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1:30 - 3:00

(Carter Hall A)

2. Acculturation and Homogeneity? Observations of Acculturation in Japanese Schools in America Aika Maebashi-Draper, MASPC

3. Benefits of Global Simulation in Second Language Acquisition, Intercultural Development and French Study Abroad Programs Lance Grubb, MASPC

4. Are Idioms Leaving You “Tongue-Tied” in the Classroom? Phillis Brown, MASPC

Program Wednesday, March 28, 2018


10:00 - 11:00

(Carter Hall D)


11:00 - 12:20

(Carter Hall A)

1. Wearing the Hijab in Trump’s America Coralie Lowicki, MAC

2. Containing the Deadly Bitch: The Silencing of Women’s Rhetorical Discourse Jacquelynn Epley, MAE

3. Aging: Can You Depend On Your Family? Analysis of the Bollywood Movie, Baghban Dilek Ocak, MAC


1. Building Community and Serving the Less Fortunate through Innovation One Phase at a Time Traci Welp and Chaze Patrick, MPA

2. The Veterans Employment Trajectory Initiative Chaze Patrick, MPA Designed by: Aden Parsons

Sponsored by: Graduate Studies and Graduate Student Professional Network

1. Improvisation in Second Language Acquisition from the Observation of an Advanced Japanese Classroom Miyuki Tsuchida, MASPC

3. Connecting with Marshallese: Healthy Community Means Healthier You Carlos Caballero, MHA

4. How to Conduct a Professional Cultural Awareness Training workshop Ai Hashiguchi, MASPC

5. Evansville Promise Zone Gi Loc Duong, MPA

4. Exchange Students’ Re-entry Culture Experience Kountiala Jean de Dieu Somé, MASPC

PANEL B: INNOVATIVE TRENDS (UC 226/227) 1. Trends in Bariatric Surgery for the U.S. Population Isabel Hyer, MHA Swateja Nimkar, EdD, MPH, BPharm



2. Writing to Learn for NOS Scientific Literacy: Evaluation and Research Implications of a Curriculum for Historical Geology Carrie Wright, MAE

12:20 - 12:30

3. Fake News and Social Media: A Comparison Study of Fake News and Social Media Between the United States and the Union of the Republic of Myanmar Thawn Za Khai, MAC

4. Genomics and the MicroBiome: Not Just for Science Marcia Mishler, MASPC and Cara Straub

COFFEE BREAK (Carter Hall D)

12:30 - 1:30

POSTER SESSION (Carter Hall D) Impact of Mother Being in School on Academic Success of Her Child(ren) Ekta Rathee, MSN, FNP-C; DNP Development of a Nurse Practitioner Residency to Instill Greater Confidence, Job Satisfaction and Increased Job Retention as NPs Promptly Transition from Novice to Expert Clinician Shari Bryant, MSN, ACNP-BC, AOCNP; DNP Longevity at the Bedside: Exploring Why Nurses Stay Coreena C. Schroyer, MSN, RN-BC; DNP

Roundtable and Leadership Series: Creating a New Conversation Jennifer Williams; MHA Roundtable and Leadership Series: Creating a New Conversation Kendyl Burdette; MHA Effects on the Healthcare System & Tools to Help Decrease Readmissions Johnson, A., Madalyn, M., Wright M., Wigginton, R., and Weatherford, T.; MHA Waste Not, Want Not: Reducing Healthcare Costs via Medication Waste Reduction Droege, L., Morgan J., Pace C., Parker J. , Stilwell, J. and Burdette K.; MHA Overuse of Diagnostic Imaging Matthew Fields, Melody Gruber, Mallory Payne, Maria Mehringer, Bradley Hammer; MHA Permanent Supportive Housing and Veteran Wellbeing Joy Millay, MPA Interprofessional Educational Collaborative- Bridging the Gap Georgie Davidson, Taryn Guinn, and Erin Nester; MSW, PMHNP

Interruptions: Reducing Distraction to Reduce Medication Errors Sheri Barnett, APN, MSN, RN, AGACNP-BC; DNP

Interprofessional Education Collaboration Payton Schnarre and Erin Taylor; MSW

Nursing Care of the Poor: Analysis of Nurses’ Attitudes Toward the Culture of Poverty Kimi Collyer Yuchs MAN, RN, NE-BC; DNP

Economic Analysis of Hemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis Megan Evans, MHA

Improving Early Prostate Cancer Screenings in African American Men Richard Weaver, MSN, RN; DNP

Service Learning: American Red Cross and MHA Graduate Students Mohammed Alanazi, Carly Andrews, Carlos Caballero, Angela DeCosta, Erica Hart, Ru Jia, Rebecca Lucas, Kristen Marten, Katie Robinson, and Kody Russelburg

Accent and Communication Anh Nguyen and Anastasia Strodel; MASPC

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Spring 2018 Graduate Student Colloquium Program  

Spring 2018 Graduate Student Colloquium Program  


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