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General Studies

Exam Board: OCR

All students take AS & A-Level General Studies as part of the Sixth Form Enrichment Programme. General Studies aims to give you the opportunity to extend your interests to a wide range of disciplines; recognise the interdependence of different areas of study and experience; think critically and logically; develop the skills of study, analysis and evaluation of chosen issues, and provide clear, accurate and effective communication of information and evaluation. Therefore, General Studies seeks to broaden your mind and develop the skills of critical and logical thinking so that you can form your own opinions. Course outline AS Unit 1: The Cultural and Social Domains

(2 hour exam: 70% of AS, 35% of A-Level) Key content includes: Political systems, processes and goals, social and economic trends and constraints, explanation and evaluation of human behaviour, beliefs, values, and moral reasoning, media and communication, creativity and innovation.

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AS Unit 2: The Scientific Domain

(1 hour exam: 30% of AS, 15% of A-Level) Key content includes: Characteristics of the sciences (physical, life and earth), understanding of scientific methods, principles, criteria and their application, mathematical reasoning and its application.

A2 Unit 3: Domain Exploration: Applying Synoptic Skills (1 hour 30 min exam: 25% of A-Level) This unit provides you with the opportunity to develop your thinking and analytical skills through the exploration of the Cultural, Scientific and Social Domains.

• S  ection A questions explore the three domains to enable you to develop thinking and analytical skills. • S  ection B questions allow further development of your analytical skills through the three domains.

A2 Unit 4: Culture, Science and Society: Making Connections

(1 hour 30 min exam: 25% of A-Level) This unit enables you to make connections between information, data, concepts and opinions drawn from the Cultural, Scientific and Social Domains.

Goes well with . . .

General Studies is taken in addition to your main subjects, not instead of them. In this sense it stands alongside every other A-Level.

Careers and Higher Education

Having an ‘A’ level pass in General Studies can be enormously helpful in getting into university. Even where a university department does not normally accept General Studies, a good pass is bound to be a favourable influence. Moreover, if you do less well than you had hoped in one of your main subjects and you may think you have lost your place at a university, General Studies will sometimes be swapped in as an alternative by the university if they are interested in you. So you may never realise how important General Studies is to you until Results Day at the end of Year 13! Tel 0121 323 2221 Web


General Studies