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BEVERLY HILLS SMILE – REVIEW & FREE TRIAL Why Should You Choose Beverly Hills Smile With Beverly Hills Smile, it is now possible for you to whiten your teeth by up to 5 shades or more within as little as 5 short days - And the best part is, you can do this in the comfort of your home (No more expensive visits to dentists to get your teeth whitened anymore). This kit was specially created to give you a safe, pleasant and comfortable whitening experience. Here are some reasons why you should try out Beverly Hills Smile: • • • • • • •

Developed By Dental Professionals - Making it 100% safe to use Whiten From The Comfort Of Your Home No Dentist Visits / High Dentist Costs Safe, Easy To Apply & Effective Significant Results In As Little As 5 Days Get Up To 5 Shades Brighter Or More Specially Designed To Prevent Sensitivity

Experience How A Dazzling Smile Can Transform Your Life Did you know your smile has a more direct effect on your personal relationships than any other part of your appearance? It’s true! According to a study conducted on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry: • • •

99.7% of people believe a smile is an important social asset 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more engaging to members of the opposite sex 88% of people say they remember someone with an attractive smile

Smiling puts you and those around you into a good mood. A beautiful smile makes you more attractive, noticeable, and approachable. It makes it easier to spark a romantic connection with others. In fact, people with whiter teeth tend to kiss a lot more than their partners. A nice smile also helps you succeed in your career and business relationships! In a survey conducted by London Guildhall University of 11,000 people, it was revealed that attractive people earn more in their careers, while less attractive people earned about 11 percent less.

More so, whiter teeth make you more confident. It boosts self-esteem, which improves all sorts of areas in your life and is associated with a healthier mental and physical lifestyle. Plus, with whiter teeth you feel happier and sexier. They also give you a more youthful and vibrant appearance. It’s no wonder people with whiter teeth so often get noticed and complimented. Why have a smile you’re not happy with, or even ashamed of, when you can now have one you’ll enjoy, want to show off, and be proud of. It’s now easier, quicker, and more affordable than ever before.

The Science That Make Your Teeth Whiter First, why do your teeth have stains and discolorations, and turn yellow and even brown in the first place? According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, “Most stains are caused by age, tobacco, coffee, or tea. Other types of stains can be caused by antibiotics, such as tetracycline; or too much fluoride.” The good news is, as the American Dental Hygienists’ Association puts it: “Bleaching is effective in lightning most stains caused by age, tobacco, coffee, and tea. Based on clinical studies, 96% of patients with these kinds of stains experience some lightening effect.” In Beverly Hills Smile, the main active ingredient is 22% Carbimide Peroxide (the strength many dentists use in similar kits they sell for hundreds of dollars!). It safely penetrates the tooth enamel and sets off an oxidation reaction that breaks apart and removes the staining compounds that have been built up over your lifetime. This makes your teeth less yellow and more naturally white instead. You’ll also receive 2 “Sure Fit” Mouth Trays to place the Carbamide Peroxide gel on, and you wear the mouth trays for only a brief period of time. The trays conform to the contours of your teeth and are almost unnoticeable when worn. They serve 3 important purposes: • •

They help ensure the gel stays in contact with your teeth, for maximum whitening. They help prevent saliva from coming into contact with the gel (which can dilute its strength).

They minimize the chance of gel dribbling onto the gums, thus reducing any sensitivity.

All in all, Beverly Hills Smile is created with the latest at-home whitening advancements in mind, to clean out deep-rooted stains on your teeth and produce whitening results you’ll love. As the Consumer Guide To Dentistry accurately noted: “Today, cosmetic dentistry experts believe that even deep-set intrinsic stains can be removed with supervised take-home teeth whitening”

Beverly Hills Smile - Before & After-Effects The following are some unedited photos showing you the before and after-effects of using Beverly Hills Smile:

Tooth Whitening In The Media US NEWS “Nearly all cosmetic dentists offer whitening treatments and the number of procedures they perform has jumped about 50% each year since 2005, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. More people are also turning to cosmetic enhancements beyond whitening, such as bonding and veneers… But an informed do-it-yourself approach may be cheaper and, ultimately, just as effective.” CNN “Teeth whitening can be an effective way to lighten the existing shade of your teeth, yellowed by age and diet. The teeth are basically bleached but there is no damage done to the enamel. At the dentist, the process consists of a laser burning into the teeth, which have been smeared with a gel. Or you can get hold of a whitening kit to take home” Beverly Hills Smile - Customer Testimonials “You saved me hundreds of dollars. I was planning on going to my dental office when someone mentioned this. I am so happy with the results I can’t stop smiling.” – Jason, Atlanta “The whitening strip products out there do not work plus they fall off my teeth. I am so happy I bought your 22% Carbimide Peroxide it only took three days to whiten my teeth. I will recommend your company to everyone. Smile to you.” – Suzy, Atlanta “I first spend $550.00 at another company and I noticed my teeth getting stained again after 4 months. I am so happy that a friend recommended your product line. It is so easy to use and I can do touch ups at any time.” – Maria, South Beach

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Beverly Hills Smile - Review & Free Trial  

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