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Emphasis is on consumer behavior, market segmentation, promotion, distribution, product decisions and pricing decisions. (3 s.h.)

BUS 320 Business Law Legal principles underlying business relations, including contracts, agency and employment, negotiable instruments, personal property, bailments and sales. Prerequisite: BUS 210 and junior standing (3 s.h.)

BUS 308 Persuasion: Process and Procedures See description under CST 308 in the communication studies and theatre BUS 327 Consumer Behavior section. (3 s.h.) Consumer behavior is the study of how consumers think, feel, reason and select BUS 309 Business and Professional between alternatives. This includes a Communication review of the consumer's present and See description under CST 309 in the historical role in a market; explore how communication studies and theatre our understanding of their role is evolving section. (3 s.h.) in response to research in behavioral economics; and consider how market BUS 312 Leadership and Small Group forces and regulations influence consumer Communication decisions. Prerequisites: ECO 212, BUS 307 See description under CST 312 in the (3 s.h.) communication studies and theatre section. (3 s.h.) BUS 332 Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting BUS 313 Retail Management This course emphasizes the importance the An introductory course in the field of financial statement analysis and reporting retail, presenting the basic principles to all business decision makers. The course of store design, location of facilities, presents an overview of financial reporting structure of the retail organization, retail and financial statement analysis, from both personnel management, buying and an accounting and a finance perspective. pricing of merchandise, sales promotion, The accounting perspective includes an customer services and retail store control. analysis of financing activities, investing Prerequisite: BUS 307. (3 s.h.) activities and operating activities. Financial analysis includes cash flow analysis, BUS 315 Human Resources analyzing return on invested capital, credit Management An in-depth study of the principles and analysis and equity analysis and valuation. methods of recruiting, selecting, training, Students will be required to apply course evaluating, motivating and rewarding concepts through the analysis of case studies. Prerequisites: ACC 226 and COM personnel. Prerequisite: BUS 210 (3 s.h.) 104 (3 s.h.) BUS 316 Personal Selling and Sales BUS 335 Operations Management Management An introductory study of the marketing An introductory study of operations promotion mix focusing specifically on management as a major functional area of sales and the sales management function. manufacturing and service industries. The Includes customer relations, consumer course covers the major decision areas of buying motives, sales presentation process, capacity, inventory, work force, methods, social and ethical responsibilities and quality through the application of of the salesperson and selection and management concepts and quantitative training of salespeople. Prerequisite: BUS analysis. Prerequisites: BUS 210 and MAT 112, 201, or 204. (3 s.h.) 307. (3 s.h.)

will include defining and maintaining nonprofit status, budgeting and financial reporting, fundraising and donor issues, marketing in the nonprofit environment, and nonprofit governance, including working with boards of directors and nonprofit bylaws. (3 s.h.) BUS 351 Organizational Behavior This course explores the dynamics of individual and group behavior in organizational settings. Topics include culture and diversity, personality, perception and attribution, motivation, engagement, working in groups and teams, decision making, negotiation and conflict management, creativity and innovation, and organization power and politics. These concepts are studied and applied through the use of case studies and experiential activities. Prerequisites: BUS 210 (3 s.h.) BUS 390 Selected Topics (1-4 s.h.) BUS 395 Internship (1-4 s.h.) BUS 401 Marketing Research The process of investigation and problem analysis through research and integration of marketing statistics, management and communications. Prerequisites: BUS 307 and MAT 233. (3 s.h.) BUS 405 Investments This course introduces concepts and models of investments. Topics covered are stock markets, valuations, portfolio management and options and futures. Prerequisite: BUS 305. (3 s.h.) BUS 408 Marketing Management A managerial approach to application of basic marketing concepts. Many marketing concepts are explored in-depth through the use of publication and case studies. Prerequisite: BUS 307. (3 s.h.) BUS 410 Practices of Supervisory Management Designed to present the basic concepts and skills necessary for effective supervision of people at work. Includes the role and environments of supervision, the basic functions and techniques of effective supervision, and the human relations of effective supervision. Prerequisite: BUS 210 and BUS 315 or instructor approval. (3 s.h.)

BUS 319 International Business Provides an understanding of the various components involved in conducting international business. The areas covered include the study of cultural, political, legal, and economic environments, trade theory, the foreign exchange system, country evaluation and selection, marketing, export and import concerns, and overall global strategies. (3 s.h.)

BUS 340 Introduction to Understanding and Managing NonProfit Organizations This course is designed for students who desire to learn more about the structure, organizational requirements, and management of non-profit organizations such as churches, service organizations, youth ministry organizations, social service BUS 411 Branding and Promotions agencies, or any other organizations that A study of advertising, public relations, operate with nonprofit status. The content social media as well as other forms of


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2015-2017 USF Academic Catalog  
2015-2017 USF Academic Catalog  

2015-2017 academic catalog for the University of Sioux Falls.