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❏ BUS305 Managerial Finance ❏ BUS320 Business Law ❏ BUS421 Business Ethics ❏ BUS427 Strategic Management ❏ ENG250 Business Research & Writing ❏ ECO212 Principles of Microeconomics ❏ ECO213 Principles of Macroeconomics ❏ MAT201/202 Finite Math/Calc for Applications ❏ MAT233 Statistics 18 s.h. of electives of upper level courses from ACC/BUS/ECO/ENT

Accounting Minor Requirements: Students who meet the regular degree requirements of the University for a major in some other area may receive a minor in Accounting by completing 22-23 s.h. as follows: ❏ ACC225 Principles of Accounting I ❏ ACC226 Principles of Accounting II ❏ ACC325 Intermediate Accounting I ❏ ACC317 Cost Management ❏ ACC304 Individual Tax Choose two courses from the following: ❏ ACC326 Intermediate Accounting II ❏ ACC404 Organizational Tax ❏ ACC425 Advanced Accounting ❏ ACC330 Accounting Information Systems ❏ ACC405 Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting ❏ ACC390 Special Topics in Accounting




2015-2017 USF Academic Catalog  

2015-2017 academic catalog for the University of Sioux Falls.