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Franking Machine Providing Streamline Mail Room System

Franking mails provide a streamline approach in managing any mail room. They offer an easy, swift, and dependable method of lowering your outgoing mail expenses. It is an essential device that print stamps automatically on any packaging label, package or business letter. It also offers a steadfast managing of your account as you can easily ‘tap up’ this device which allows you to have credit in printing postage labels regardless of any amount. This machine offers range of benefits for businesses and as compared to the traditional stamps including: •

Generally time saving as you reduce the time you spend in manual application of postage stamps to letters and packages. With this revolutionary device you can have one label that is enough for all the packages and letters.

Cheaper as Royal Mail offers a reduced rate of sending your mails as compared with the traditional way that costs depend on the weight of each envelope and box.

With franking machine, you can foster a more professional image of your company. This is due to the fact that you can also customised your franked stamps. You can design your brand logo and advertisement message on the stamps giving you edge over your competitors. Aside from that, return address can also be printed out giving a more presentable image to your company.

Avoiding over stamping. As with conventional way of sending mails, the cost of each letter and package varies. With unreliable value of the stamps on traditional method, you may end up over paying which means adding up to your operational costs.

Prevent under stamping. With a franking device, a company may avoid the occurrence of under stamping as Royal Mail provides right postage.

Saves time and is convenient. Going to post office is a time consuming process as there is often a long line. Franking mails offer a convenient way to send your business letters 24 x 7 and is fast. There are no chances that you cannot send mail as Royal Mail operates all the time.

Onetime payment. You pay for frank mail charges only when you require it. There is no need for receipts, petty cash or any other documents.

Authorised users allow a more secure way of managing your company expenses. As only authorised people can operate the machine.

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Franking Machine Providing Streamline Mail Room System