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Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching

Program Overview The Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching is a 30-unit graduate program aimed at improving candidates’ instructional practices. It focuses on the design, delivery and assessment of programs, units and lessons, and is appropriate for K-12 teachers and educators and trainers in public and private sectors. Courses utilize current research on instructional best practices to frame discussions on teaching and learning. Taking a backward design approach, coursework examining instructional planning emphasizes identification of learning objectives worthy of enduring understanding, the use of essential questions, and the use of assessments designed to evaluate learners’ knowledge and misconceptions. The program teaches candidates to systematically examine both their own practices and cutting edge national and international exemplars. A highlight of the program is its emphasis on the effective use of emerging technologies. Included is critical examination of a variety of different technology applications in educational and training settings. An option to obtain a 9-unit specialist certificate in Character Development is available.

Distinguishing Features • Candidates may apply concurrently to a teacher credential program and count successfully completed credential units to meet the elective requirement for the master’s degree. • Appropriate for both K-12 teachers, and educators and trainers working in industry, government and nonprofit organizations. • Aimed at improvement of all aspects of instruction: design, delivery and assessment. • Emphasis given to effective use of emerging educational technologies. • Option for 9-unit Graduate Specialist Certificate in Character Development.

Program Curriculum

Admission Requirements

The School of Leadership and Education Sciences (SOLES) faculty enrich all programs

While applicants are evaluated holistically, the successful

and course offerings with the values, concepts and themes that will help students

candidate for the program will demonstrate his or her

become ethical, civic-minded and committed leaders in their chosen fields. The

candidacy in the following manner:

Master of Education in Curriculum and Teaching consists of 30 units taken in the following areas:

online at

I. Foundations of Education (9 units) EDUC 500

Research Design and Methodology 3 units

EDUC 510

Cognition and Learning


• Completed USD application which can be submitted

3 units

EDUC 513 Human Development 3 units

graduate/application.php. • College or university transcripts. Applicants must submit one official sealed transcript from every college or university attended.


EDUC 511 Educational Reform 3 units EDUC 564 Cross-Cultural Communication 3 units

II. Curriculum and Teaching Specialization (15 units )

from a current supervisor or a professor attesting to both academic and personal skills and, if possible,

EDUC 512

Measurement and Evaluation in Education Settings

EDUC 535

Curriculum Design and Evaluation 3 units

EDUC 538

Instructional Theories and Practices 3 units

EDUC 550

Distance Education 3 units

EDUC 580 Capstone Seminar

•  Three professional letters of recommendation

3 units

3 units

III. Electives (6 units)

to teaching abilities. Please do not submit personal recommendations. •  Statement of purpose explaining reasons for seeking the degree and other information that would assist the Admissions Committee in its decision and including information on an applicant’s experience

Choose from:

in working with children or adolescents in school or

EDUC 536

Curricular Innovations 3 units

EDUC 515

Advanced Theories of Language and Literacy

EDUC 516

Innovations in Reading and Writing 3 units

•  Resume.

EDUC 517

Multiple Literacies

3 units

EDUC 519

Literature for Children and Adolescents

3 units

• A minimum grade point average of 2.75

EDUC 595


1-6 units

EDUC 556

Instructional Strategies in Character Education

3 units

EDUC 553

Curriculum and Programs in Character Education 3 units

should visit

Character-Based Discipline 3 units

for the most current deadlines.

EDUC 554

IV. Capstone Requirement Candidates choose between completing an action research project or a Master’s thesis.

Contact Information For admissions and general program information:

For specific information about the Curriculum and Teaching Program:

Office of Outreach and Recruitment

Steve Gelb, Ph.D.

Phone: ( 619 ) 260-7988 E-mail:

Curriculum and Teaching Program Coordinator Phone: ( 619 ) 260-4893 E-mail:

For more information, go to

non-school settings.

3 units

(on a 4.0 scale) in all undergraduate coursework.

Application deadlines vary by semester and students