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English (B.A.) The English major at the University of Sioux Falls offers students instruction in language and literature from a Christian Liberal Arts perspective. The mission of the English department is to foster an appreciation of the study of literature and writing, as well as to prepare students for careers requiring skills in analysis and communication. The major challenges students to write clearly, communicate effectively and think creatively, providing students with the practical skills necessary to succeed in a variety of fields. English majors pursue a course of study through one of three different tracks: the language, literature and culture track; the writing and rhetorics track; or the teaching certification in secondary English education track. The English major works closely with an advisor to plan a course of study that best suits individual needs and interests. Student completing a major in English should be able to: 1.  Communicate for various audiences and purposes using effective speaking and writing. 2. Demonstrate familiarity with literary history and development, including writers, periods and historical and cultural contexts. 3.  Demonstrate aesthetic appreciation for and critical engagement with literature and language. 4.  Practice scholarly inquiry, including evaluating, engaging with and integrating sources in research writing. 5. Recognize the relationships among religion, faith, language and literature.

❏ ENG221 ❏ ENG222 ❏ ENG223 ❏ ENG224

British Literature Survey I American Literature Survey I British Literature Survey II American Literature Survey II

Electives: (15 s.h.) ❏ ENG _________________________________ ❏ ENG _________________________________ ❏ ENG _________________________________ ❏ ENG _________________________________ ❏ ENG _________________________________ Language Electives: (12-14 s.h.) Two semesters in one foreign language ❏ ______________________________________ ❏ ______________________________________ Six semester hours from the following: ❏ Other Language Courses ❏ ENG368 Language and Society ❏ ENG423 Literary Criticism and Cultural Theory ❏ ENG110 ❏ ENG330 ❏ ENG360 ❏ ENG395 ❏ ENG450

Introduction to English Studies 1 Communication, Language and Grammar 3 Advanced Composition 3 Internship in Writing 1-4 English Major Colloquium 1

Each of the following: ❏ ENG368 Language and Society ❏ ENG425 Digital Humanities

Requirements: In addition to meeting the liberal arts core requirements of the University, the student must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours of English courses and two semesters (6-8 s.h.) of one foreign language for the Writing and Rhetorics Track. For the Language, Literature and Culture track, a minimum of 32 semester hours of English courses and 12 Language Elective semester hours is required. An overall GPA of 2.5 within the English major is required for graduation, as is successful completion of the English major Writing Portfolio and the English Major Colloquium, both of which are completed during the student’s senior year.

Creativity ❏ ENG311 ❏ ENG312 ❏ ENG490 ❏ ENT225 ❏ CST361

❏ ENG110 ❏ ENG330 ❏ ENG360 ❏ ENG450

Introduction to English Studies Communication, Language and Grammar Advanced Composition English Major Colloquium

Any three of the following survey courses: (9 s.h.) ❏ ENG220 Global Literature Survey

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Writing and Rhetorics Track

Vocational Applications: The major in English helps students develop a verbal and cultural literacy that prepares them for graduate study, positions in the field of communications, or a wide variety of professional positions that demand logical thinking and exact, effective expression. Relevant vocational areas include publishing, editing, website development, technical writing, advertising, communications media, public relations, management and creative writing. English is also a recommended pre-professional major for the study of law.

Language, Literature and Culture Track

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Nine semester hours from one of the rhetorics listed below: Business ❏ ENG250 Business Research and Writing 3 ❏ BUS210 Principles of Management 3 ❏ BUS307 Principles of Marketing 3 Creative Writing Creative Writing II Special Topics (writing-focused) Innovation and Problem Solving Playwriting

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Media ❏ MED206 Media Writing ❏ MED207 Media Survey ❏ MED260 Media Issues

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Public Rhetorics ❏ CST308 ❏ CST319 ❏ EXS215 ❏ HIS213 ❏ HIS220 ❏ PHI 341

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Persuasion Public Presentations Ethical Issues in Sport Contemporary World Events Historical Writing Ethics

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2015-2017 USF Academic Catalog  
2015-2017 USF Academic Catalog  

2015-2017 academic catalog for the University of Sioux Falls.