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English Language

Exam Board: AQA

English Language is the study of language and how it reflects and influences changes in society. It challenges you to explore how texts are constructed and how language impacts on communication in its diverse forms. You will study a wide range of topics and, although it is not primarily a creative writing course, you are given the opportunity to create and categorise texts. Debate and discussion are as important as grammatical frameworks in English Language, allowing both analytical and creative students to excel in this course. Do be aware that English Language is an academic and demanding A Level that relies upon detailed analysis and research of language issues, and is unlike anything students will have experienced at GCSE level. The study of the English Language is fascinating and suits students who are analytical, exploratory and curious to understand more about human behaviour and how language is learnt, used and changes in different situations and through time. Course Outline Unit 1: Categorising Texts

(2 hour exam: 60% of AS, 30% of A-Level) This unit introduces students to the study of language and focuses on Language and Power, Language and Gender and Language and Technology. Students will be assessed in a 2 hour exam.

skills are invaluable academic assets and important in any further education as well as being an important life skill. Any English A-Level is well regarded by higher education establishments.

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Unit 2: Creating Texts

(Coursework: 40% of AS, 20% of A-Level) This coursework component tests students writing skills. Students will use writing fames and models to create their own texts.

Unit 3: Developing Language

(2 hour exam: 30% of A-Level) Students will study Child Language Acquisition and Language Change.

Unit 4: Investigating Language (Coursework: 20% of A-Level) Students apply their knowledge of linguistic methods and concepts to a coursework investigation of their choice.

Goes well with . . .

This course will go well with any other A Levels, particularly English Literature, Modern Foreign Languages, Psychology, Sociology and History. Critical reading, conceptual thinking and discussion

Careers and Higher Education

Excellent written skills and skills of analysis are essential in a wide range of jobs, but particularly relevant in journalism, Media/ advertising, PR/Marketing, Law, Education, clerical jobs and indeed any job which requires good communication skills. Tel 0121 323 2221 Web


English Language