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and TV news photography. Prerequisites: MED 326 Digital Audio MED 180 and 206. (3 s.h.) The study of advanced audio production from traditional analog methods to MED 300 Communication Arts modern digital technology. Projects will Colloquium concentrate on the production of news, The course consists of weekly colloquia. commercials and promotional items. Presentations are made principally by Students will gain insight in management students showing their research or style, advanced production elements, and creative projects. Faculty and guests may promotion of a radio station. Prerequisite: also make presentations. This course is MED 204. (3 s.h.) required once for junior or senior Media Studies majors, each of whom must give MED 330 Media Theory a presentation. Specific requirements for An introduction to the basic elements each major program are supervised by of communication and media theory. the individual sector advisors. Juniors and Primarily western communication systems seniors outside the area may register and will be studied and discussed by comparing make presentations with prior approval and contrasting critical and administrative by a Media Studies faculty sponsor. All research methods and perspectives. (3 s.h.) faculty and students are invited to attend. Offered on a "Pass/No Credit" basis only. MED 336 Desktop Video and NonPrerequisite: Junior or senior classification. Linear Editing The study of advanced digital video (1 s.h.) systems for production and editing. The MED 307 Reporting course also focuses on types, applications The reporting process will be studied from and theories of operation. In addition to the print and broadcast aspects. This will the theoretical understanding of multiinclude a hands-on approach to news media technologies, students will learn gathering. Further study will be done on how to digitize and manipulate images, journalistic writing and the production voice and video material. Prerequisite: MED aspects of news reporting. Included will be 204. (3 s.h.) discussions and exercises in organizing and writing print and broadcast news stories. MED 385 Promotional Management See description under BUS 385. Prerequisite: Prerequisite: MED 206. (3 s.h.) BUS 307. (3 s.h.) MED 308 Persuasion: Process and MED 395 Internship Procedures The study of theories and principles related An internship is a culminating activity in to the use of communication as a means to the Media Studies program. It involves achieve change. Emphasis will be placed practical work for an approved media on understanding the factors, processes agency. Prerequisites: Junior or senior and message strategies associated with status and instructor approval. (1-3 s.h.) persuasion and motivational analysis in MED 410 Advanced Reporting interpersonal and public communication Discussion and advanced assignments in situations. (3 s.h.) gathering information and writing all types of local news stories. Prerequisite: MED 206. MED 309 Business and Professional (3 s.h.) Communication See description under CST 309. (3 s.h.) MED 415 Live Studio Production and Videography MED 311 Media Programming An investigation of radio and television Advanced study and practical application programming techniques for public and of program production for television. commercial broadcasting. Prerequisite: Emphasis will focus on the interaction among the video production team MED 207. (3 s.h.) including producers, directors, writers, MED 324 Media Performance videographers and talent. Prerequisites: Theory and practice in the professional MED 204 and 206. (3 s.h.) areas of radio and television. Emphasis on diction, pronunciation, reading from copy MED 420 Media Law and techniques for creating character. An examination of the documents that regulate and have bearing on the mass Prerequisite: MED 204. (3 s.h.) media industry. (3 s.h.)



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MED 433-438 Television News Lab A practicum wherein students participate in the development of a weekly television program or project as part of a series of newscasts or public affairs programs. Areas include 433/TV News Assignment Editing, 434/TV News Photography, 435/TV News Producing, 436/TV News Reporting, 437/TV News Videotape Editing and 438/TV News Writing. Prerequisite: Instructor approval. (1 s.h. each) MED 491 Independent Study This course will include topics that are not normally covered as specific courses. Topics will be determined by student interest and faculty expertise. Prerequisites: Instructor approval and junior or senior status. (1-3 s.h.)

Music (MUS) MUS 100 Music Seminar This course provides music, music education and music ministry majors as well as music minors, with lectures, presentations and performance opportunities that will enhance their musical training beyond the scope of music coursework. Seminar activities cover major and minor requirements toward degree completion. Seminar may be taken for credit or for non-credit with eight credits maximum counting toward graduation. Prerequisite: declared Music, Music Education or Music Ministry major or Music minor. (1 s.h.) MUS 101 Foundations of Music Theory This course is designed to introduce students to the basic elements of music such as terminology, pitch, rhythm, scales, key signatures and triads. This course does not count towards the regular music theory sequence for music majors. (3 s.h.) MUS 117, 118 Voice Class For beginning students, especially nonmusic majors, who want to sing individually or in a group. Instruction is provided in the basic principles of tone production and song interpretation. Classes meet one hour weekly. Class size is determined by competency and the types of voices represented by registrants. (1 s.h. each) MUS 121 Applied Music: Voice Private instruction in voice with special emphasis on proper and definite breath control, good diction and comfortable and natural tone production. Vocal literature representing all time periods is studied. (1 s.h.)

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