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Situated on the beautiful island of the southern part of Malay Peninsula, Singapore is quite famous for its unique & extensive itineraries.

Although, a number of visitors visit this place but they don’t know the fun and the pleasure of moving around in Singapore on a city tour bus.

By: City Tours Singapore

Double-decker are one of the best enjoyable buses, you can say, as people usually enjoy themselves much at this bus.

By: City Tours Singapore

The Universal Studios, Marine Life Park and the Singapore Flyer are the two best attractions of Singapore which should definitely be experienced at city tour bus.

By: City Tours Singapore

The most convenient thing about the city tour bus is that all you need is to hire a service provider who will just talk to the travel agent of yours and they arrange each and everything for you from the beginning to the end.

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By: City Tours Singapore

Experiencing Singapore on City Tour Bus  

You do not need to step out of the bus to have a thorough look on any of the monuments as the bus move around on the major roads of the city...

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