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Central Florida Auto Wholesale Central Florida Auto Wholesale has been in business for 8 years. We have 4 locations with over 450 vehicles in Central Florida. We have the easiest and fastest in-house financing program and provide the best quality vehicles. Every vehicle is guaranteed with a FREE 2 YEAR OR 24,000 MILE LIMITED WARRANTY and lifetime service at wholesale parts and wholesale labor. Central Florida Auto Wholesale is the premiere independent used car, truck and SUV dealer in the central Florida area. If you need financing for your next vehicle purchase our staff is ready to help you with all your transportation needs. Our popular In-House financing program allows people in all types of situations to buy an affordable car, truck, van or SUV with payments they can afford. Credit Scores do not matter what so ever, as WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR FREAKIN BEACON SCORE!

Central Florida Auto Wholesale your past doesn’t matter to us. You come as a customer and leave as part of our family. We have great cars, trucks and SUV’s at our used in-house financing dealership. Every vehicle is in great condition and has been inspected by our certified technicians. If you need a reliable car, truck or SUV, but have bad credit or no credit, Central Florida Auto Wholesale can help! No gimmicks, no promises we can’t keep. At Central Florida Auto Wholesale we don’t care about your freaking’ beacon! We provide good people who have credit situations with bad credit great cars, trucks, and SUV’s and can help you rebuild your credit because we report to the credit bureau only a few dealers have this capability!

Top 10 Reasons Why Central Florida Auto Wholesale Should Be Your Dealer of Choice 1. We base our decisions on you, instead of the past. Therefore, We Don't care about your "FREAKIN' BEACON SCORE". 2. We are a dealership where you come in as a customer and leave as a family member. 3. We have creative Financing for the vehicles of your dreams, with over 500 vehicles and 4 locations to serve you. 4. 2 Year / 24,000 Mile Limited Warranty On All Vehicles 5. All Vehicles are serviced, then backed by a Lifetime Wholesale Service Agreement. 6. Super fast in-house Financing on all vehicles with approval in 7 minutes or less. 7. We report to the credit bureaus (only a few dealers have this capability) to help restore your Freakin' Beacon Score. 8. You deal directly with our friendly knowledgeable Managers, as we have no sales staff. 9. We offer a 9.9% to a maximum of 19.95% depending on your down payment arrangements. See the manager for details, which is the lowest in the market. 10. We will work extra hard to earn your repeat business along with your friends and families as well. As this is the main goal of our company.

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Central florida auto wholesale  
Central florida auto wholesale  

Central Florida Auto Wholesale has been in business for 8 years. We have 4 locations with over 450 vehicles in Central Florida. We have the...