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reimbursement, veterans’ benefits or vocational rehabilitation benefits. These types of aid require notification to the Financial Aid Office and completion of additional USF paper work. Students may take additional coursework at the same time they are completing the program. As this may affect financial aid allocations, DCP students should notify the Financial Aid Office for assistance. Students who take additional coursework after completing the program are subject to traditional enrollment criteria for financial aid eligibility and may receive federal aid for the additional courses needed to fulfill graduation requirements. If a student is interested in receiving financial aid after the program, he or she needs to notify the Financial Aid Office of his or her planned enrollment in order to receive a financial aid package. If additional funding assistance is needed, a monthly payment plan or private alternative loan options may be available. DCP students must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and successfully complete 70 percent of attempted credits to remain eligible for financial aid. Satisfactory academic progress for financial aid is evaluated each term separately from academic policies.

Degree Requirements To graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business, Accounting, Health Administration or Social Work, students must do the following: 1. Complete a total of 124 semester hours of university-level work. 2. Complete the Degree Completion Program major with a grade point average of 2.0 or 2.5 for Health Administration. 3. Carry a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or 2.5 for Health Administration. 4. Obtain a grade of C- or better in all major courses. 5. Satisfy the liberal arts core requirements for the DCP. 6. The last 30 credits of the degree must be completed through USF.

Liberal Arts Core Requirements–DCP Writing & Intellectual Traditions ❏ LAR111 Writing & Intellectual Traditions I ❏ LAR112 Writing & Intellectual Traditions II

35 s.h. 6 s.h. 3 3

Theology 6 s.h. ❏ THE140 Introduction to the Bible 3 (choose one) ❏ THE 240 Introduction to Christian Thought & Practice 3 ❏ THE 376 Faith & World Views Communication (choose one) ❏ CST 100 Fundamentals of Communication ❏ CST 373 Intercultural Communication

3 s.h.

Literature (choose one) ❏ ENG200 Introduction to Literature ❏ ENG220 Global Literature Survey ❏ ENG221 British Literature Survey l ❏ ENG222 American Literature Survey l ❏ ENG223 British Literature Survey Il ❏ ENG224 American Literature Survey II

3 s.h. 3 3 3 3 3 3

❏ SPA 301 ❏ SPA 302

Survey of Peninsular Literature and Culture through the Golden Age Survey of Peninsular Literature and Culture: Golden Age to the Present

Fine Arts (choose one) 3 s.h. ❏ ART100 Introduction to Art 3 ❏ ART209 Art History: Prehistory–14th Century 3 ❏ ART210 Art History: 14th Century–Present 3 ❏ CST200 Introduction to Theatre 3 ❏ CST203 Introduction to Contemporary Drama 3 ❏ FA200 Humanities Through the Arts 3 ❏ MUS101 Foundations of Music Theory 3 ❏ MUS130 Introduction to Music 3 ❏ MUS202 History of Blues, Jazz and Rock 3 ❏ MUS203 American Musical Styles 3 ❏ MUS250 History of Music I: Ancient–18th Century 3 ❏ MUS255 History of Music II: 18th Century–Present 3 Exercise Science (choose one) ❏ EXS147 Wellness (weekend workshop) ❏ EXS200 Dimensions of Wellness

1-2 s.h. 1 2

Mathematics See curriculum for DCP Accounting, Business, Health Administration and Social Work Majors Science (choose one) ❏ BIO100 General Biology ❏ BIO101 Environmental Biology ❏ BIO102 Human Biology ❏ CHE111 General Chemistry I ❏ CHE121 Introduction to Chemistry ❏ NSC110 Perspectives on the Natural Sciences ❏ NSC120 Physical Science (2 s.h.) and ❏ NSC121 Earth Science (2 s.h.) ❏ NSC140 Introduction to Astronomy ❏ NSC220 Physics for Poets ❏ PHY101 Introductory College Physics ❏ PHY201 University Physics

4 s.h.

Social Science History (choose one) ❏ HIS101 Modern European History 1500–1815 ❏ HIS102 Modern European History Since 1815 ❏ HIS120 United States History to 1877 ❏ HIS121 United States History since1877 ❏ HIS104 World History 1450–Present

9 s.h.

Choose Two—each from a different discipline: Political Science ❏ PSC211 American Federal Government ❏ PSC212 American State and Local Government Psychology ❏ PSY201 General Psychology ❏ Geography ❏ SSC205 World Geography ❏ SSC305 US Geography

degree completion program (dcp)


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2017-2019 USF Academic Catalog  

2017-2019 academic catalog for the University of Sioux Falls.

2017-2019 USF Academic Catalog  

2017-2019 academic catalog for the University of Sioux Falls.