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M.Ed. in Teaching required courses: ❏ EDU505 Human Relations 3 ❏ EDU506 Foundations of Education 3 ❏ EDU508 Pedagogy for Middle- and Secondary-Level Educators 3 ❏ EDU557 Literacy Across the Curriculum for Middle Level and ELL Learners 3 ❏ EDU514 Teaching and Learning with Technology 3 ❏ EDU515 Exceptional Students 3 ❏ EDU525 Secondary/K-12 Content Methods 2-3 ❏ EDU526 Educational Psychology and Evaluation 3 ❏ EDU533 Native American Studies 3 ❏ EDU555 Research and Instructional Management 3 ❏ EDU556 Secondary Student Teaching 5

leadership styles, characteristics and skills are explored and tested in class and in students’ workplace environments. Attention is given to ethical reasoning and moral development within the framework of an open Christian worldview. (3 s.h.)

M.Ed. Courses

EDU 506 Foundations of Education This course is an introduction to the history, philosophy, and purposes of American Schools. It explores teacher roles, as well as the historical, philosophical, political and sociological foundations of education. (3 s.h.)

AHE 510 Introduction to Adult Learning This course provides an understanding of adult learning theories and models upon which adult education is based. Students will also examine factors that influence adult learning and development as well as contemporary issues facing the adult learner. (3 s.h.) AHE 512 Foundations of Post-Secondary Education This course provides an overview of the historical, social, economic, cultural and political factors that have influenced the development of American postsecondary education. Students will also examine teaching and learning practices that affect higher education. (3 s.h.) AHE 516 Sociology of Adult Education This course provides an overview of social issues that affect adult learning such as gender, race/ethnicity and class. Students will also examine historical perspectives on the changing character of adult education and experiential effects on adult learning. (3 s.h.) AHE 520 Higher Education Administration This course provides an introduction to administrative and governance structures of higher education. Students will also be introduced to concepts and practices of higher education administration. (3 s.h.) AHE 524 Quality Assurance in Higher Education This course is an examination of institutional effectiveness and quality assurance in higher education in the United States. Regional and program accreditations, federal compliance and assessment processes are included. (3 s.h.) AHE 534 Internship in Adult and Higher Education The individualized internship provides career experience under faculty supervision and is designed to introduce the student to practical application of adult learning and developmental theory within an environment in which professional practice takes place. (3 s.h.) EDU 501 Professional and Ethical Leadership This course is a study of leadership theories and principles as applied in educational settings. Various leadership definitions,

EDU 504 Telecommunications in Education This course will cover a variety of ways to use technology to communicate in education environments. Students will gain experience with using wikis, blogs, webpages, podcasts, social networking, chat rooms, virtual worlds and other forms of communication used on the Web. (3 s.h.) EDU 505 Human Relations This course equips educators with the tools necessary to manage diversity by examining how best to teach students from social situations different from their own and how to reduce prejudice and promote harmony among groups. This course meets the South Dakota requirement for certification. (3 s.h.)

EDU 508 Pedagogy for Middle- and Secondary-Level Educators (M.Ed. in Teaching cohort participants only.) The purpose of this course is to familiarize participants with insights and strategies necessary for working effectively as middle-level and secondary teachers. Students will have the opportunity to construct, teach, and analyze a short lesson. Emphasis will be placed on lesson design, adolescent psychology, and the special needs of students who are considered "at-risk." (3 s.h.) EDU 514 Teaching and Learning with Technology This course focuses on the integration of technology into the school curriculum. It explores educational and management software, productivity tools, emerging technologies, instructional strategies, trouble-shooting and key issues and trends related to technology in the teaching and learning environment. (3 s.h.) EDU 515 Exceptional Students An introductory study of the history, philosophy, and legal implications of educating exceptional children. This course includes identification and classification of various exceptionalities and the identification of effective educational strategies within an inclusive classroom setting. Course experiences provide opportunities for interaction with community resource persons. (3 s.h.) EDU 517 Constructive Literacy Assessment This course centers on the constructive review of a variety of formal and informal assessments. The assessments provide the basis for professional decision-making practices needed by literacy specialists to interpret, plan, and evaluate effective instruction for readers and writers of all ability levels and backgrounds. Class participants will develop an understanding of benchmarks and standards for proficient reading and writing. A balance of objective evaluation and student-centered observation will provide a strong basis for monitoring literacy achievement at both an individual and a school level. Emphasis will be placed on

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2015-2017 USF Academic Catalog  

2015-2017 academic catalog for the University of Sioux Falls.

2015-2017 USF Academic Catalog  

2015-2017 academic catalog for the University of Sioux Falls.