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Exam Board: AQA

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” GEORGE ORWELL

History isn’t a subject that’s stuck in the past. Far from it, historical events have shaped society worldwide into what it is today. Moreover, as the quote above suggests, how the past is interpreted has been just as important in shaping peoples’ minds and outlook. While today can be influenced by what happened in the distant as well as the recent past, the course focuses on the latter and, perhaps to us, the most relevant recent era, that of the twentieth century, as we continue to move forward into the twenty first. If you are an independent thinker who wants to learn more about how the past impacts upon the present, then A-Level History could be for you. Course Outline

A2 Unit 3: Aspects of International Relations, 19452003

(1 hour 30 min exam: 30% of A-Level) In the second year you will study the development of Germany in the aftermath of the Second World War.

A2 Unit 4: Historical Enquiry

(Coursework: 20% of A-Level) This is a coursework unit for which you will write a personal study of approximately 3500 words based on an investigation into Race Relations in the USA 1863-1980.

Goes well with…

History goes well with a wide range of other subjects. It is a good partner

subject for the other humanities, of course, but also goes well with Modern Foreign Languages and all of the English A-Levels. It also compliments many of the Social Sciences, especially Law, Business and Economics, and also sits well alongside some of the visual and performing arts, such as Art, Music and Theatre Studies. While not always an obvious companion to the Sciences, some students will be found studying Biology alongside History.

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AS Unit 1: Britain 1906-1951

(1 hour 15 min exam: 50% of AS, 25% of A-Level) This unit looks at a period of rapid and significant change in British politics, society and the economy.

AS Unit 2: Life in Nazi Germany, 1933-1945 (1 hour 30 min exam: 50% of the AS, 25% of the A-Level) This unit will look at the methods Hitler and the Nazis used to control people’s lives and how far he succeeded in achieving his aims.

Careers and Higher Education

History is clearly an essential subject for those who wish to pursue it at university but it also has a much broader relevance. It is highly appropriate to careers in law, journalism, politics and general management, in fact any area in which the ability to evaluate information and present reasoned arguments is useful. Many of Britain’s top company bosses have history degrees. People as diverse as Jonathan Ross, Gordon Brown, Anita Roddick, Chris Martin and Salman Rushdie have History degrees. Tel 0121 323 2221 Web



Careers and Higher Education (1 hour 30 min exam: 30% of A-Level) In the second year you will study the development of Germany in the afterm...

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