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Vibrant SolutionS for Dynamic Growth Simple Steps to Energizing Muscles HGH fragment 176-191 belongs to the class of high impact amino acids. This is used for improvising the human lipid profile that increases the muscle mass at the same time maintain the glucose levels in the blood stream. This is also an effective agent for reducing the fat content in the muscles. It has a guaranteed 98.6% purity. It is the residue of C-terminus of HGH Fragment 176-191 to tyrosine that is blended with Nterminal end. This growth hormone factor (GRF) induces typical growth stimulating hormones in a specific physiological method. Additional glycogen stored in the muscles act as energy storage point.

Multi-Purpose Potion for Everyone

CJC-1295 is a customized amino acid class compound that is primarily designed to work as a growth stimulating hormone. The major advantage is its half life period which varies between 10 and 30 minutes. This gives the flexibility for the end user in controlling the HGH and IGF-1 levels. Major benefits are burning of fat, strengthening of muscles, and enhanced energy supply to the body in the long run, better sleep cycles, strengthened bones and so forth. Women find the benefits in better managed the body shape & tone and an athletic appearance. Elders retain more memory power during old age.

The Ideal Growth Booster GHRP-6 is an artificial peptide that belongs to the growth booster hormone family. Earlier these types of hormones were mainly used by athletes, body builders and sports persons. With the advent of modern age and declining health levels due to malnutrition and varying food habits this has come to be adopted for every one. It enhances the food intake capacity, prevents accumulation of unhealthy fat and removes obesity and is very effective against food consumption disorders. It is beneficial for the central nervous system by preserving the neurons and increasing strength. Bone Joints, connecting tissues and other muscles are strengthened.

The Master Masculinity Booster Mechano growth factor is yet another muscle growth boosting peptide. It boosts the release of IGF-1 Ea from the lever which one of the main muscle growth factors. It also acts as an effective healer for the muscles. Controlled dosages can result in a 25% increment in the fast growth of muscles fibers within a short period of 2-3 weeks. This is naturally preferred by body builders, athletes and other sports persons as well as people looking to lead a better fit life style. The dosage should be as preferably as prescribed by the physician or the authorized medical consultant.

Growth Boosting Engine IGF-1 Ec is fundamentally an insulin derived growth booster and preserving hormone. It regenerates muscles. The main job of the peptide is to activate the satellite cells and thus leading the creation of new muscle fibers. The best dosage for the body builders would be immediately after their work-out time.

Authentically Athletic Ipamorelin has the unique property of releasing muscle developing hormones. Apart from this, it also boosts bone growth which is an added advantage of this peptide. Controlled dosage among athletes shows a remarkable improvement in their in their performance levels. Simultaneously it also burns excess fat and maintains good physique.

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Vibrant solutions for dynamic growth  

HGH fragment 176-191 belongs to the class of high impact amino acids. This is used for improvising the human lipid profile that increases t...

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