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athletic training staff to provide care and treatment for athletes. A practicum in which students will build on the athletic training knowledge, skills, and abilities they gained in Practicum in Sports Medicine II. Prerequisite: EXS 260. (0-3 s.h.) EXS 390 Special Topics Courses offered at irregular intervals and determined by student and faculty interests and needs. (2-3 s.h.) EXS 395 Internship Opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned in the exercise science curriculum while working and learning in a setting related to the student’s career goals. This experience is supervised by a trained professional at an off-campus site. The internship in this course is considered Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for international students. (3-12 s.h.) EXS 400 Exercise Prescription I Study of the art of exercise prescription for healthy adult populations. Students will learn to design exercise programs of appropriate mode, intensity, duration, frequency and progression for differing populations. Students will also learn behavioral and leadership skills necessary for exercise leaders. Prerequisites: EXS 310 and EXS 315. (3 s.h.) EXS 410 Exercise Prescription II: Special Populations Study of fitness programs and adaptive physical activities for special populations, such as older adults, obese individuals, diabetics and children. Prerequisite EXS 310. (3 s.h.) EXS 420 Advanced Exercise Physiology Study of the application of mechanisms of metabolic control and cardiorespiratory support to acute and chronic adaptations of exercise. Prerequisite: EXS 310. (3 s.h.) EXS 430 Seminar in Health Fitness Instruction Students will prepare for the ACSM Health/ Fitness SpecialistŽ certification through lecture and practical experiences. Topics include a review of ACSM guidelines, exercise physiology and prescription, equipment calibration and maintenance, exercise instruction/leadership, safety procedures, drug classifications and their effects on exercise and physiological considerations across the lifespan of



those who participate in physical activity. FA 215 K-8 Arts Integration Prerequisite: Senior standing. (2 s.h.) Elementary methods course integrating arts, music theater and dance across the EXS 460 Practicum in Sports Medicine traditional curriculum. A study of the IV theories and techniques of teaching art, Supervised experience in sports medicine. music, theater and dance in the elementary Students will work with the athletic training grades. Fulfills state and national standards staff to provide care and treatment for USF's for elementary teacher preparation. athletes. A practicum in which students Includes the presentation and application will build on athletic training knowledge, of basic fine arts concepts as well as skills and abilities gained in Practicum in the integration of these concepts into Sports Medicine III. Special focus will be on standard academic curriculum. Presents gaining confidence in independent injury methods and materials of arts education evaluation and rehabilitation. Prerequisite: along with hands-on projects and lessons. EXS 360. (0-3 s.h.) Prerequisites: LAR 111/112. (3 s.h.) EXS 490 Seminar in Wellness and Spirituality Exploration of the roles of wellness and spirituality in shaping life experience. Opportunities to explore the integration of values and faith with lifestyle choices and behaviors. (2 s.h.) EXS 491, 492 Independent Study Individual research in all fields of Exercise Science. Students investigate a problem through combined library and laboratory work. (1-4 s.h.) EXS 495 Senior Seminar This course will be a capstone experience combining knowledge and application acquired throughout the undergraduate program. An emphasis will be placed on effectively communicating an understanding of exercise science principles as they relate to the health benefits of physical activity and/or the enhancement of sports performance. (0-1 s.h.)

FA 220 Service in the Arts Service in the Arts is a one-credit course required of all visual and performing art majors before graduation. Students will be required to complete 40 hours of community service in any of the arts areas. In addition, students will be required to keep a digital journal or blog, with a minimum of 5 journal entries before the course ends. A final reflection paper will be due at the end of the course. Grading will be Pass/Fail. Each member of the visual and performing arts faculty will take turns serving as the instructor, and arranging placement in the various service areas. (1 s.h.)

German (GER)

GER 101 Beginning German I Beginning German I is an introduction to the German language and culture, with emphasis on speaking, reading, writing and listening. At the end of the course students will be able to participate in short conversations involving everyday topics, Fine Arts (FA) comprehend short conversations and read and write simple texts. They will also begin FA 200 The Humanities Through the to understand Germany's culture as well Arts This course stresses an awareness of self as some of its historical events. Fulfills the and society encouraged through a study intercultural awareness core requirement. of art forms. It is designed to help students (4 s.h.) answer, as well as raise, questions about GER 102 Beginning German II their individual and societal expressions of Beginning German II serves to enhance the values. In this course, the humanities are speaking, reading, writing and listening skills approached through the study of eight learned in level I. Students will participate major arts: photography, film, drama, dance, in more complex conversations and will music, painting, sculpture and architecture. use the present, conversational past and Each of these art forms is considered from future tenses. Students will also associate the perspectives of historical development, with a native German "email pen-pal" to compositional structure, meaning and increase their familiarity with vocabulary form and criticism or critical evaluation. and day-to-day jargon. Prerequisite: GER Satisfies the liberal arts core requirement in 101 or one year of high school German. the fine arts. (3 s.h.)

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