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CITY Trailer

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CITY Trailer Get from A to B via the City. The City The City integrates carrying; with innovation and style. This luggage system can tackle all situations, transforming between bicycle trailer wheeled suitcase or courier bag, even folding flat quickly for storage or travel. Uniquely and significantly the city is useful on all modes of transport, helping you join up your journey. Weighs 5kg Carries 40kg/70L 12” wheels Aluminium frame Bike trailer Perfectly designed as a bike trailer the City fits any bike and lets you forget your burden. Even when carrying the full 45 kg your bike feels as lively and nimble as normal as our trailer hitches to the bikes rear axle. This optimum hitch point isolates the trailer from the bikes twisting and turning, making the load feel lighter than if it were in panniers. The ingenious elastomer suspended handle cushions the load and is height adjustable to keep the trailer level no matter what size your bike’s wheel is. Suitcase Cycling is only part of any journey. The City quickly detaches from your bike to become a stylish wheeled suitcase carrying heavy loads over any terrain, whilst still feeling light at the handle. The 12” wheels easily climb obstacles including stairs and kerbs, trolley wheels mounted

on the frame allow the City to roll sideways through the narrowest of passages, or the most awkward of turnstiles. The folding handle allows for quick stowage, for longer journeys the courier bag can be detached from the frame. The Bag This 70litre courier bag is made from heavy-duty waterproof nylon edged with reflective cord and with a rain flap to protect the lockable horseshoe zip. The large lid makes packing easy while the bags’ scooped form sheds rain and maintains good ground clearance. On the outside is a helmet net; inside are six well placed mesh pockets and a document wallet in the lid. The adjustable strap and scooped form make a very comfortable and stable courier bag. Folding The City folds in seconds, with the wheels pivoting in line with the frame to become a distinctive flat pack which can be hung on a wall; slides conveniently out of the way, or the lightweight trailer can be carried with you. Quality The finish is excellent, the engineering revolutionary, and the style iconic: Sparkle anodised 6064T6 aluminium welded to the highest engineering standards by our ISO 9000 factory. Fitted with Schwalbe’s revolutionary city jet tyres you are almost guaranteed never to get a puncture. These tyres run on Glass fibre/N66 composite wheels fitted with sealed cartridge bearings. Innovation The City is the first of its kind, ever. This innovation does not go unnoticed; receiving strong

interest from everyone who sees it, the city picking up press acclaim and design awards such as the German ISPO awards with consummate ease. Carry Freedom and USED The City trailer is the flagship model for the all new Carryfreedom trailer range, developed by Nick Lobnitz. Carry Freedom is just that, we create innovative high quality solutions tailored for people living in the real world. Visit or phone +44(0)845 456 0928 for more information USED is Carry Freedom‘s distributor in Europe and it‘s philosophy is very clear: The only good product, is a product that is being USED. Everything else is a waste of resources, time and of course money. We want to sell products that people need. “If you don‘t need it, don‘t buy it.” That‘s the message. Check our other USED products like ScooterBikes and Trikes, Monark Transport Bikes, Cactus10 Fun Stuff like BMX, Longboards and Crusiers.

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