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AS Government & Politics

Exam Board: OCR

AS Government & Politics is one of the most sought after Advanced Level qualifications that universities use to distinguish between comparable candidates. It is also one of the so called ‘preferred’ A-Level choices amongst the elite universities. As such, the course is academically rigorous with each of the following unit themes covered in great detail. No other A-Level will better prepare candidates for a full and active engagement with UK public life.

Course Outline


Unit One: People and Politics (a)

Democracy & Political Participation   


Nature of Democracy Democracy in the UK Enhancing Democracy.

The Prime Minister & Cabinet   


Role of the PM & Cabinet Powers of the Prime Minister Prime Ministerial Leadership

Judges & Civil Liberties   

Role of the Judiciary Power & influences of judges Civil Liberties & Individual Rights

Party Policies and Ideas   


Nature of Political Parties Traditions & policies of parties Comparing Party policies and ideas

Elections   


Elections & Democracy Elections in the UK Debating Electoral Systems.

Pressure Groups   

Nature of Pressure Groups Pressure Group Power Pressure Groups & Democracy

How will your work be assessed? Both AS units are assessed through 1 hour 20 minute examinations.

Goes well with ......

Unit Two: Governing the UK

A-Level Law, History, Economics, Geography, Environmental Studies & General Studies. .


Are there any trips?

The Constitution   


Nature of the Constitution Sovereignty & the Constitution Reforming the Constitution

Parliament   

Legislatures and executives Role of Parliament Reforming Parliament

A visit to observe a Parliamentary debate.

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Careers and Higher Education AS Government & Politics would be welcomed by University admissions tutors for degrees in: Politics, History, Law, Economics, Business, International Development & many more. Apart from preparing students for careers in local or national politics this qualification would assist career pathways in Law, Journalism, the Civil Service, International Development & Humanitarian Aid, Education and many besides.

Government and Politics  

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