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How to Detect Childhood Anxiety Signs

Problem 1 Anxiety is an emotion that all humans can experience. Also, this emotion is the natural response of the body face to stress, and it involves a feeling of fear of daily responsibilities and tasks. But how does it occur in children? Usually, anxiety is manifested in the first day of school, when the child feels fearful and nervous.


However, children can also become anxious when they are separated from you, regardless of the moment or situation. And that feeling can be a reaction to events that have not yet occurred. At this point, it is important to note that those events are perceived as threats.

Symptoms Under excessive anxiety, children can suffer physical symptoms, such as headaches, stomachaches, wet and cold hands, heart palpitations, faintness, sleepless, and a generalized feeling of tension.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

On the other Reason 1 hand, some children experience “Generalized Anxiety Disorder” (GAD), which consists of an extreme concern over all kinds of situations, from school performance, health, family issues, to all things that happen around the world. In these cases, children with GAD cannot stop Reason 3 if they receive advice. worrying, even That’s when symptoms aggravate, and muscle aches or pains caused by worry appear.

What Can I Do to Help my Child?

First, remember that your children put their trust in your hands. In other words, when you notice any of these physical and emotional symptoms, you should avoid judgments that inhibit any expression of feelings. First, you must bear in mind that stress in children is the result of significant life changes, whether positive (new challenges after a success) or negative (classroom bullying).

Supportive Communication When you are talking to your child, the best approach is open communication made in a supportive manner. When you ask your child about their concerns, focus directly on their feelings, and then listen carefully to their answers.

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How to Detect Childhood Anxiety Signs | After School | Charlotte NC After School Charlotte NC

How to Detect Childhood Anxiety Signs | After School | Charlotte NC After School Charlotte NC