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Exam Board: OCR

The course offers you a fantastic opportunity to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of ICT and develop the knowledge and skills that will allow you to participate in an evolving information and communications based society. You will also be able to develop your inter-personal, technical, academic and communication skills which will help you to meet career challenges in the future. Course Outline AS Unit 1: Information, Systems and Applications (2 hour exam: 60% of AS, 30% of A-Level) This unit covers the fundamental knowledge required to support all subsequent units of study. It is intended to provide candidates with a deeper understanding and knowledge of basic concepts of ICT. This unit is assessed by an external examination and covers the use of information, hardware, software, information systems and the impact of ICT.

solve a client driven problem. It will cover the system lifecycle consisting of the following: analysis, design, implementation, testing, documentation and evaluation.

Goes well with . . .

ICT compliments just about all other subjects but goes especially well with Business Studies and Leisure.

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AS Unit 2: Structured ICT Tasks (Coursework: 40% of AS, 20% of A-Level) This unit is designed to develop practical aspects of the subject. A set of structured tasks give you the opportunity to develop your design, software development, testing and documentation skills. Tasks may involve the design of part of a system, the production of a testing strategy or the use of software for development.

A2 Unit 3: ICT Systems, Applications and Implications

(2 hour exam: 30% of A-Level) This module covers communication between computers and interaction between humans and computers. A range of other information and communications technologies are also covered. You will be introduced to the design and selection of ICT solutions for a range of problems.

A2 Unit 4: ICT Project

(Coursework: 20% of A-Level) In this unit you will complete an ICT based project in order to

Careers and Higher Education

A good grade in ICT is sufficient for entry into higher education or a wide range of careers. These include ICT Product Developer, Multimedia/Website Designer, Software Developer/Programmer. Tel 0121 323 2221 Web