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30 PLUS®

Lisa’ s hormonal hell?

Hormone imbalances caused such severe mood swings in my life that they nearly destroyed my family. BACK THEN I DIDN’T KNOW how hormones can affect you and just couldn’t understand why I was bounced from one emotional extreme to another without any real cause. It is very clear to me now that hormone imbalance was the cause of my problem. And looking back I just can’t believe how much being on that emotional roller coaster affected my life and my family. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who has found the answer and can now look back with relief at how I was at my worst times. The truth is there are many women out there right now suffering the emotional ups and downs of hormone imbalance without even realising what’s causing it. Well girls, take my word I know how you feel and I’m happy to tell you there is an

answer. I discovered a natural product called 30 PLUS® which helps to balance my hormones, I feel sensational again. Long term use of the oral contraceptive pill is one of the leading causes of hormonal imbalance. Synthetic or artificial oestrogen when combined with the body’s natural oestrogen production can lead to an imbalance between oestrogen and progesterone. Sources of synthetic oestrogen include: the oral contraceptive pill, hormone replacement therapy, environmental and dietary sources. Since I have told my story I have heard from many, many women who also suffered an emotional roller coaster without knowledge of what was causing it. Ladies if you don’t feel quite right or have been a

I’ve been taking 30 PLUS® for well over a year now. My poor husband just couldn’t win. More often than not I thought I wanted a divorce. I was suffering a dreadful unexplained severe dissatisfaction with my life. To say I was cranky just doesn’t cover it and I had trouble with my focus and general brain function. 30 PLUS® has made the biggest difference to my life. It has saved my marriage. It has helped my career. I generally carry a sheet of 30 PLUS® with me all the time so I can take it at work if I forget at home. My husband has no problem bringing me a glass of water to take what I have come to refer to at as my “anti-cranky-bitch” pills. There just aren’t words enough to thank you. Sue

Felt Like Screaming 30 PLUS® has changed my life dramatically. Thank you. I know there are a lot of women out there that could benefit from 30 PLUS®.

little emotional lately you could be suffering from hormonal imbalances. Below are some letters from ladies, like me who suffered from hormonal imbalances and found relief with 30 PLUS®. If you can relate to any of these testimonials it’s worth trying 30 PLUS®.

Lisa Many women feel like their lives are out of control.

womenrespond Anti-Cranky Bitch

Lisa Curry MBE, Olympian, Business woman and mother of three recommends 30 PLUS®.

You are only kidding yourself if you have women’s problems and you don’t research help. I totally believe in 30 PLUS®. Leigh, Coromandel

Out of Desperation I saw Lisa Curry Kenny’s story and thought I was reading about myself! I had only just told my husband that something was really WRONG but I didn’t know what. I had problems during my cycles… and my moods were indescribable. I had read everything I could and was certain I had oestrogen dominance! I started taking 30 PLUS® out of desperation but was very sceptical. Within 1 month my husband said he thought the tablets were “fantastic, go get some more!” My moods were more stable, and I felt much less stressed. When my period came it was without problems for the first time EVER! …So now with 30 PLUS® I have stable emotions, much more energy, a much happier marriage and no problem periods. I LOVE 30 PLUS®, and I rave about its merits to EVERYONE! Ros

30 PLUS® is a scientifically formulated natural supplement for women of all ages.

Available from Pharmacies and selected Health Stores. For more information phone 0800 657 876 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or email Distributed by Pharma Health NZ Ltd, Your Health. Nature’s Power. PO Box 15 185, Auckland 0640. Supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet. Use only as directed and if symptoms persist, see your health professional. TAPS NA9320

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