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Desire2Learn –  Plataforma   Integrada  de  Aprendizaje   Carlos  Jesus  –  Gerente  Regional  LATAM  

We believe‌

The world is improved when people are able to reach their full potential through learning

We design     technology  that   enables  beEer     learning  for  a     brighter  future.  

A technology  enabled  future  for  learning   On-­‐demand  blended  learning  

Face to  face   Rigid   One  size  fits  all  

AdapGve, informed,  predicGve  

One size  fits  all  

Face to  Face  Delivery  

Pervasive Online,  Blended,  Flipped  

Print to  Digital  

Pervasive Online,  Blended,  Flipped  

Desire2Learn Binder  –  Offline  Access   Gives  learners  an  EDGE  with   annota1on  and  organiza1on  tools   AnnotaGons  (highlights,   underline,  text  notes…)   PrioriGze   Tag   Archive   Email,  print           Make Every Moment Count

Web and  Mobile  apps  

Binder for iPad Binder for Android beta

Help learners  stay   PRODUCTIVE          

Binder for Web beta

Offline CapabiliGes  

Instructors Can Choose When and Where They Grade

Automatic Dropbox Synchronization

EvaluaGon and  Feedback  

Import Rubrics to save time

Provide Text, audio and video feedback to increase student engagement

ePorVolio Mobile  for  iPhone  

ePorVolio Mobile  for  Android  

ePorVolio Mobile  Offline   Support  

Create new eP items with or without an internet connection

ePorVolio Mobile  on  iOS   Video  Recording  

Rigid acGviGes  


AdapGve, informed,  predicGve  

Desire2Learn AnalyGcs  EssenGals  

Class Progress  

Class Progress Visualization

Designed to help instructors easily view and understand a learner’s progress at-a-glance

Customizable display settings

User  Progress  

Provides an all-in-one view of interactions users have with a Course

User Progress Report User Progress Summary Report

Competencies &  Rubrics  


Competency Structures





Faster Linking of Learning Outcomes

Import/Export Rubrics

Grades VisualizaGon  

Insights –  At  Risk  Does  Not  Mean  Alone  

Visualize social engagement or network patterns to identify isolated or disconnected students Find class leaders whose size and colour of social circle indicates level of activity or engagement

Insights –  Learning  Visualized  

Innovative grades visualization allows for compare and contrast of grades right down to the grade item level Interactive drill-down of grade patterns to provide diagnostic insights

University of Wisconsin – Beta/Pilot Study

One Size  fits  all  

Personal One  Size  fits  me  

Intelligent  Agents  

Email Users based on Intelligent Agent Criteria

Personalized Learning

Release CondiGons    

Add One or More Release Conditions to an Item

Create Custom Learning Paths Create a New Release Condition

Special Access  Tools  

Enhanced Assignment Due Dates

Set assignment  due  date   independently  from   assignment  availability  date   Due  date  can  be  specified  in   Special  Access    giving  users   a  different  due  date  from   their  peers    





ExperienGal learning  


Social learning  

PredicGng AdapGng  


On-­‐demand learning  

Lifelong learning  

Integrated Learning   PlaVorm  


Geography | Disability | Pace

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D2l plataforma integrada de aprendizaje carlos de jesús  
D2l plataforma integrada de aprendizaje carlos de jesús