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Frequency Asked Questions: Q: Where can I get basic information about the teacher preparation programs? A: The most updated information is available by clicking on the link for the Department of Learning and Teaching: Q: What is the minimum GPA needed for acceptance? A: A 2.75 GPA is needed for either credential programs. Q: How can I obtain an application for admission? A: You may apply online at Q: Is a separate application to the School of Leadership and Education Sciences necessary? A: No, there is only one application that is filled out for admission. Q: Are there advising sessions? A: No there are no scheduled sessions, but if you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment with the Director of Outreach and Recruitment, please call (619) 260-7988, Q: When do programs begin? A: Students can take courses in the fall, spring, or summer. Q: Am I eligible for financial aid and scholarships? A: The Financial Aid office encourages students to apply for various types of aid. Please visit to get more information. Q: Can I attend full or part-time? A: Students can attend either way, but have to attend full-time as they begin student teaching, the last portion of the credential program. Q: Is the CSET required for admission? A: The CSET is not required at the time of admission, but must be passed prior to student teaching. Students are recommended to take and pass both the CBEST and CSET as soon as possible for this reason. Q: How long does it take to complete the program? A: Our full-time program is 2 semesters. However, we strongly recommend that students take courses in summer, fall, intersession, and spring to complete the program in one calendar year. This way, the pace is manageable, not overwhelming. Q: Can I waive credential program courses taken at another university to satisfy part of the USD credential requirements? A: If you started a teaching credential at another university, you are strongly advised to complete that program. At the most, if approved, 6 units could be applied to the program. However, it is rare for these units to be approved.

Q: What is the difference between the multiple and single subject credentials? A: The multiple subject credential authorizes teaching all subjects at the elementary school lever (grades K-6). The single subject credential authorizes teaching in the specific subject(s) named on the credential, primarily in middle and high school settings.