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University of San Diego

Induction Master’s Partnership Program A graduate induction program for FIRST and SECOND YEAR BTSA candidates with a preliminary credential and currently employed by a school district within San Diego County

Application Form Instructions: Download, complete and sign form, attach narrative response as noted below and return with your application for Graduate School to: Nona Conner, IMPP, School of Leadership and Education Sciences, University of San Diego, 5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, CA 92110. Applications are due no later than November 14, 2008. I.

General information


Home address:

School district and site:

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Social Security #:

Years of teaching experience:

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Educational history

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Written narrative

Please respond to the following, using the guidelines provided below: What are your goals for growth as a teacher during the next two years? Based on what you learned about yourself during your student teaching experience, please identify ways in which you would like to grow professionally in any of the TWO California teacher performance standards listed below: • • • • • •

Creating and maintaining effective environments for student learning; Understanding and organizing subject matter; Planning instruction and designing learning experiences; Engaging and supporting all students in learning; Assessing student learning; Developing as a professional

Narrative format guidelines: Font: Pages:

Font size must be clear, legible and no smaller than 10 pt. No more than two, one-sided, 81/2” x 11” pages with your name clearly written on each and the teaching standards to which you are directing your comments clearly identified.