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Exam Board: AQA

At AS you will be developing your creative skills through the design and make process, using a wide variety of Textile based applications. You will complete a portfolio over the year, demonstrating your ability to carry out research into specific topics. You will then be expected to produce two practical outcomes of high quality to support your design / written work. Alongside the practical component you will study fabrics and their properties, linking their uses to contemporary issues and industrial practices. At A2 your practical work will consist of one final project, demonstrating your ability to draw together, knowledge and experience gained from AS. Course outline AS Unit 1: Materials, Components and Application (2 hour exam: 50% of AS, 25% of A-Level)

A2 Unit 4: Coursework

(25% of A-level ) A portfolio of design work with one final high quality practical outcome, completed over 60 hours

• Source and classification of fibre groups • Yarn types – blending and mixing fibres • Fabric manufacture – specific properties • Fabric finished – including surface decoration • Product components- function and use • Industrial and commercial practice • ICT application • Design and development communication

AS Unit 2: Coursework

(50% of AS, 25 % of A-level) A portfolio of design work with two practical outcomes completed over 50 hours

A2 Unit 3: Synoptic written exam

(2 hour exam: 25% of A-level) You are required to answer three questions from a choice of six You are tested on your ability to bring together all elements of the subject and to show your understanding in a holistic way

Careers and Higher Education

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Product Design Textiles will compliment other A-levels such as Art, Product Design, Business studies and Retail

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There are a wealth of design and fashion related degrees. You can choose to take a creative and design route, or a managerial / marketing route. You could work in Interiors, Media, Retail or Technology. You may also choose to focus on one area alone, eg. Embroidery, Footwear, Millinery or Photography. Tel 0121 323 2221 Web