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Exam Board: OCR

For students who are naturally gifted or seriously involved in any aspect of sport, it is a pleasure to realise that PE is one of the options you can take at A-Level. You will be able to exploit your innate abilities through the practical components of this course, but you should note that you will also have to get down to some serious theoretical academic study for the majority of the course. Course outline

Section B – Acquiring Movement Skills • Classification of motor skills and abilities • The development of motor skills • Information processing • Motor control of skills in physical activity • Learning skills in physical activity Section C - Socio-Cultural Studies relating to participation in physical activity (Practical: 40% of AS; 20% of A-Level) • Physical activity • Sport and culture • Contemporary sporting issues

AS Unit 2: Acquiring, developing and evaluating practical skills in Physical Education (Practical: 40% of AS, 20% of A-Level)

• Performance – 2 activities from different activity profiles • E  valuating and planning for the improvement of performance

A2 Unit 3: Principles and concepts across different areas of Physical Education (2 hour 30 min: 35% of A-Level)

This unit is made up of the following topic areas: • Socio-cultural options - Historical Studies • Scientific options - Sports Psychology • Scientific options - Exercise and Sport Physiology

A2 Unit 4: The improvement of effective performance and the critical evaluation of practical activities in Physical Education

AS Unit 1: An Introduction to Physical Education (2 hour exam: 60% of AS, 30% of A-Level) This unit is divided into three sections: Section A - Anatomy and Physiology • The skeletal and muscular systems

(Practical: 15% of A-Level) You will be assessed in one chosen activity and in a response to a live performance.

Goes well with . . .

PE goes well with any ‘A’ Level, but could make a very useful combination of subjects with Leisure, Biology and Business Studies.

• Motion and movement

For advice

• T  he cardiovascular and respiratory systems in relation to the performance of physical activity


Contact Miss D Horspool

Careers and Higher Education

Few sportsmen or women make a living as a professional competitor, but A-Level PE is useful for anyone interested in physiotherapy, coaching and sports administration. The course develops valuable team skills, communication skills, selfconfidence and independent learning, which are vital in any career and profession. Tel 0121 323 2221 Web



(Practical: 15% of A-Level) You will be assessed in one chosen activity and in a response to a live performance. (2 hour 30 min: 35% of A-Le...

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