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USJTF Task 9 (Annex): ASRM Range Setup

“Tip of the spear”

Example one: Range Set up Target Production

25 Meters to target

Mock M4 Airsoft Range

100MPH Tape (Ready Line)

Head Area Cardboard Nailed into 2X4

Chest Area Cardboard Nailed into 2X4

Wood 2X4

Ground Instructor Student Waiting

Student Shooting

4 Inch pipe(Wide) 8 inches long (Height) sledgehammered into ground 6 feet from target to left, 25 Meters away from ready line

“Tip of the spear”

Example two: Clearing Barrel ALL Weapons firing this direction

20 feet across

30 feet across

Pickets or tent stakes

100 MPH Tape


“Tip of the spear”

USJTF Battle Drill 9 (annex) ASRM Range Setup