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We have some tips on what to expect each day. We want you to be happy and enjoy NTI! Happy

Excited about all of the terrific sessions on the schedule. Excited about learning, meeting new colleagues, and exploring lovely St. Petersburg.


Get to your first choice early! When the seats are all full, they are full! – Your session host can’t bring in more chairs. – Your session host can’t let you sit on the floor.

When the session host tells you the session is full, it might cause you to feel frustrated or be disappointed.



If you are having a hard time with managing your feelings, please use an emotional regulation strategy and don’t take it out Slow, Deep on the session host! Breaths

Count to Ten

The session hosts

feel sad (and a little scared) when they have to turn people away.

You can get help with any question at the registration desk or from a volunteer.

You can also get help from the session host. Session hosts are identified by their red clipboard. Session hosts will sign your CEU form. Don’t ask the presenter!


Please go to the session “What Is the Pyramid Model and How Can I Wrap My Head Around It?” tomorrow morning.

Start with that session before attending anything else. It will help you understand what everyone is talking about.

We love feedback and feedback improves the conference. You will be attending a lot of sessions, please complete your evaluation for each session in the break before your next session.

When you turn your evaluation in at the end of the meeting, you will get a USB drive with ALL the session handouts and your attendance certificate to take home!

We provide breakfast and lunch! You can eat your meals at tables inside or outside; you might go to your room, or you might even go to the park! Need your afternoon coffee? Coffee shop in the lobby.

• BREAKFAST – Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday – Palm Center Court, Plaza & Vinoy Grand Foyer

• LUNCH – Wednesday and Thursday – Palm Center Court, Plaza Level, & Vinoy Grand Foyer Photo Credit: Juhan Sonin, 

However, we ask that if you eat in conference rooms, you please‌

Clean Up! The workshop attendees will be much happier if their table is not a mess.

Network ID: Renaissance_CONF Access Code: NTI2018

Please be thoughtful when using electronics! • Cell phones on vibrate • Texting only if an urgent need • Laptop use that does not interfere with your neighbor

And our Gratitude to the

Head Start Center for Inclusion for these beautiful illustrations

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opening session

Book 2018  

opening session