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Honors Liberal Arts Core Requirements Honors courses ❏ LAR211 University Honors Core I ❏ LAR212 University Honors Core II ❏ Honors course in the major ❏ LAR410 University Honors Seminar ❏ LAR495 University Honors Thesis The University Honors Core course covers material in History, Literature and the Fine Arts. In order to fulfill the requirements of the liberal arts core, all Honors students are required to choose a concentration, taking one additional core course in one of these areas:

Choose one course: ❏ History (HIS 103, 200) ❏ Literature (ENG 200, 220, 221, 222, 223, 224) ❏ Fine Arts (ART 100, 209, 210, CST 200, FA 200, MUS 130, 202, 203, 250, 255)

Social Science: ❏ ECO 212 or 213 or PSC 211 or 212 Choose an additional six semester hours from two different areas: ❏ Geography (SSC 205 or 305) ❏ Sociology (SOC 201or 301 or 306) ❏ PSY201 General Psychology Students who have transfer, Advanced Placement or CLEP credit should speak with the University Registrar or Honors Program Director with questions about how these credits will apply.



The remaining core requirements are the same as the Liberal Arts Core Requirements found on page 42. ❏ Technology ❏ Theology ❏ Science ❏ Mathematics ❏ Exercise Science ❏ Creative Arts ❏ Intercultural Awareness

General Requirements Bachelor’s degree candidates must complete 124 s.h., including all of the liberal arts core requirements listed above. Associate’s degree candidates must complete 64 s.h., including 32 s.h. from the liberal arts core requirements, which must include the technology and communication courses. LAR 111, LAR 112 and CST 100 should be taken within the student’s first three semesters or 32 s.h. of study. Transfer students should complete these courses by the end of their first year at USF. The Mathematics requirement must be taken within the student's first two years. Transfer students must complete these courses by the end of their first three semesters at USF. All students must complete one half of the major and the last 30 hours in residency. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the academic policies contained in the catalog. Failure to do so does not excuse students from the requirements and regulations described in the Liberal Arts Core Requirements.

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