’ Swimming and Diving • The swimming and diving team competed in the WIAA Division 2 State Tournament and had 65 points to finish 13th of 38 teams. This is the highest State Tournament finish to date for the Falconcats. USM senior Caroline Bridges and USM freshman Kimberly Roos gave the team many first place victories and USM juniors Lauren Isnard and Emily Melvin were the team’s top divers. • Bailey Nennig was promoted to the position of head boys’ and girls’ swimming coach. Nennig will join Brown Deer head coach Bob Van Lieshout to form the Brown Deer/University School Swimming and Diving co-op coaching staff. USM Football • The Wildcat football team ended its season on a high note with the two straight Conference victories. The team’s final record was 4-5, the same record as last season. • Brian Sommers was hired as a physical education teacher and head football coach for the 2011-2012 school year. 34

Girls’ Varsity Field Hockey Front: Bela Yousif, Sally James, Misha Fabick, Meredith Jeffers Middle: Erika Hurth, Abby Wigdale, Lindsay Neitzel, Georgia Hoagland, Maggie Schroeder, Paige Costakos, Catie Downey, Cassie Beck Back: Coach Morgan Oldenburg, Carol Walker, Billie Fritz, Margeaux Hagemann, Jenna Seter, Lauren Schwieters, Coach Valerie Clarke

USM Field Hockey • The varsity field hockey team defeated Arrowhead to win the Wisconsin High School Field Hockey Association State Tournament. The team finished its second consecutive undefeated season against state competitors with an 18-0-1 record. Its undefeated streak in the WHSFHA has been extended to 38 games. • Tom Carter was hired as the new head field hockey coach. Carter has served University School for the last two seasons as head varsity reserve coach.

A Wonderful Winter USM Coed Ski Team • The boys’ ski team finished ninth and the girls 11th in the Midwest High School Ski Conference sending both team to the Wisconsin State High School Ski Championships where they placed eighth and 11th.

• Junior Cassie Bence earned a spot on the Wisconsin All-state ski team, competed in the Eastern High School Ski Championships, and finished 51st out of 107 girls from high school teams in the eastern half of the United States. Brown Deer/USM Co-op Boys’ Swimming and Diving • The BD/USM swimming and diving co-op team took second place in the Division 2 Sectional 3 Meet held in Plymouth. This is the highest finish in the history of the co-op. The Wildfalconcats finished a respectable 21st in the State Meet. USM Girls’ Basketball • The girls’ basketball team finished its season with a record of 6-17 overall and 3-13 in the Midwest Classic Conference North. The Wildcats won a thriller come-from-behind game against PalmyraEagle 31-30 in the opening round of the WIAA state tournament Division 3, Sectional 4 Regionals. Assistant coach Evan Burlew was promoted to the position of head varsity girls’ basketball coach and assistant Erin Gilliland was promoted to associate head girls’ basketball coach. USM Boys’ Basketball • The boys’ basketball team finished its season with a record of 15-8 and 9-7 in the Midwest Classic Conference North. The Wildcats began Division 3 WIAA Tournament play by hosting a Regional game against Palmyra-Eagle, which USM won. In the Regional semi-final of the WIAA Division 3 Sectional 4 State Tournament playoffs, number seven seed University School fell to the number two seed East Troy 75-49 to draw a close the Wildcats’ season. USM Boys’ Ice Hockey • The hockey team finished its season with a 14-9-3 record. The Wildcats played in a WIAA State Tournament Sectional 8 Regional Final against the Germantown Co-op and won. The team then played Cedarburg in a Sectional 8 semi-final game and lost. USM senior Simon Leahy was named Area Player of the Year by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. USM Girls’ Ice Hockey • The girls’ co-op hockey team finished the season with a 16-11 overall record. It was 8-4 in the Eastern Shores Conference. The Wildcats played a WIAA State Tournament Regional game against the Stoughton Co-op and won and then topped Arrowhead in the Sectional 4 semi-finals. The Wildcats played Sun Prairie in the Sectional 4 Final in Beaver Dam lost its bid for a trip to Madison. • Head girls hockey coach Jason Woods was promoted to manager of the School’s Polly and Henry Uihlein Ice Arena, located on the USM campus.

A Sensational Spring USM Baseball • The baseball team finished its season with a record of 13-13 overall and 8-6 in the Midwest Classic Conference South. In the opening game of the Section 4 Regional in the Division 2 State Tournament, USM was victorious over St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy. The Wildcats then traveled to Jackson, Wis., and fell to top seeded Kettle Moraine Lutheran in the second round of Regional play. USM Girls’ Lacrosse • The girls’ lacrosse team enjoyed their first year as a varsity program by finishing the season with a 6-6 MAYLA conference record. The Wildcats began their WLF State Tournament with a win against Arrowhead White before falling to eventual WLF State Champion Arrowhead Red in the second round. • Junior Margeaux Hagemann was named as a First Team All-American by U.S. Lacrosse. Hagemann was also among five USM girls lauded as Academic All-Americans by U.S. Lacrosse. The other honorees are seniors Carol Walker, Victoria Edmonds and Claire Prewitt, and junior Riley Kelly. • Head Coach Samantha Adey was named the 2011 Girls Coach of the Year by the Milwaukee Area Youth Lacrosse. USM Golf • The Wildcats won the Midwest Classic Conference North title and advanced to the WIAA Division 2 Regional Tournament. The golf team ended their fine season when they placed fourth in the Sectional; only the top-two teams in each sectional move on to the state tournament. • Senior golfer Andrew Hattersley shot a 78 at the Campbellsport Sectional to become an individual qualifier for the Division 2 State Tournament. Hattersley placed 23rd in the WIAA Division 2 State Tournament. USM Boys’ Lacrosse • The boys’ lacrosse team finished its season with a 5-5 MAYLA conference record. The Wildcats went on to beat De Pere and Green Bay Notre Dame in the Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation Division 2 State Tournament, earning them a berth in the WLF championship game. USM traveled to Perkins Stadium on the campus of UW-Whitewater where the Wildcats fell to the Sauk Prairie Eagles. USM Girls’ Soccer • The girls’ soccer team finished its season with a record of 13-10 overall and 7-3 in the Midwest Classic Conference North. Wildcats won their first game in the Sectional 4 Regional of the WIAA Division 3 State Tournament, defeating Random Lake. Despite playing one of its best games of the 2011 season, the girls’ soccer team lost to top-seeded Brookfield Academy in the second round of the Regional. 35

Booster Club Report 2010-2011 Booster Club Officers

USM Boys’ Tennis Front: Andrew Hwang, Tyler Parks, Tommy Camilleri Middle: Brent Mackman, Ethan Ardern, Topher McGee, Michael Lukas Back row: Coach Bob Buckley, Andrew Stewart, Rishi Karri, Sam Walker, Coach Russ Trimble Not pictured: Emmett Scovil, Joey Harris, Adam Salaymeh

USM Boys’ Tennis • Once again the University School boys’ tennis team is the state champion. The Wildcats defeated Madison Edgewood 5-2 to add another title to their record and make it six consecutive years that University School has won the WIAA Division 2 Team Tournament. • The Wildcats won the Brown Deer Sectional of the WIAA Division 2 State Tournament with USM players taking first place in all of their flights. • In the Individual State Tournament senior Andrew Hwang defeated his classmate Sam Walker in the championship match while senior Ty Parks and freshman Brent Mackman finished as runners-up in the state doubles championship match. • Head Coach Russ Trimble was named Milwaukee area Coach of the Year by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In his third year as head coach at USM, Trimble has won led the USM boys’ tennis team to three straight state championships. USM Track and Field • The University School track and field team competed in the Midwest Classic Conference Meet with the boys’ team earning fifth place and the girls capturing sixth place in the meet. • The track and field team next competed in the Division 2 State Tournament Regional Meet hosted by Kettle Moraine Lutheran at Wisconsin Lutheran College. The USM boys placed seventh and the USM girls placed eighth in the meet. • As a result of their performance in the Regional Meet, several track and field athletes competed in the Kewaskum Sectional of the Division 2 State Tournament. • Freshman Djdade Denson set a School record for the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.54.

Follow athletic news on the USMNet Portal, the USM website, or on Twitter ( 36

President Cindy Zautcke

Homecoming Coordinator Lisa Read

Vice President Sara Bowen

Special Projects Laura Wigdale

Treasurer Cheri Seter

Concessions Catherine Williams and Jock Mutschler

Secretary Gigi Short

Merchandise Coordinator Linda Bleck

Membership Nancy Roos

Special Events and US Award Assemblies Linda Downey and Debbie Wheeler

Member at-large Alice Read

Middle School Liaison Janice Pennington

The Wildcat Booster Club had another successful year supporting all USM athletic teams. Parent volunteers, coordinated by captains’ parents and other parent liaisons, help make USM athletic events run smoothly and raise team spirit and camaraderie through team events. The Booster Club also funds banners for the gymnasium and T-shirts for conference championship winners. Booster Club membership dues, gate fees, concession sales, and merchandise purchases generated sufficient income to support the Club's mission by: School wide

Spirit shirts for new Lower School students Next Generation installment #4

USM athletes

Annual motto T-shirts Championship T-shirts Championship banners Campus-wide signage to recognize championships

Sports Information

Digital camera

Fitness Center



Courtside mascot chairs

Girls Basketball

Training balls

MS Field Hockey

Online resources; rebound board


Rae Crowther Battle Chute and Rogers Agility Dummies


Bunt Zone infield protector and trainer

Boys Lacrosse

Two-STX Ball Walls


Explanar Swing Aid and Standard Power Roller

Parents’ Association Report 2010-2011 At the Annual All-Parent Meeting in May, the Parents’ Association reported that the organization was in a strong financial position thanks to the hard work of the members of the PA Finance Committee, which was established during the 2009-2010 school year, as well as the strong support from the parent body. Revenue Holiday Shops Rummage at the Rink Dues Lower School Book Fair Middle School Summer Reading Kids’ Art Incentive Programs Retail Partners Green Fund Interest Income Other Income

$144,479 45,495 37,485 2,448 2,399 3,767 1,179 1,924 1,523 1,513 860

Parents’ Association Allocations 2011-2012

Middle School Desks and chairs


Total Revenue approx.


Technology – All LWAP controller SMART boards

$32,000 $17,500

Athletics Upper School bleachers


Administration Hot food holding cabinets


Expenditures Capital Allocations Next Generation Phase II Administrative Expenses and Program Allocations: Assemblies and Author Visits Drama – MS & US Fine Arts Grandparents and Special Friends Day Library Support Parent Education Global Village Division Activities (Preprimary through Upper School) Total Expenditures approx.

$196,861 100,000 58,211

Upper School Painting Lower Level flooring (US dining room)


$9,000 $40,075



Parents’ Association Board 2010-2011 President Lee Wiensch

Middle School Coordinator Alice Carrothers

President-Elect Karen Huffman

Upper School Coordinator Deb Walker

Treasurer Gigi Short ’79

Allocations Coordinator Carrie Burton

Secretary Julie Buchanan

Allocations Coordinator-Elect Janice Pennington

Fundraising Development Coordinator Jock Mutschler

Allocations Coordinator-Elect Kristin Sheehan

Preprimary Coordinator Stephanie Petersen

Parent Education Coordinator Jackie Hill

Lower School Coordinator Litzi Schulz

Volunteer Coordinator Cindy Zautcke

Communications Coordinator Lisa Wright Communications Coordinator-Elect Donna Smith Nominations Coordinator Susan Cutajar Special Events Coordinator Niven Kingwill Past President Ellen Venable Parents’ Association Manager Stacey Radke


Alumni Report 2010-2011 Alumni Board 2010-2011 President Louis H. Schroeder III ’83 Immediate Past President Alexander E. Miller ’79 Secretary Danielle Wagner Strauss ’94 Geoffrey L. Aster ’95 John M. Borges ’85 John Boughton MUS’47 Stacy A. Brett ’98 Steven G. Carlson ’97 L. Wells Culver III ’75 Avery L. Goodrich, Jr. ’76 Sarah Hewitt Hull ’79 Gerald D. King ’92 Daphne Seaman Lerner ’88 Judy Tanner Moon ’72 Thomas W. Parker ’79 Joseph M. Peltz ’99 Elizabeth C. Perkins ’92 Elizabeth Gallagher Petree ’99 Jessica Roulette ’88 Evann D. Schwerm ’05 Frederick P. Stratton III ’92 Rachel Gimbel Wagner ’02 Michael J. Winters ’85

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The Alumni Association brings together graduates of USM and its three predecessor schools to support the School and to connect with one another. All graduates of USM, Milwaukee Country Day, Milwaukee Downer Seminary, and Milwaukee University School are members of the Alumni Association. Throughout the year, under the leadership of the 2010-2011 Alumni Annual Giving Co-Chairs, Joe Peltz ’99 and Scott Schroeder ’83, numerous alumni volunteered to help garner support for the School. As a result of the diligent work of class agents, phonathon callers, and reunion volunteers (listed in the volunteer section on page 7), 797 alumni contributed $482,549 in annual gifts (including bequests) to the School. Listings of the leadership donors start on page 8, and the class listing of alumni donors is included in the online Annual Advancement Report available at We thank our alumni volunteers and donors for supporting the School. Strong alumni participation enhances the educational experience for all USM students. Additionally, the Alumni Office, working with the Alumni Association Board and a host of other volunteers throughout the country, sponsors a number of activities during the year to provide our graduates with the occasion to gather and reconnect. In late June, Reunion 2011 was well attended by milestone reunion alumni from classes ending in 1’s and 6’s as well as many local alumni. This weekend represents a meaningful time for our alumni and our School. We encourage you to enjoy photos from this important celebration on the following pages, as well as in the photo galleries at Planning is under way for Reunion 2012. We invite all alumni in class years ending in 2 or 7 to participate in making the weekend a success. For information, or to volunteer for your Reunion Committee, please contact Evann Schwerm ’05 in the Alumni Office at 414.540.3337 or Other alumni events and activities throughout the year included: • Alumni Regional Events in Boston, New York, and Chicago • Community service event for local alumni and their families • Senior brunch panel and discussion for the Class of 2011 • Initial planning for the Career Services Network program Be sure to visit regularly for upcoming alumni activities and events.

Class of 2011 Agents Each year six alumni are chosen as college class agents, representatives who will help organize their five-year class reunion and serve as a liaison between University School and their classmates. Congratulations to these Class of 2011 agents: Lucy Bartlett, Nick Hermberg, Jack Ladd, Lauren Schwieters, Carol Walker, and Bennett Williamson. 38

Farewell, Mr. Ghor y Members of the USM community gathered to bid Ward Ghory and his wife, Anne, a fond farewell and all the best in their future endeavors.

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in April for a surprise assembly.

Students from each division presented Ward Ghory, known for his love of reading, with books to add to his vast collection as tokens of their appreciation for his years of dedication to USM. Books included; “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss, “Dream” by Susan Bosak, and volumes of poems from writer Richard Wilbur.

Board of Trustees Reception From left Ward Ghory, Anne Ghory-Goodman, Bill Wernecke, Susan Wernecke, Tom Florsheim, and Jennifer Florsheim.

Parents’ Association Ward Ghory (center) with the past Parents’ Association presidents who served their terms while Ghory was at USM. From left Debbie Hogate, Mary Jane Martinez, Diann Baumann, Pamela Shovers, Ward Ghory, Ellen Venable, Sherry Ortiz, Jean Storer, and Lee Wiensch.


Mission Statement Reflecting a proud tradition of excellence and embracing the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century, the mission of University School of Milwaukee is to: Provide an outstanding college-preparatory education that develops students’ academic potential, fosters their personal growth, and encourages them to be lifelong learners; Support students as they become progressively independent and grow intellectually, emotionally, ethically, socially, and physically; Create meaningful opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and skills, pursue interests, and develop leadership in academics, the arts, athletics, and service; Cultivate the value of community among students, their families, alumni, faculty, and staff and instill in students an appreciation for individuals and their diversity; and Build a lifetime foundation that prepares students to make good decisions, contribute to society, and enjoy rewarding lives. With an engaging and highly skilled faculty in an exceptional facility, the School represents the best in prekindergarten through twelfth grade independent education. Adopted by the Board of Trustees on November 21, 2006.

Advancement Department Annie Burkhart Advancement Communications Manager 414.540.3332 Marlene Connor Database and Information Manager 414.540.3336 Julie Piwowarczyk Communications Specialist 414.540.3338 Julie Potratz Advancement Office Associate 414.540.3339 Evann Schwerm ’05 Alumni Relations Manager 414.540.3337 Maria Stone Director of Development and Donor Relations 414.540.3331 Elaine Sweet Director of Marketing and Communications 414.540.3335 Jodie Tonner Director of Advancement 414.540.3333

Administrative Division/ Department Heads Gregg Bach Assistant Head of School Judy Bloch Assistant to the Head of Academic Initiatives/ Learning Center Head/ Director of Summer Programs Alex Chou Director of Business Services Chris D. Cruz Director of Technology Kathleen Friedman Director of Admissions/ Director of Financial Aid Rick Johns Athletic Director Carolyn Lengh Head of Lower School Roseann Lyons Head of Upper School Pamela Nosbusch Head of Middle School

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