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“As an aspiring newscaster from Jackson, Miss., I never thought I would have access to a television studio suite until after landing my first job," said Danielle’ Willis, senior broadcasting major. "The generosity Mr. Scarborough has shown provides Southern Miss students with the ability to practice and perform their talents well before graduation.” Broadcasting majors like Willis utilize the Charles Bishop Scarborough III Television Studio Suite multiple times a week to produce newscasts that are uploaded to YouTube. Golden Eagles are introduced to being in front of the camera, and also behind it, as they produce shows using multiple cameras, high-quality microphones and production lights. This studio allows students to utilize equipment similar to what is being used in local newsrooms. Without Scarborough’s philanthropic support, students would lack skillsets needed for their first reporting, producing or anchoring position, leaving them at a disadvantage in the job market. Thankfully, they now have the resources at their fingertips to gain confidence, feel comfortable and be prepared for careers in broadcasting or news production. “Our school is one of only 108 accredited programs in the country, and it’s something of which we are extremely proud. In the four accrediting cycles we’ve undergone during my time here, reviewers praise our strong faculty and how well we prepare journalists for their careers in broadcasting and news, but there is always a ‘but.’ Since 1991, every accrediting report has identified our biggest need as modernizing equipment,” said Dr. Dave Davies, director of the School of Mass Communication and Journalism. “Chuck’s incredible gift allows our equipment to match our quality faculty and curriculum. It amounts to a huge step forward for our broadcasting program and our ability to educate the journalists of tomorrow exceptionally well. For that, we cannot thank him enough.” Gifts like Scarborough’s allow Southern Miss to take a proactive approach to educating students in a way that equals their limitless potential. With this kind of support, who knows which students will become the next Emmy Award-winning Golden Eagles.

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2017 USM Foundation Impact Report