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Fredrikson School of Education

1101 W 22nd St Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Mark Hofer • Ed.S. in Educational Administration


“Through this program, I learned to recognize the personalities of my staff and work with each individual to make the most of their talents.”

Desire to Learn. At USF, we understand that committed educators have a passion for learning, a desire to make a difference and very

Brenda Hill • M.Ed. in Leadership

busy schedules. That’s why our coursework and class scheduling is designed around careers and families.

Graduate Education at a Glance: • Convenient schedules include summer, evening and online courses • Earn degrees within a two to three year timeframe • Curriculum is relevant to the real world • Educators are prepared for leadership roles • Courses include hands-on applications • Programs provide networking opportunities • Coursework includes research, self-analysis and classroom dialogue

“You will not find a better staff at any university. Every professor I have had at USF demonstrates leadership through caring about the students they teach.”

Engage to Grow. Graduates rave about the connections and resources available to them through USF and are thrilled to achieve a degree that distinctly prepares them to make a difference in the world of education. As a graduate student in USF’s Fredrikson School of Education, you will be

Rod Lenz • M.Ed. in Leadership

“The professors were caring, sincere and had a great understanding of education and what it takes to be a leader.”

part of a dynamic group of colleagues and professors who share a commitment to make the most of themselves and the students they influence.

Commit to Lead.

Master of Education Degrees The Master of Education programs are designed to prepare graduates to serve their school communities through leadership in reading, leadership in schools and leadership in educational technology.

Leadership in Reading The Leadership in Reading concentration prepares educators to assume leadership roles in curriculum development, staff development and literacy evaluation at the K-12 levels. This program meets USF, state and national standards. A graduate who successfully completes the Leadership in Reading program is eligible for South Dakota Department of Education certification as a K-12 reading specialist.

Billie Rothenberger

Leadership in Schools

• M.Ed. in Technology

The Leadership in Schools concentration prepares educators to balance strategic responsibilities of leadership such as collaborating with staff leaders in building-level teams, helping design quality staff development, insuring effective instructional leadership, mentoring others and articulating and implementing a vision for excellent and safe schools. This program meets the South Dakota Department of Education rules for certification as a school principal. It also meets USF, state and national leadership in schools standards.

Leadership in Technology The Leadership in Technology concentration prepares educators to lead effective and innovative uses of technology in K-12 educational settings. This concentration meets USF, state and national standards. The program supports students’ computing and technology literacy development to enhance teaching, learning and professional productivity. As technology integrationists, educators with this training assume leadership roles in implementing, supervising and managing technology resources at the school level. Graduates can become expert technology change agents in their schools.

“In the technology program, I was able to develop specific technology practices I continue to use in my classroom.”

Seek to Serve.

Education Specialist Degrees USF’s unique education specialist degrees prepare educators with previous master’s degrees to further build their professional capacity and apply their leadership to building-level and districtlevel careers. Graduates from these programs serve their schools, districts and communities in ways that promote the learning and success of all students. Unique programming features allow working professionals to participate in this professional growth experience.

James Nold • E d.S. in Educational Administration

These cohort programs are specifically designed around the lives of busy educators and include: • Summer coursework in condensed timeframes • Online components in many classes • One Saturday each month during the school year for most classes

Educational Administration/Superintendent Successful completion of this program qualifies graduates for South Dakota certification as a school superintendent and leadership roles at the district level. Participants who start at the beginning of the cohort cycle are eligible to obtain the 10-year superintendent endorsement after their first year. After completing the remaining 15 semester hours of the program, participants become eligible to obtain career superintendent certification and lead in various district-level leadership roles.

Educational Administration/Principal Successful completion of this program qualifies graduates for an advanced professional degree and for South Dakota certification as an elementary and/or secondary principal and leadership roles at the building-level. An individual plan of study is developed based on current master’s degree.

“The program stretched me to learn more about who I am as a leader. It gave me an experience that prepared me to be a servant leader in the school I currently work in. I will always be grateful for that, and I will always cherish the memories I have of those who walked along that path with me.”

Michelle Wiemann • M.Ed. in Reading

“My new understandings and leadership skills have allowed me to share with other teachers and to create a collaborative environment where students are the focus and improved instruction is the game plan.”

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Master of Education - Leadership in Education  
Master of Education - Leadership in Education  

The Master of Education programs at USF are designed to prepare graduates to serve their school communities through leadership in reading, l...