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❏ ENG222 American Literature Survey I ❏ ENG223 British Literature Survey II ❏ ENG224 American Literature Survey II

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Any two additional courses (6 s.h.) in literature at the 300 level or above. ENG 322 is highly recommended, as coursework in Shakespeare is required for teacher certification in some states. ❏ ENG _________________________________ ❏ ENG _________________________________ Six semester hours in oral communication (CST 209, 308, 309, 311, 312, 351 or 409) ❏ CST _________________________________ ❏ CST _________________________________ Two semesters in one foreign language (6-8 s.h.) ❏ ______________________________________ ❏ ______________________________________ LAR 111, LAR 112, and ENG 200 do not count as English electives. An overall GPA of 2.5 within the English Secondary Certification is required for graduation, as is successful completion of the English Major Writing Portfolio and the English Major Colloquium, both of which are completed during the student’s senior year.

Middle School Endorsements Students interested in receiving middle school endorsements should refer to Areas of Middle School Endorsement in Education in Bachelor's Degree Programs section.

English Minor Student Learning Outcomes: 1.  Students will write effectively for various audiences and purposes and recognize and respond to multiple rhetorical situations. 2. Students will read and write about literary texts from both an aesthetic and a critical perspective. Vocational Applications: The minor in English helps students develop a verbal and cultural literacy that prepares them for graduate study, positions in the field of communications or a wide variety of professional positions that demand logical thinking and exact, effective expression. Requirements: In addition to meeting the regular degree requirements of the University (which includes one 200-level literature course), the student must take at least 15 semester hours of study that includes the following requirements: Required courses: (9 s.h.) ❏ ENG360 Advanced Composition ❏ ENG221/223 British Literature Survey ❏ ENG222/224 American Literature Survey

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Electives: (6 s.h. of 250-400-level courses) ❏ ENG ________________________________________ ❏ ENG ________________________________________

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2015-2017 USF Academic Catalog  
2015-2017 USF Academic Catalog  

2015-2017 academic catalog for the University of Sioux Falls.