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Request for Data The Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research collects and houses data on the nonprofit sector. To request a data draw from the Center please complete the following form and return it via email, fax, or regular mail (our contact information is at the bottom of this document). After receiving the request a representative of the Center will contact you to work out any particulars and to provide you with a price estimate. All pricing is dependent on the scope of work requested. Your name: _____________________________________________ Organization: ____________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________ City: _______________________________ State: ______________ Zip: _____________________ Email: ________________________ Phone: ( ) _______________ FAX: ________________________ Please provide us a brief description of the data you require and the purposes for which you intend to use the data: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Caster Family Center for Nonprofit Research – Contact Information: 619-260-7442 (phone) 619-849-8165 (fax) University of San Diego~School of Leadership and Education Sciences~ 5998 Alcala Park~San Diego, CA 92110 Email: Website: