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Kate replicates an adult female body. She possesses all major skeletal, muscular and cartilaginous structures, as well as the major nervous system and vascular components. Anastasia Kate is an ideal alternative to human cadavers because her synthetic tissues are a better representation of live tissue than the dead tissue of a cadaver, and unlike a human cadaver, the SynDaver will last virtually forever with proper maintenance.

“Although Anastasia Kate is our first mannequin of this caliber, the Sciannas have made it possible for us to extend innovative instruction with mannequins to other programs in the college. We are excited about implementing models for bedside nursing demonstration into our curriculum in the near future and cannot thank Rita and Chuck enough for their generosity,” Dr. McLain said.

“In traditional human cadavers, formaldehyde causes parts of the body to turn grayish tones. This discoloration makes it more difficult to distinguish nerves, tendons, arteries and veins, as well as bones and ligaments,” Dr. McLain said. “Strangely, the artificial cadaver is more realistic than a real human one because no discoloration occurs.” Curriculum in the Nurse Anesthesia Program has recently been revised to incorporate the SynDaver into multiple classes throughout the three-year program, tying didactic learning and clinical correlation together. “Many students easily learn the concepts and clinical anesthesia; however, the hardest part to teach is the correlation of knowledge to interpretation in the clinical setting. Anastasia Kate will move us ahead significantly in this area,” said Dr. McLain. The Southern Miss College of Nursing is the first college to acquire an advanced simulation SynDaver mannequin, setting the University apart from other nursing programs in the state and region. “Having ‘her’ on site and accessible in the simulation laboratory for students to use during open lab hours is to their advantage in every way,” Dr. McLain said. “Her clear acrylic tank allows students to easily pull up a stool, glove up and walk through the anatomy for the area they are studying or answer questions asked by professors.” With several of the college’s current mannequins in need of replacement, remaining funds will secure four new mid-fidelity mannequins, which will enhance the family of mannequins and students’ simulation experiences as they learn nursing fundamentals.

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